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insta tox vs plexaderm for better skin

Can you get the benefits of injections from a cream? Two products are gaining attention from dermatologists, beauty bloggers, and skincare addicts for claiming that they offer injection-level anti-aging benefits. Yes, that means getting lifted, tightened, and smoothed without a needle. These two products are Insta Tox and Plexaderm.

It's understandable to be skeptical. It's also understandable to want to get your hands on one of these products as soon as possible if you've been looking for a Botox alternative that doesn't involve needles! That's why I'm breaking down everything you need to know about Insta Tox and Plexaderm to determine which one is better.

Face Cream to Get Rid of Wrinkles - Do They Work?

It's a myth that only injections can erase wrinkles. The reality is that creams can produce many of the same benefits as injectables and fillers. There's also a "secret" about fillers and injectables that many people don't know. Your body can actually become "immune" to fillers and injectables over time. That means that you can't maintain results. What's more, you can actually end up with more pronounced wrinkles and sagging once these products wear off. This isn't an issue with high-intensity wrinkle creams.

Professional-level wrinkle creams offer many of the same benefits of "needles" because they stimulate the same level of collagen production as more invasive options. Creams are able to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen that serves as scaffolding for firm, plump, and youthful skin. What's more, the creams that are being reviewed below contain "tightening" ingredients that create nearly instant results. That means that you're benefiting from both long-term and short-term anti-aging benefits.

Can These Face Creams Produce Instant Results?

Yes! While many "drugstore" moisturizing and anti-aging creams can take months to produce very minimal results, the creams we're reviewing here contain ingredients that instantly tighten skin. That means that deep lines and wrinkles are replaced by smoother, plumper skin in minutes. Even crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes can vanish. In addition, the "nutrition" being fed into the skin helps to ramp up collagen production that leads to long-term results.

How Do They Stack Up: InstaTox Vs. Plexaderm


Insta Tox



$39 (30 Day Supply)

$119 (30 Day Supply)

Key Ingredients:

Magnesium Silicate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, Camellia Oleifera Leaf

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Hexapeptide-8, Xanthan Gum

Safe Around The Eyes:



Smooths Skin:



Shrinks & Tightens Pores:



Helps Reduce Bags Under Eyes:



Decreases appearance of Crow's Feet:



Visual Decrease in Forehead Lines:



Shop Page:

Overview of Insta Tox

insta tox face cream

Insta Tox promises to make you look 10 years younger in 10 minutes. Seeing truly is believing after applying this rich formula to your skin. Insta Tox is considered the best "instant plumping" product out there. It instantly fills in deep lines and wrinkles to get rid of the tired, droopy look that so many of us start to see in the mirror after a certain age. You'll notice an all-over smooth look that brings your face back to a time before crow's feet and eye-area puffiness took over. One surprising bonus is that enlarged pores that are prominent on wrinkled, tired skin become blurred as your skin plumps up!

The key to getting the best results with Insta Tox is staying expressionless while waiting for the serum to dry after you've lightly dabbed it on your skin. While the Insta Tox formula feels thick and creamy during application, it blends in perfectly without leaving any residue behind. It's so easy to blend this cream into your face! It can also be worn with foundation. You just have to pat your foundation or concealer over the skin without rubbing. Even mineral powders work beautifully with Insta Tox. You're never going to feel wet, sticky, or weighed down when you step out of the house with this little beauty secret working behind the scenes to keep wrinkles invisible.

There's one last hack to know about with this cream. You can actually mix a dime-sized dollop of Insta Tox into your regular overnight cream to get a tightening effect while you sleep. Insta Tox is truly the impatient person's best friend because it produces anti-aging results in minutes instead of months. There's simply no product on the market that's this capable of restoring your skin back to the way it looked a decade ago!

instatox before and after picture

Key Ingredients

How in the world does Insta Tox make your skin look so young so quickly? It's the question everyone has after they see the results. It turns out that the makers of Insta Tox simply found the perfect formula for creating plumpness and tightness at the same time. If you've tried so-called firming and anti-wrinkles creams in the past, you probably already know some things. The first is that most tightening creams can leave skin looking dry, irritated, and shiny. This can make wrinkles and lines actually look more pronounced. The second thing is that most "plumping" creams simply make skin look greasy instead of actually filling in lines and creases. Even products that can successfully create tightening or plumping effects make you choose between the two. What makes Insta Tox different? Let's break down the "magic ratio" in the ingredients that does what honestly feels like the impossible!

The magic behind Insta Tox comes down to four fast-acting ingredients. Magnesium silicate is what helps to create the tight, smooth look that has made Insta Tox famous. Magnesium silicate is natural clay made of magnesium, aluminum, silica, and oxygen. Prior to being added to skincare formulas, the clay is purified and refined. The next magic ingredient is an oil-free humectant called sodium hyaluronate. Humectants are moisture preservers. After attracting water, sodium hyaluronate actually holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This is where you get hydrating and plumping effects without clogging your pores. Next up is retinyl palmitate. This is a vitamin-A derivative known for its role in ramping up collagen production and cellular proliferation to produce firm, supple skin with improved structure. The final ingredient in Insta Tox is a tea plant called Camellia oleifera that tames puffiness, reduces wrinkles, and increases skin firmness and elasticity.


  • A tube goes a long way!
  • You only need to apply a pea-sized amount to get results.
  • Works instantly.
  • Maintains results for up to 12 hours.
  • Amazing price.


  • Results aren't permanent. Consistent use is necessary to maintain your youthful results!
  • Some greasier foundations may not be compatible with this cream.

Cost and Where to Buy

The incredible thing about Insta Tox is that its price falls in line with what you'll pay for many basic drugstore firming creams. A tube with a 30-day supply costs just $35. Of course, there's a strong chance you're going to want to use this little anti-aging secret for more than a month. This is where "stocking up" pays off. The price goes down to $31.59 per tube when you order two (60-day supply), $28.08 per tube when you order three (90-day supply), or $24.57 per tube when you order six (180-day supply). Shipping is always free on every order. The easiest way to order Insta Tox at the best price with free shipping is to buy it directly through the Insta Tox website. When you order directly from Insta Tox, you get a no-risk 30-day period to make sure you love it on your skin!

Overview of Plexaderm

plexaderm product image

Plexaderm is another "big deal" in the anti-aging space. Like Insta Tox, Plexaderm helps to temporarily tighten and smooth skin in just 10 minutes. The invisible layer of tightening ingredients applied to the skin is great for lifting crow's feet and wrinkles. It can even help to make bags under the eyes less noticeable. A pea-sized amount can be enough to cover all of your target areas.

Plexaderm's results stick around for up to 10 hours. The formula is slightly vulnerable to any kind of sweat or oils on the skin. When applying it to your skin, it's important to let it set for about 10 minutes before continuing with your beauty routine. You can use moisturizer with Plexaderm as long as it's an oil-free product. Plexaderm tries to lock people into buying the brand's own Plex-Perfect Daily Moisturizer by making it the only official product that's approved for use with this rapid-acting serum. There's also a slight limitation when it comes to foundations. Plexaderm recommends only using dry or powdered makeup in conjunction with this tightening serum.

plexaderm face cream

Key Ingredients

Plexaderm uses a shale clay formulation made from sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate to achieve firming. A synthetic peptide called hexapeptide-8 that has strong water-binding properties is used to retain moisture. Phenoxyethanol that's found in green tea is used as a preservation agent that fights off bacteria. The thick, "clingy" quality of Plexaderm is owed to an ingredient called cellulose gum that helps to create a film on the skin.


  • Definitely helps to firm and smooth the skin.
  • Sometimes goes on sale.
  • Many women love it - lots of 4-5 star reviews.
  • Maintains results for up to 12 hours.


  • Dries a little "stiff."
  • The dispenser on this product is notorious for clogging.
  • Wears off fairly easily.
  • Cost is slightly prohibitive.

Cost and Where to Buy

How much does it cost to buy Plexaderm? A 30-day supply typically goes for $119. However, it's fairly common for Plexaderm to run deals that bring the price down to $59.99. A 90-day supply of Plexaderm costs $359.70. It's common to see the 90-day option to drop down to $119 when Plexaderm is running a promotion. Shipping is always free. Shopping directly on the Plexaderm website is the easiest way to order.

Comparing Formulas

How do Plexaderm and Insta Tox stack up when you compare their formulas? Both use clay to achieve firming results. The big difference between the formulas is that Insta Tox is actually a lot "cleaner" than Plexaderm. While Insta Tox is free of dyes and synthetic preservatives, Plexaderm uses Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), and a number of synthetic preservatives. Even the phenoxyethanol that is known for being a key component of green tea is actually a synthetic form of phenoxyethanol. That's not to say that Plexaderm is unsafe. However, it may not be as aligned with your quest for clean skincare as something like Insta Tox.

Comparing Effectiveness

Both of these products do what they promise! You're going to notice tighter, firmer skin when using either one. There are two big differences when it comes to effectiveness. The first is that Insta Tox is a lot more effective at combining that firming effect with plumpness and suppleness. While Plexaderm firms up skin, it can create a "stiff" effect. It's actually pretty challenging to apply makeup to skin after Plexaderm has dried. The second difference has to do with longevity. Insta Tox maintains its result for at least two hours more than Plexaderm.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

This category is another point where you begin to see a widening chasm between Insta Tox and Plexaderm. When Plexaderm isn't on sale, you're paying $199 for a one-month supply. The same supply of Insta Tox is just $31.59. You can even get the price down to just $24 per tube if you're ordering a 180-day supply. Paying so much more might be worth it for people who discover that they simply prefer Plexaderm after trying both. However, the average person seeking a firming product they can use everyday before applying makeup is likely to be much happier with Insta Tox's cost.

Main Differences Between Insta Tox and Plexaderm

differences plexaderm instatox

Let's quickly wrap up why these two products are actually pretty different. Yes, they both do a great job of firming up skin. However, Insta Tox is more successful when it comes providing both firming power and plumping power. Insta Tox also lasts at least two hours longer than Plexaderm. As we covered above, Insta Tox is also the budget option by a mile!

Which Is Better: Plexaderm or Insta Tox?

better face cream insta tox and plexaderm

Both of these products succeed when it comes to firming up the skin to create a tighter, smoother look. Which one leaves your skin looking better? The big shocker after trying both products is that the less expensive one creates better results. Insta Tox does a much better job at firming skin, filling in lines, and creating a youthful plumpness. What's more, it manages to provide several more hours worth of firming power using cleaner ingredients than its competitor. The fact that it also costs what essentially boils down to be a fraction of the price of Plexaderm is really going to seal the deal for a lot of people.

The Bottom Line

It's so exciting that products like Plexaderm and Insta Tox exist for those of us who just aren't willing to go "under the needle" to get firmer skin. The fact is that both deliver on promises to temporarily make skin noticeably tighter. The thing that makes Plexaderm the winner is that it manages to create many of the same benefits as injectables and fillers while being affordable, making skin look plumper, and saving your skin from tons of synthetic ingredients. Trying this product is definitely worth it if you've been toying with the idea of injections because you're unsatisfied with the lines, sagging, and loss of elasticity that you're noticing in the mirror. Don't be surprised if you simply can't imagine leaving the house without a dab of Insta Tox once you see your results!

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