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little passports review

As I’m writing this, I have a 6 and a 3-year-old. While this has been one of the most fun stages of parenthood to date, my kiddos are busy! They’re active, easily bored, and require constant stimulation. Please tell me I’m not alone.

One thing that has been very important to our family is keeping busy with the “right” kind of stuff, and for our family that’s the kind of stuff that inspires thought, creativity, and education. While we definitely allow for some screen time here and there, we’re very cognizant of the time spent on them and are always seeking alternative ways to keep our kiddos busy, entertained, and growing.

We recently got the opportunity to try out Little Passports based on the recommendation of several of my mom friends who raved about this monthly subscription for children. In this article, I’m sharing with you my honest thoughts about Little Passports, how it works, and whether or not it kept my busy children entertained.

The Hot Takes


Little Passports monthly educational subscriptions for kids

Ages for:

Educational subscriptions are based on ages 3-5, 5-8, 6-10, 7-12, 8+

Educational Subscription Options:

Animals Wild, Early Explorers, Science Junior, Space Quest, World Edition, Science Expeditions, USA Edition

Best for:

Encouraging curiosity in kids

Free shipping:

Yes, on subscription packages


Pricing is a monthly subscription and subscriptions start at $24.95 per month.

Where to buy:

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What Is Little Passports?

kids education little passports

Little Passports is a monthly educational gift subscription for children between the ages of 3-12. Each month, your child will receive a box of educational, hands-on activities that promote learning, creativity, and fun.

There are several different curated kits to choose from, each age group specific. Options include things like Animals Wild where your child will play with and learn about the world’s most fascinating animals and Science Expeditions where your child will get to explore a new science topic each month.

Little Passports places a heavy emphasis on exploration of the world around us, allowing children to get to know and understand other countries, cultures, and geography without ever stepping foot on an airplane for an international vacation.

Little Passports provides a happiness guarantee that your child will love your monthly kit or they will make it right. Plus, you have the option to cancel your monthly subscription at any time, making the commitment low.


  • Each monthly package is designed to spark curiosity about the world
  • Children learn while also having fun
  • Award-winning quality products
  • 100% fun guaranteed 
  • All products are kid-tested
  • Keeps your kiddos entertained and engaged
  • A great alternative to video games and TV
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • Age-appropriate sets
  • Affordable monthly cost


  • There aren’t any options for younger toddlers (ages 2 or less)
  • Parents might need to be involved with some of the projects (especially for the little ones)

How Does It Work?

little passports subscription model

Little Passports is an easy-to-use monthly kids’ subscription service that makes it simple to get award-winning activities that inspire them to learn about the world delivered right to their doorstep each month.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your subscription

The subscription you choose will be based on your child's age and on his or her preferences. There are several different themed options to choose from for each age group.

Step 2: Receive your first box in the mail

Shortly after placing your order, you’ll receive your first package filled with age-appropriate toys and activities. Your first month will include everything you will need to get started and to keep the fun and activities going month-to-month.

Step 3: Look forward to your next month’s box

Each month, your child will receive a fresh set of activities and toys to build upon the last, allowing them to adventure, explore, and experiment all year long.

What Subscriptions Do They Offer?

So many! This was honestly the toughest part of getting started because I couldn’t decide which subscriptions my kids would like best!

The World and USA Editions allow kids to discover the traditions, sights, and stories of different countries or take a roach trip to two new US states each month. With the Early Explorers Edition, preschoolers get to experience the wonders of the world from the great blue sea to the dinosaurs and outer space. Furthermore, the Science Expeditions allow your child to dig in and do some hands-on experimenting with all kinds of scientific and educational materials.

The Little Passports creative team brings a diverse mix of talents and skills to the products you’ll discover inside your monthly kit. With a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, Little Passports can draw from that and share it within the kits. Plus, Little Passports brings in outside experts and educators to ensure that everything they create is as authentic, age-appropriate, fun, and educational as possible.

As a parent who doesn’t travel as much as I would like to (yet), I truly appreciate and enjoy the fact that I can still give my kids a little slice of education and experience with other parts of the world by those who have been there and who are eager to share.

Next, I’ll run down exactly what monthly subscriptions you have to choose from based on your child’s age(s).

Little Passports Subscription Options By Age

space junior little passports

Ages 3-5

Early Explorers

Help your child to discover the world’s wonders, including the oceans, animals, and art, all through hands-on activities and games. The first kit in this subscription includes:

  • Orange suitcase
  • World map poster
  • Colorful activity book
  • Collectible souvenir
  • Sticker pack
Wild Animals

Your child will learn about and play with some of the earth’s most captivating animals through hands-on playsets, games, fun facts, and activities. The first kit includes:

  • Pop-up playset with lift-the-flap surprises featuring fascinating animals in the rainforest’s four layers
  • Rainforest Romp
  • 3-D pop-out macaw, jaguar, emperor tamarin, and poison dart frog to use with playset
  • Matching game, maze, and other activities filled with fun rainforest facts

This is the subscription I chose for my animal-loving 3-year-old!

Ages 5-8

Space Quest

Blast off into space and explore all that is out there while having fun and staying engaged. Your child will have a ball exploring the night sky. This kit will have your child:

space edition little passports
  • Building a cardstock planetarium that projects stars onto your wall and ceiling
  • Making a mini flashlight projector to guide a rocket, astronaut, comet, or planet around your room
  • Investigating the lifecycle of a star on a beautifully illustrated 16” x 20” poster
  • Stepping into the global story of astronomy in ancient times
Science Junior

This Little Passports monthly subscription will help to ignite your child’s curiosity and spark their creativity with hands-on science activities. Inside your first month, your child will receive:

  • A welcome letter from pen pals Sam and Sofia 
  • A full-color magazine packed with activities, puzzles, and stories 
  • A special Weddell seal craft to play with and display 
  • An Antarctic board game 
  • Colorful stickers and collectible trading cards to share

This is the subscription I chose for my 6-year-old!

Ages 6-10

World Edition

Each month, your child will get the opportunity to explore a new country around the globe through hands-on activities and souvenirs that spark curiosity and connection. The first month’s kit will include:

  • Signature blue suitcase, passport, and wall-sized world map 
  • A colorful display board and Brazilian real replica to start a global coin collection 
  • An activity booklet packed with puzzles, games, and fun facts about Brazil
  • An original chapter book about Sam and Sofia’s search for a secret Brazilian recipe
  • A collectible souvenir to play with and display 
  • Child’s first baggage tag, passport stamp, and map sticker

Ages 7-12

USA Edition

Hop in the car and buckle up, your kiddo is headed on an action-packed road trip to a new state in the US each month thanks to the Little Passports USA Edition. In order to set your child up for their cross-country trek, their first kit will include:

  • A welcome letter from your travel guides, Sam and Sofia
  • A Little Passports USA field guide 
  • A wall-sized USA map to chart your travels
  • A discovery kit packed with activities, games, and fun facts

Ages 8+

Science Expeditions

This kit is perfect for older children ages 8 to about 12. Each month, they will enjoy exploring a new science topic by way of experiments, comic books, and badges. Little Passports includes the following in your first month’s delivery:

science junior little passports
  • Forensic science experiment kit
  • Fingerprint analysis card and ink pad 
  • Science lab notebook to fill in
  • Original comic book and activity booklet
  • Collectible achievement badge
  • Little Passports Science Expeditions tote bag

What Age Is Little Passports For?

books little passports

As you can see from the subscription options above, there’s something for every child, from preschoolers to pre-teens. Little Passports caters to children of all ages.

Whether you have a young preschooler or a budding teenager, Little Passports has a specially curated kit that will keep your child engaged, entertained, and challenged in an age-appropriate way.

Can Siblings Share Subscriptions?

Yes! Many families can happily share a subscription between multiple children within the same age group. In fact, this is a great option for those who are sending a gift to a family. However, as in the case of my children, they are at the ages where there’s a pretty significant gap between ability and cognition, therefore purchasing two separate age-appropriate subscriptions made the most sense for our family. Plus, there’s no arguing or hurt feelings - each kid feels super special!

Can I Switch Subscriptions?

Yes, you can switch your Little Passports subscription to a different one if you choose. As a paid subscriber, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription and change it at any time inside your account.

If for some reason you or your child isn’t completely satisfied with your monthly subscription, Little Passports encourages you to contact their customer care team right away so that they can make it right. This might look like switching to another plan that feels more aligned with your child’s interests.

Who Should Try Little Passports?

kids trying little passports

Little Passports is a phenomenal option for parents of young children who have a desire to help foster a healthy love of traveling and the world around them. For so many of us, we want our children to be cultured and educated beyond their immediate surroundings, but life doesn’t always allow us to physically do that. Little Passports is one way to foster and nourish a healthy love of exploring and experimenting.

Additionally, for parents who have busy children that love to be entertained (I think this might be all of us?), the thrill of a monthly subscription box is unmatched, both for parents and children. Each month, your child will receive a special package just for them and they'll be able to place their focus on learning and exploring, giving them a great excuse to forget about video games and television for at least a little while.

Lastly, relatives and friends of little ones who are looking for a unique and positive way to give a gift that keeps on giving will truly feel joy and fulfillment from gifting a monthly Little Passports subscription. Buying gifts for children these days is downright hard, but the contents of these boxes are perfectly suited for boys and girls of all ages, ensuring that you’re giving them something that they’re actually going to like, use, and benefit from.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can get Little Passports delivered to your doorstep each month for as little as $24.95/month, depending on the subscription you choose and the length of your subscription. Plus, you’ll always enjoy free shipping within the continental US. 

Little Passports is available exclusively through the brand’s official website.

pricing little passports

Real Parent Reviews and Feedback 

There are many reviews of Little Passports from real moms and dads on their official website. Most moms are super excited that their child (or children) are always eager to receive their new package every month. Kids are enjoying learning about travel, cultures, space, science and having some fun with the games as well.

It seems as though Little Passports has nailed the aspect of being just sophisticated enough to spark curiosity. Kids are being challenged, yet are eager to learn more every month - that's what moms and dads are super impressed with thus far.

Read more reviews of Little Passports to learn more.


If you’re still unsure if Little Passports is the right fit for your family, it’s wise to take a look at a couple of other similar options. Here is a couple that I recommend:


This monthly subscription inspires your kiddo(s) to see themselves as “makers” - engineering and creating their own designs and outcomes. These monthly subscription boxes include fun, enriching STEAM projects that inspire creating, tinkering, and learning by doing. These kits encourage your child to become a problem solver and critical thinker.

Go to KiwiCo

MEL Science

MEL Science is a science subscription box company that combines hands-on experiments with VR/AR technologies to engage kids in studying science. They bring high-quality science education to over 60 countries around the world and it’s available in 7 different languages.

Go to MEL Science

Final Judgment: Is Little Passports Worth It? (AKA Did it Keep My Kids Engaged?)

After subscribing to Little Passports and watching how my kids responded and reacted to their unique, individualized kits, I can tell you that the monthly cost of Little Passports is 100% worth it. For around $25 per month, I can encourage my children to think, explore, learn, and get creative, something that is not an easy feat in today’s technology-focused world.

Little Passports gives my kids something to look forward to each month. The thrill on their faces when a box addressed to them arrives in our mailbox is priceless! I love the concept of Little Passports and find that it’s perfect for younger children between the ages of 3-9. I will say that I  can potentially see older children being slightly less thrilled each month, but I cannot confirm that as my oldest is just 6.

If you’re looking for a way to spark creativity, culture, and interest in the world at large with your children, I cannot recommend Little Passports enough. And if you’re a friend or relative who is desperately seeking a gift for a child in your life that will actually provide value, parents, and kids will both love and appreciate a monthly Little Passports subscription.

kids engaged little passports
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