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5minsskin vs lumi roseskin

When I wake up in the morning, I want to look and feel my best. There are a number of aspects of my routine that contribute to this goal. In addition to eating healthy, working out and following a good skincare routine, I recently added in the use of an IPL hair removal device.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is a technology used to deliver pulses of light to roots of your body hair. With a number of treatments, you can permanently remove hair from your body, eliminating the need for shaving or painful waxing.

Let’s look at two IPL devices that I recently tried: 5minskin and RoseSkin. How do they compare, what kind of results did I achieve, and what’s the value of these devices? Let’s get started!

Quick Facts Before Buying Lumi or 5minskin to Remove Your Hair

Most popular

5minskin HairZapper 2.0

  • 5minskin can provide noticeable results in approximately 12 treatments.
  • 5minskin does not work on very dark skin or very light-colored hair.
  • You should perform a 5minskin treatment once per week. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.




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RoseSkin Lumi

  • Lumi can take up to 21 days to provide noticeable results, with permanent hair loss achieved at around 6 to 12 weeks.
  • You can use Lumi anywhere on the body below your cheeks. There are different levels of intensity based on the area that you’re treating.
  • Lumi offers a 90-day return window if you’re not happy with your results.




All About 5minskin HairZapper 2.0

5minskin hairzapper 2.0

There are two different treatment levels that you can choose from if you own the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0. One is for large areas that may require a bit more power. The smaller, more sensitive areas will benefit from the lower-intensity option. I like 5minskin’s IPL device because their treatments only take 5 to 10 minutes, and you only have to perform them once per week. Essentially, you achieve permanent hair loss without much effort at all. Other IPL devices require multiple treatments per week that take three times as long as the HairZapper 2.0. 5minskin advertises that you can perform treatments more often; you just have to be careful of any irritation that you may be experiencing.

You may be able to achieve results in as little as eight treatments. However, 5minskin says it may take longer depending on the color and type of body hair that you have.

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My Experience

holding 5minskin ipl device

Shaving can be such a nuisance. For some people, like me, shaving is something that needs to be done almost daily if you want smooth skin. If I don’t keep up with it, I end up experiencing itchy and irritated skin. So, daily shaving it is.

I was recommended 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 by a friend of mine who works in the cosmetology field. She knows that I struggle with sensitive skin and that shaving can exacerbate that. She had been using 5minskin for a few months with great results.

After I received the 5minskin unit, I read through the instructions and thought to myself, “Is this it?”. The process seemed entirely too simple. Within 10 minutes, I was performing my first treatment. It was completely painless, which was nice. I had done a little research and saw that certain IPL devices can cause a little bit of discomfort. This one caused no issues for me at all.

I didn’t see any difference in hair growth until maybe the sixth treatment. I don’t have very dark or thick body hair, so maybe that was why it took me a little bit. The hair wasn’t growing in as thick, and eventually, there was barely anything growing back in at all.


  • This is one of the best IPL devices that I’ve come across in regard to the duration of treatment. Five to 10 minutes, and you’re done!
  • I didn’t notice any skin irritation when using 5minskin, and I have pretty sensitive skin.
  • It’s a pain-free process.
  • You can use this device from your head to your toes.


  • You won’t find this product effective if you have very dark skin or very light hair.
  • It’s an expensive investment, but it sure will save you time in the long run!

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All About RoseSkin Lumi IPL Hair Remover

holding roseskin lumi ipl device

RoseSkin’s Lumi IPL Hair Remover uses the same technology as 5minskin. I didn’t really have any concerns with purchasing this product since it comes with a 90-day return window. I figured I would just return it if I didn’t see results by that point.

This was also a comfortable product to use. It didn’t cause any pain during treatments. Also, it features less flashing, which can be annoying throughout the application process. What I did notice, is that it took longer for me to see permanent hair removal than with the 5minskin device. Lumi advertises that you may see results in just one treatment. That wasn’t my personal experience at all.


  • Some people might light the six different intensity levels.
  • You can treat your whole body in 30 minutes.
  • I didn’t experience any pain when using this device.
  • The RoseSkin Lumi device should last 30 years before running out of flashes.


  • It’s a little confusing to figure out which treatment intensity level you should choose. I preferred 5minskin’s device, which lets you choose between low and high.
  • It took longer to see results with this product.

Comparison Section

Comparing Technology

Both the 5minskin Hair Zapper 2.0 and the RoseSkin Lumi device utilize IPL technology to permanently remove hair from various areas of your body. In this regard, the products are very similar.

For me, the main difference is that 5minskin offers two different intensity levels to choose from. RoseSkin Lumi has six different ones, but it was hard for me to figure out which to use based on the area of the body that I was treating. I wasn’t sure if I was using too low an intensity level, which would result in less desirable effects.

Comparing Pricing

The current price point for 5minskin is $189, which is marked down from the original cost of $379. RoseSkin from Lumi is priced at $169, down from $229. I found 5minskin to be more effective in a shorter amount of time, so I would personally say it has a better value than what Lumi has to offer.

Main Differences Between 5minskin and Lumi

While they’re similar in technology, 5minskin was the more effective product in my situation. Lumi took me far longer, not only to see results but also to complete the treatments. I was looking for something that was simple, fast and effective. I got that with 5minskin’s HairZapper 2.0.

RoseSkin’s Lumi does provide more intensity levels, but that’s not really a selling point in my opinion. If anything, it adds to the confusion of your treatments.

Comparing Results: Which Hair Remover Worked Better- 5minskin or Lumi?

I enjoyed the process of using 5minskin compared to Lumi. I also found that I experienced hair loss in a shorter amount of time. The hair loss was also very permanent, without having to really worry about frequent maintenance treatments. Lumi took me longer to achieve hair loss, and I also had to use more maintenance treatments to keep the hair away.

My Recommendations

If you’re looking for fast hair removal with zero pain and irritation, choose 5minskin’s HairZapper 2.0. It’s affordable, especially if you snag it during a sale. It’s so easy to use, and I was really impressed by the short amount of time it took to completely remove hair on areas like my legs and underarms. I was able to ditch my shavers and shaving lotion in just a few short weeks. Goodbye dry skin and irritation!


Choose 5minskin If…


  • You only want to perform short, weekly treatments that will still help you achieve permanent hair loss.
  • You want to see results in as little as six treatments.
  • You catch the product on sale, which makes it pretty affordable.
  • You have sensitive skin and are worried about IPL treatments irritating you.

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Choose Lumi If…


  • You really feel like you would benefit from the six different intensity levels that this product provides.
  • You like the selling point of an FDA-cleared IPL product.
  • You want a gentle device because you often experience irritation and dryness.
  • You want to utilize the brand’s 90-day money-back guarantee.
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