BODi Bike Review: My 3-Year Journey

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In early 2021, I purchased a MYX Fitness Bike. Fast forward to today, and I’m still riding my MYX Bike, but it now goes by the name BODi Bike, a Beachbody brand.

In this post, I’m going to share my full experience and story with the BODi Bike – why I chose it, what I like about it, what I don’t, and how I feel about the fact that the content is now managed by Beachbody.

Do I still love the bike? Do I use it frequently? Do I wish I had gone with a Peloton from the get-go? I’ll answer all these questions and more!

My Experience With the BODi Bike

This story begins way back in late 2020, early 2021 when my MYX Bike first arrived. Since then, my MYX Bike has gone through several transitions. First from MYX to Open Fit, then to Beachbody, then to BODi – it’s been a journey!

I have mostly enjoyed my experience with the BODi Bike, which is why I’ve continued to keep it and ride it, but there are some things that I would consider before purchasing now that I have a lot of experience with this home fitness bike.

Why I Went With MYX

Most of us remember that 2020 was an interesting year, and it left a lot of us needing to transition workouts from the gym or studio to our homes. Peloton had already begun growing a following, but newcomer MYX Fitness positioned itself as a different, less expensive experience. I was researching home spin bikes, mostly convinced that I would purchase a Peloton when I came across MYX Fitness.

The MYX Fitness bike was visually appealing and the cost was far cheaper than its competitors. After doing a little research, I decided that MYX was worth trying, especially since the shipping time promised to be much shorter than other options.

I was also intrigued by the heart rate-based training concept that MYX promised. This is a different way to measure your workout than what most other companies were offering and it sounded more personalized to me.

First Impressions

my bodi bike experience

When my bike first arrived, I was so excited to get it set up and ready to roll. The delivery team was fine, they came in and set it up within 30 minutes or less. They took the packaging with them, which was nice. 

I went with the white model of the bike, and was really glad I did because I love the look of the white – very unique for gym equipment! I also went with the package that included a set of weights (dumbbells and a kettlebell), a yoga mat, and a foam roller. Everything matches really well and looks sleek.

The bike was easy to set up as far as adjusting my seat and handlebars was concerned. And once I turned the screen on I was walked through the process of getting started with the programming, calibrating my pedals, and finding my heart rate zones.

I noted that there were plenty of workouts to choose from, the screen looked great, and there were several instructors to ride with, which was similar to the type of programming that I had seen on other platforms. 

My First Ride

With a new BODi Bike or a new rider, the first ride you take should be your calibration ride as it helps set your personalized heart rate zones that you will need for all subsequent rides. I believe this ride took around 25 minutes to complete and I remember it being pretty tough!

The ride setting was inside a studio with the instructor in front of you on the screen. It felt as though I was riding one-on-one with the instructor. I really liked the intimacy of it and how it didn’t feel chaotic or distracting.

The bike itself was comfortable and easy to use. The resistance knob is simple to navigate and you don’t have to worry about hitting specific numbers as your resistance will be dictated by your heart rate, which I really like.

The Switch to Beachbody (BODi)

After getting used to the MYX Fitness instructors and really jiving with a few of them, MYX announced that they were merging with Beachbody and Open Fit. For a while, the only change that users experienced was a name change, but eventually, more changes were made.

Today, the MYX Bike is now the BODi Bike. The great news is that the bike itself is still the same, which was smart because it’s a great piece of equipment. However, the programming and instructors have changed. Under BODi, you will see all of the popular Beachbody Trainers like Autumn Calabrese, Jenny Jaucian, Chelsea Hill, and Jennifer Jacobs.

The format of the classes has changed as well. Instead of classes being pre-recorded and done in a one-on-one setting, BODi offers live, interactive classes that feature real Beachbody members riding along via a big screen. For those who like the class feel that you get with competitors like Peloton, this was probably a nice upgrade, especially if you like to join in on the rides live and feel like you’re part of a community. 

What I Enjoy About the MYX Bike

Regardless of MYX’s history, the fact of the matter is that it’s now the BODi Bike and the programming we have access to is from Beachbody. I used to be a big fan of Beachbody about 8-9 years ago, so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the company and I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed many of their programs. 

The things that I enjoy about my BODi Bike include the bike itself which is good-looking, compact, and easy to use. As far as the cycling classes go, I think they’re just fine. There are a ton of options to choose from, including various lengths and formats. They are always adding new rides so you’d be hard-pressed to get bored or need to repeat any rides.

I also like that included with your BODi membership is access to Beachbody’s entire library of workouts, not just the ones done on the bike. You can easily swivel your screen around and do a workout on the mat. It can serve as an all-in-one fitness solution for those who need something reliable from home. 

Finally, the cost is really great, especially compared to competitors. You really do get a big bang for your buck with the BODi Bike.

Things I’m Not a Fan Of

The only aspect of the Beachbody Bike that I’m not the biggest fan of is the fact that Beachbody eventually got rid of all my favorite MYX trainers and replaced them with their own. I’m not surprised, but it was a little disappointing as I felt like the MYX trainers were really experienced with cycling classes. That being said, most of the BODi trainers do a fine job, too, but I don’t think they are as experienced with teaching cycling classes as they could be. 

Personally, I don’t use the other workouts on the platform, so I wish there was the option to just purchase the cycling classes. For those who would use all the workouts, it’s a great deal. 

My Product Rating

Overall, I give the BODi Bike a 4. 1 / 5. It’s an affordable, high-end indoor spin bike with all the features you could ask for. There’s a large library of cycling classes to choose from with new ones being added all the time. Users have the option to join in on live classes or to take classes on demand. The area that the BODi Bike falls short on, in my opinion, is their instructors.

Do I Feel Like the BODi Bike Offers a Good Workout?

Yes, I find that my rides on the BODi bike are equally as challenging as they are fun. There’s a robust library of workouts to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced, so finding your definition of a “good” workout shouldn’t be a problem. You get what you put into your workouts most of the time, and there’s plenty of opportunity to push yourself and improve your health and fitness with the BODi platform. 

Would I Recommend the BODi Bike to a Friend?

Yes, I would recommend this bike to a friend, especially a friend who would use all that the BODi platform has to offer (strength workouts, stretching, yoga, etc.)

Would I Purchase It Again?

Had I known back in 2020 that MYX would merge with Beachbody, I probably would have gone with another option like Peloton just because I think that the Peloton instructors have a little more cycling experience and knowledge. But if I’m coming from a pricing standpoint, MYX still offers the best value, so if budget were a concern, I would definitely purchase again.

Pricing Breakdown

let's break down the pricing of the Bodi Bike for you:

  1. Original Price: The bike is originally priced at $1,399.
  2. Discounted Price: The bike has been marked down to $699. This suggests that there's a discount of $700 from the original price.
  3. Monthly Payment Option with Affirm: If you choose to finance the purchase through Affirm, the cost is $44 per month. However, the total amount paid over time will depend on the term (number of months) you agree to finance the purchase. Affirm usually offers various terms like 6, 12, or 18 months, but the final terms and interest rates depend on your creditworthiness and other factors determined by Affirm.

Here’s how it could work out with different terms, assuming you qualify for the $44/month payment plan with no interest or fees added:

  • Over 6 months: $44/month x 6 months = $264 (This scenario is unlikely because the total would be less than the discounted price of $699, suggesting added fees or a longer-term.)
  • Over 12 months: $44/month x 12 months = $528 (Again, this would be less than the purchase price, indicating this term might include interest or fees, or it could be a longer-term.)
  • Over 16 months (approx.): $44/month x 16 months = $704 (This would be the closest to the discounted price, but it includes a small fee or interest to round up the amount.)

To find the exact terms, you would need to check the offer details from Affirm, which will specify the interest rate and any fees that apply to your financing plan.

In most cases, the longer the term, the higher the total payment will be due to interest and possible fees. Affirm provides a clear breakdown before you commit to financing, so you’ll be able to see the total amount that you will pay by the end of the term.

Is the BODi Bike Worth It?

The BODi Bike is worth buying for those who are interested in all that the Beachbody platform has to offer. If you’re already using Beachbody’s workout program and want to add a spin bike to your home gym, the BODi Bike is a no-brainer because you’ll have everything all in one. However, if you’re simply looking for the best cycling experience and don’t have an interest in Beachbody specifically, you might consider another brand like Peloton.

That being said, if the overall cost of the bike is what’s most important, the MYX Bike from BODi is one of the best values out there. You get a great piece of equipment for a low cost. And from someone who has had my bike for nearly 3 years now, I can tell you that the bike and all its equipment hold up really well as I have not had a single issue with it. 

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