Aviron Impact Series Rower Review – Is It Worth It?

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aviron rower rating by FHM

As you can see in this image, so far, I've completed 34 workouts, rowed 37,343 meters, successfully earned 12 achievements and I reached "professional" status (see the badge under FHM? This is only the beginning! Aviron Rower is 100% legit and I'm loving it.

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9/10 ⭐

The Aviron smart rower is a legit smart rowing machine that aims to "end boring workouts" by providing interactive rowing workouts (fierce races, strength programs, exciting games, etc.), engaging your full body to help you get in shape from home.

Rowing machines are surging in popularity, rising to compete with the likes of spin bikes. In fact, the more people understand the dynamics of rowing as a workout and how it’s a full-body experience that can offer faster and more efficient results, the more people are ditching their spin bikes in favor of a smart rower.

Luckily, the fitness industry has risen to the occasion and we have multiple rowing machines to choose from should we want to bring one inside our own home gyms. And Aviron offers one of the best options out there right now.

I have owned my Aviron for months now and am thrilled to bring you my full Aviron review so that you can make the exciting decision as to whether this rower is right for you.

Quick Summary of Aviron Rower Review

Whether Aviron is the first smart rowing machine you’ve come across or you’re comparing it with some other popular options like Hydrow, Ergatta, and CityRow Go, there are some key things that you need to know before moving forward and deciding if this is a wise investment into your personal health and fitness. 

The goal of this article is to give you my full Aviron review based on my personal experience with the rower and the brand. So, let’s dive in!

The information in the table below pertains to the Impact Series rower from Aviron:


Impact Series Rower (Smart Rowing Machine)




"End Boring Workouts"


Andy Hoang (CEO)


Best for:

Beginner to advanced rowers and those who want to do full-body workouts from home.


$2,199 for the IMPACT Series Rower, $2,499 for the TOUGH Series Rower

Membership Price:

$29/month or $299/year (No commitment, cancel anytime)


100 x 21 x 44 in (L x W x H), weight 93LBS. When folded, it’s 54 x 21 x 63 in

Resistance Type:

Fan and flywheel

Display screen:

22” 1080P touchscreen


2 years + 30-day risk-free trial


Yes, Bluetooth services allow you to connect a heart rate monitor and/or headphones

Avg. User Rating:

4.9/5 ⭐ (over 120+ reviews)

FHM Rating:

9/10 ⭐ (Outstanding)

aviron rowing machine summary review

Introducing The Aviron Smart Rowing Machine

The Aviron Rower is an interactive rowing machine that specializes in short, quick, and effective HIIT-style rowing workouts. This rower accommodates everyone from Olympic athletes and professional rowers to everyday folks who are looking to reach their fitness goals with an efficient workout that doesn’t require hours spent at the gym each week. Aviron is also incredible for those brand new to rowing!

fit healthy momma with aviron rower

It's a beautiful rowing machine and the performance is a notch above the rest.

Every detail of this rower has been well thought out and highly researched to give users the best experience possible. Aviron Interactive, which was founded by entrepreneur, Andy Hoang, is on a mission to bring interactive rowing fun to living rooms all over the world. With several key programs to choose from and more flexibility and comfort features than I’ve seen in any other rowing machine on the market, it’s safe to say that Aviron Interactive is succeeding in delivering on its mission. And this brand is only just beginning!


  • Outstanding software and workouts programming that's constantly getting updated
  • Powerful resistance system
  • Rotating handlebar for a smooth rowing experience
  • Folds up easily
  • Simple to move around
  • Great for beginners to advanced rowers
  • Zero lag during gameplay / workouts (this is huge for me)


  • Can be too bulky for some people with smaller spaces
  • You have to assemble it yourself (but it's super easy and there are videos to help you)

Features and Benefits of Aviron's Smart Rower

After that brief introduction to the Aviron Interactive brand, I’m excited to continue with this review, diving into the features and benefits of this piece of equipment that makes it so special and unique. I chose a few categories to focus on that I believe make the most impact on your experience.

aviron features and benefits

Keep in mind that I have owned this rower personally for months and have been nothing short of amazed by this machine and its continued updates and improvements! The information that I outline below is based on my personal experience with the Aviron.

22” Touchscreen

aviron HD 22" touchscreen

If you have yet to work out on a piece of fitness equipment that has a touchscreen included, you’re missing out. The inclusion of an HD touchscreen (and a large one) changes the game. The screen included with the Aviron Impact Series rower is large and in charge, comparing closely to the likes of Peloton, Hydrow, and MYX Fitness.

Using the touchscreen functionality, you can navigate the interface seamlessly. From your main screen, you can choose workouts, check your stats, navigate on YouTube, and so much more. The videos displayed are brilliant and fully immersive, which is the best way to experience workouts these days.


aviron rowing machine resistance mechanism

This category is where Aviron starts to set itself apart from the pack. When designing the machine, Hoang and the Aviron team were well aware that most traditional rowers were loud and challenging to use.

To combat this, Aviron uses a nylon belt in place of a chain, which helped to make the rower much quieter. Additionally, they used a air resistance combined with flywheel which gives the machine a more realistic feel, closely replicating the feeling of being out on the water. Other rowers use magnetic resistance, which is said to be superior, but I think Aviron nailed this one on the head. 

Furthermore, the dual resistance technology allows the Aviron to achieve heavy resistance, a crucial component for HIIT (high-intensity interval training). In total, there are 16 total settings. At the highest setting, users can pull up to 100+ lbs. This means that each stroke offers up to three times the resistance of any other rowing machine. With this level of strength and power, the Aviron machine allows for short, intense home workouts that deliver a powerful punch quickly.

Programming and Workout Options

aviron rower software workouts programming

Aviron strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and personal progression. The brand has managed to successfully combine cardio with strength training and to do so in record time, all while having fun and keeping things fresh. Exercising with the Aviron rower is fun, competitive, and full of the right kind of intensity to deliver the results you’re seeking. There are so many ways to row with Aviron, and they continue to bring fresh new software updates all the time!

There are four main pillars of Aviron’s classes:

Short, effective workouts:

Their programming was created to save you time and allow you to get the work done from the comfort of your home and on your schedule. You don’t need to spend hours on your machine every day to get results! The Aviron rowing machine addresses one of the most important pitfalls of sticking with a cardio workout: It ends boring workouts!

Whether you’re working through guided training sessions or taking on the challenge of pros vs joes, the Aviron indoor rower is never boring. The whole family can enjoy home workouts that are done on their schedules and in accordance with their own preferences.

aviron family friendly workouts

With unlimited profiles and hundreds of workouts to choose from, there’s something for everyone in the house and you don’t need to pay extra to let everyone in on the action. In my house, we have three people who use and love our Aviron, it’s so fun to see who likes which games and apps best.

Personally, I love guided workouts and HIIT workouts, whereas my husband likes the same workouts but he also focuses more on the interval workouts and utilizes the resistance adjustments a lot. My son loves the pros vs joes feature!

Combination of cardio and strength training:

The key to effective workouts is to get your heart rate up while also working your muscles. Aviron delivers 100 lbs of resistance with each stroke, effectively challenging your muscles while also increasing cardiovascular endurance.

A gamified experience:

Up until now, Ergatta was the only rower that harnessed users’ competitive nature and channeled it into racing and games. Now, with the addition of Aviron, Ergatta has gotten some competition. There’s a ton of gaming-inspired content on the Aviron that gets users to bring out their best performance either versus themselves or versus the community.

Workouts to Choose From

So what workout options are available on the Aviron rower? Take a look at the table below to see what Aviron has to offer! Keep in mind that since this machine is software-based, you can expect that the Aviron team will consistently roll out updates that will continue to make this rowing machine better. So you can expect to be constantly kept on your toes and excited as they are always rolling out something new for us!

workout options aviron rower



Virtual Destinations:

Travel the world and experience some of the most scenic destinations there are.


Guided training sessions curated by professional trainers and experienced athletes.


Turn your workout into the fun, interactive experience you get from playing your favorite video games.


Row shoulder to shoulder with the Aviron Interactive community and your friends and see how you match up. Earn badges and level up!


Timed workouts that are based on a point system (yes, there's a leaderboard at the end, which is awesome). You get points for staying in the flow.

Pros vs. Joes:

See how you stack up against Olympians and rowing professionals.


Data-driven workouts designed to crush some calories, tone your body, and feel your competitive intensity in the process.

Ratings and Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

When diving into the process of buying something as big as a piece of fitness equipment, you don't want to take the research lightly. I always like to review what others are saying on the internet in popular places like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and right on the company’s website. 

verified customer review rating aviron rower

When it comes to Aviron, the best place to get a feel for what the ture rowing experience feels like is to join the Aviron community on Facebook. I send everyone that’s thinking of getting one of these machines there to get a real, honest Aviron rower review from folks who have the machine.

The general consensus is that Aviron offers the perfect rowing machine, and I have to admit that I 100% agree.  I currently own four different rowing machines and almost always find myself using Aviron over any of the others.

5 star customer aviron rower review
verified buyer review - 5 star rating aviron

Verified Review

aviron rower verified review

Alternatives Compared to Aviron Indoor Rowing Machine

The Aviron rower is just one of a handful of interactive rowing machines that are available currently, and given that this is going to be a sizeable investment, it’s wise to see how the Aviron Rower measures up to other popular rowing machines on the market so that you can get the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at the Aviron Rower vs other indoor rowing machines more closely:

Aviron vs other smart rowers

How does this smart rower compare to others in the industry that have already made a big splash? Let's find out!




HD Screen

Off-rower workouts





















Aviron Rower vs Ergatta: Which is the better gaming rowing machine?

aviron and ergatta rowers together

Aviron and Ergatta... I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular matchup. Both of these rowers offer a unique experience in that they forgo the popular fitness class concept instead offering a more gamified experience. 

Both Aviron Interactive and Ergatta fall into the anti-fitness class niche, catering to those who don’t feel motivated by energetic instructors and bubbly workouts. These rowers are for those who want to compete with a fierce intensity. That said, Aviron and Ergatta are both also great for beginners and you’ll find classes and programs that cater to nearly anyone on both rowing machines.

So while the target audience is similar between these two companies, the rowing machines themselves are quite different. Aviron is longer but the screen is larger, too. Ergatta is a water rower whereas Aviron uses a magnetic system. Ergatta is the better choice for those looking for a sleek, compact option and Aviron is the best choice for anyone who wants to purchase an indoor rowing machine with a wide variety of programming options. Read my detailed Ergatta rower review to learn even more about the brand and programming.

Hydrow Rower vs. Aviron: What's the best option?

This is another popular matchup: the Aviron Impact Series rower vs Hydrow. Both indoor rowing machines offer an indoor rowing experience from home that’s fully immersive and interactive thanks to the large HD screens on each, but the workout styles are a little different.

Hydrow focuses on workouts done outside on the water led by professional rowers. On the other hand, while Aviron does have scenic water workouts, they also have a lot more game-inspired options. Both workout styles can be fun and have varying intensity levels, but Aviron rowers are the best choice for those who desire variety and Hydrow is the better option for those seeking a realistic water rowing experience. If you're interested, learn more by reading my in-depth review of Hydrow rower to get a better idea if it is for you.

Aviron vs CityRow Go: Is a studio class your thing?

CityRow Go is another relatively new company to release their rower, but their take on rowing workouts is vastly different than that of Aviron rowers. CityRow is a NYC-based rowing studio offering live instructor-led workouts (similar to Peloton). With the CityRow Go rower, you’re getting that same studio fitness class experience, but from home. There are tons of workouts to choose from, including some on and off the rower.

Aviron rowers also offer interactive workouts and instructor-led classes in their programming, but it’s not produced in the same way. Aviron’s workouts are more analytical and gaming-inspired, as opposed to a video of an instructor, live coaching you through a workout. If you love attending fitness studios and feel amped up by the intensity, CityRow Go is a great choice. If you feel so-so about the studio feel but still want to benefit from learning from the pros (rowing professions), go with Aviron. My honest review of the CITYROW GO Max rower has been increasing in popularity, so head on over to that to learn more.

Concept2 Model D vs Aviron's Smart Rower: Is the Smart Rower Worth It?

Nearly every rowing enthusiast absolutely loves the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine strictly due to the fact that you can just row, train, and get a great workout very fast. The Aviron rower is far superior vs. the Concept2 Model D, and, for just an extra $1,000 investment, you're getting a lot more bang for your buck. 

Concept2 will track your performance and the resistance type is air. There's not a lot of features to talk about with it, but it's been a favorite of professional athletes for years thanks to its simplicity. On the other hand, the way Aviron's rower is set up, it's also simple in a way where it focuses primarily on the competition, gaming, and training aspects. It makes Aviron very similar to Concept2, especially for hard-core rowing fanatics.

Read my popular post on the Concept2 vs smart rowers comparison and guide to choosing which rower is best for you.

Worth It? A Trainer's Recommendation

As a fitness enthusiast and amateur rower, I can tell you with confidence that Aviron is not only the best indoor rower out there right now but that it’s at the top of all in-home exercise equipment. Smart rowers have become very popular over the last year or two, and for good reason; they offer a full-body workout in less time than nearly any other piece of home fitness equipment.

Although Aviron is still relatively new, its mission to end boring workouts and create a culture of competitive fun is making a major impact on the fitness community. If you’re looking for a piece of home gym equipment that gives you a ton of bang for your buck, you will not be disappointed by Aviron and its interactive rowers. Honestly, other rowers pale in comparison.

The process of working out can often feel like a chore, and it’s easy to find excuses to ditch our chores. Working out shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun! That’s what I love the most about Aviron; they took a boring concept and made it into something that people with kinds of personalities and preferences can enjoy and benefit from.

Tips for Success From a Trainer For Using The Aviron Rowing Machine

Whether you are brand new to rowing or this is something that you have done before at your local gym, it’s important to start small and with getting used to the rower before taking big leaps and bounds. Because the benefits of rowing allows you to combine strength training with cardio, you can expect to get an amazing full-body workout no matter how long you’re on your machine or which program you are following.

I recommend starting with some guided programs to get you started, selecting the “easy” option and going for only a few minutes at a time before progressing to tougher workouts like intervals or HIIT. I also strongly recommend that you join the Aviron community on Facebook and get in on the group workouts. There’s so much community support and camaraderie there, it’s sure to keep you motivated and excited to jump on your smart rower!

Lastly, I can’t say this about all of the smart rowing machines out there, but Aviron has the best, most hands-on customer service and support you’ll find. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the team directly with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Chances are, you’ll be able to get in touch with the founder himself and you’ll be treated with the utmost respect. For many, this is the selling point that causes them to choose Aviron out of all of the other smart rowers out there.

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