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hair remover 5minskin and ulike compare

Deciding between 5minskin and Ulike?

I chose 5minskin over the rest because of how simple it is to use, it's features and the affordable price tag. But just because that's what I chose doesn't mean you should too. However, after using 5minskin for quite some time, it's definitely something I would recommend.


Well, simply put... it works for hair reduction and you can use it basically anywhere that hair grows.

There are also many positive reviews and success stories from those using Ulike.

The good news is many of the IPL brands offer a money-back guarantee. But, which one will you invest your hard-earned money with? Ulike or 5minskin?

Besides the price difference (5minskin: $189 | Ulike Sapphire Air3: $329), there are other differences you'll want to learn about as well. Let's begin with The Hot Takes and then get in more detail about each product, followed by a comparison section.

The Hot Takes of 5minskin vs Ulike

  • 5minSkin only requires you to perform 5-to-10-minute sessions on a weekly basis. You can choose to perform treatments more often if you wish.
  • You should see results from 5minSkin within 12 sessions.
  • You likely won’t see results from 5minSkin if you have a very dark skin tone or have gray hair.
  • Ulike makes your hair grow thinner and thinner until it finally stops coming in all together.
  • The Ulike brand has two different IPL devices, which include the Sapphire Air 3 and the Air+. The Air 3 is the recently updated device that can help you achieve hair-free skin in a shorter amount of time.
  • You choose the intensity level that is used for your treatments. Lower intensity levels may result in you needing to administer more treatments in order to see results.

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5minSkin Hair Removal Overview

5minSkin’s at-home hair removal IPL laser provides two different levels of treatment. One is for covering larger areas of the body, while the other provides a more precise method of hair removal for small, intricate areas. The brand advertises that you can see permanent results in approximately 8 to 12 treatments.

If you’re tired of shaving every day or every few days, 5minSkin provides you with the option of administering their IPL laser once per week, with the goal of eventually stopping hair from growing from the root. The brand explains that you can increase your number of treatments to a couple of times per week in order to speed up potential results. You can use 5minSkin on pretty much any part of the body, but it won’t be effective on gray hair or dark skin.

5minskin hair remover

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What I Like

  • This IPL device can be used on different parts of the body, such as the upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, arms and your bikini area.
  • Has the potential to provide permanent hair removal in just 12 sessions.
  • Prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs.
  • Painless treatments that don’t irritate your skin.
  • This is a much more affordable option than professional laser hair removal treatments.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s important that you keep up with your treatments to increase your chance of seeing permanent hair loss results.
  • You won’t be able to use 5minSkin on very dark skin or gray hair (because of the lack of pigment in gray hair).
  • This is an expensive investment, but it’s cheaper than professional treatments.

What Could Be Improved?

  • Further developing these devices so they work on all skin tones and hair colors would be beneficial, especially if you’re not sure whether or not a device like 5minSkin will work for you.
  • The brand provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, but this might not be long enough to truly see if 5minSkin is going to provide you with permanent hair removal.

Cost and Where to Purchase

You can purchase 5minSkin from the brand’s website. The price is currently $189, which is discounted from the original $379 price. Shop Pay is available if you want to break up the cost into installments.

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Ulike Hair Removal Overview

The Ulike brand has two different hair removal devices available. The Air+ is the more basic model that was originally released. There is also the Air3, which provides faster results. IPL technology is used to damage your hair follicles so that they will no longer grow healthy hair. In order to protect your skin and reduce the risk of irritation, cooling technology is used by Ulike.

The original Air+ only comes with one level of IPL intensity. It can be used for full body treatments. If you choose to upgrade to the Air3 model, you receive three different treatment levels. Ulike claims that their devices can provide you with permanent hair loss in as little as four weeks if you’re using the Air+ and three weeks if you’re using the Air3.

ulike hair remover

What I Like

  • Regardless of which device you choose, your treatments will only take 7 to 10 minutes total per session.
  • An updated model shows that the brand cares about further developing their technology to provide better results. However, their original unit is still available, and we wonder why that is.
  • Both the Air+ and the Air3 are small, handheld units that are easy to hold and maneuver.
  • Safe and convenient tool used for potential permanent hair loss.
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like

  • Reviews make us question the reputability of Ulike IPL devices. Some people explain that they saw their hair grow thinner, but not everybody experienced completely permanent hair removal.
  • The Air+ unit is very basic and might not provide you with the results you want. However, it’s still an expensive investment.

What Could Be Improved?

  • The price difference between the original Air+ and the newer Air3 isn’t very substantial. If the brand wants to continue to sell their original model, it should be discounted a bit more.
  • Lengthening the 90-day money-back guarantee would provide more peace of mind for such an expensive investment.

Cost and Where to Purchase

You can purchase both the Air+ and the Air3 IPL devices on the Ulike website. The current cost of the Air+ unit is $249, while the Air3 currently costs $279. These prices are marked down from the original price points, and it seems that the Ulike brand often has discounts available on their website.

Comparison Section

If you’re ready to remove your body hair for good, let’s compare 5minSkin and Ulike hair removal devices so you can choose the unit that is best for your hair type, skin type, budget, etc.




Energy modes

Stamp mode, Glide mode, Auto mode

Soft mode, Body mode, Power mode

Auto Mode



Quick treatments

5 minutes

7 minutes




Comparing IPL Hair Removal Devices and Technology

When you’re comparing the 5minSkin hair removal device and Ulike’s IPL options, you’ll find that they both use the same technology. Their unit designs are a bit different, but they can all be used to potentially remove hair quickly and permanently. At first, you’ll likely notice that both devices thin your hair. It will take a number of treatments to see the hair stop growing all together. 5minSkin can provide you with results in as little as 12 treatments, which is 12 weeks if you’re doing weekly treatments. You may be able to see results in as little as six weeks if you’re doing two treatments per week. Use your judgment, though, as your skin may feel a little irritated if you’re new to IPL and laser hair removal therapy. Ulike utilizes cooling technology to keep your skin healthy and irritation-free.

Comparing Customer Results and Reviews

The 5minSkin At-Home Laser Hair Removal Handset currently has a 4.9-star rating out of 5 stars on the company’s website. There are over 1,000 reviews listed. It appears that most users of this device experienced a very positive experience. Some people use their device as often as three times per week, which can increase the likelihood of permanent hair removal. It seems beneficial to start at a lower intensity level, working your way up to whatever is most comfortable and effective for you.

Ulike’s Air3 device has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 stars. Some people using this device experienced results on some parts of their bodies but not others. People with dark skin didn’t seem to have a positive experience, but this is something that most IPL brands advertise, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Some people also mentioned that the speed of the laser wasn’t fast enough to complete treatments in the time advertised.

Comparing Price and Overall Value

Both of these products are expensive investments. However, both brands are currently offering their IPL devices at a discounted price. 5minSkin is retailing for $189, which is quite a bit less than the more affordable Ulike option (Air+), which is priced at $299.

When you’re facing the prospect of achieving permanent hair removal, you want to purchase a unit that is easy to use. Both brands have convenient designs that make it easy to hold the product and glide it over your skin. 5minSkin advertises an IPL device that is comfortable, safe and much cheaper than professional treatments. You only have to perform your treatments once per week (at most), which really doesn’t take up much of your time. This is much more convenient than having to drive to an appointment where a professional would apply laser therapy for hair removal.





$189 (discount code FHM will give you additional 20% savings!

Starting at $299, goes up to $329

Main Differences Between Ulike and 5minSkin

While the technology of both of these devices is the same, they seem to be most different when you compare the experiences of real-life users. 5minSkin appears to promise faster, more comfortable and permanent hair loss when you follow directions. Ulike experiences seem to be hit or miss, based on a number of factors such as skin tone, the part of the body being treated, the frequency of treatments, etc.

The price of these devices is also pretty different. With 5minSkin providing a much better potential for permanent hair loss on the entire body, its value is also the better option by over $100.

Which is the Better Hair Removal Device: 5minSkin or Ulike?

We think that the 5minSkin hair removal device is the better option based on its affordability compared to Ulike’s models, the value that you get for your money, the different features of the 5minSkin device and the potential results that you can achieve.

We also like the transparency of the 5minSkin brand. They’re very clear about the fact that you shouldn’t expect hair removal if you have very dark skin or gray hair. Also, you should be able to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs with their design.




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