posted: December 7, 2023

updated: December 7, 2023

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moon pod and Crescent

Recently, our family has been on the hunt for a bean bag chair for our upstairs media room. We have a really nice space up there with a big screen TV to watch our movies and football games, but we were lacking an extra seat to spread out a little.

When I found out about the Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair, I thought it would be the perfect addition to our media room. It looked like it had all the features we needed - large enough for me, my husband and my two kids to all use it, comfortable, versatile, aesthetically pleasing and moveable.

I’m really excited to share our experience and review of the Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair and the Crescent. We’ve been using it for over a month now… and EVERYONE in my family uses it. And, although I can speak for myself in this review, I also want to include what my kids and husband think of the Moon Pod.

There are some things to consider before purchasing it, so you’ll want to stick around until the end to see if it’s worth it for you, or not.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying The Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair

Crescent and moon pod

If you're thinking about getting a Moon Pod for your home, here are three key factors you should consider before making the decision:

  • Budget - Assessing the Cost: First and foremost, consider your budget. The Moon Pod is on the pricier side compared to traditional bean bag chairs. It's an investment, so you'll want to think about whether its unique features and benefits justify the cost for your family's needs and lifestyle.
  • Space Requirements - Will It Fit? Look at the space where you plan to put the Moon Pod. While it's designed to be more space-efficient than some alternatives, it still requires a fair amount of room, especially if you add the Crescent. Ensure you have enough space for it to be used comfortably without cluttering your room.
  • User Needs - Comfort vs. Accessibility: Consider who will be using the Moon Pod. While it's incredibly comfortable and supportive, it can be challenging for some people to get out of, particularly for older adults or those with mobility issues. Think about whether it will be a practical and accessible option for all potential users in your household.

All About The Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair and Crescent

comfy moon pod

The Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair isn't just another piece of furniture; it's a revolutionary approach to comfort. Dubbed as 'The Anti-Anxiety Float Chair', it stands out from traditional bean bags with its unique engineering that conforms to any body shape, providing an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Transformative Comfort in Three Modes

What really sets the Moon Pod apart is its versatility. You can:

  1. Sit: Perfect for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee, it cradles you comfortably.
  2. Recline: Ideal for those movie nights in our media room.
  3. Lay Down: It's like floating on a cloud - a favorite for afternoon naps.

Innovative Design for Ultimate Relaxation

the moon pod by itself

The high-density beads inside the Moon Pod are a game-changer. They not only mimic the sensation of flotation therapy, known for reducing stress and anxiety, but also provide ergonomic support. This means, whether it's my back or my husband's neck, the Moon Pod offers relief and comfort, adapting to our individual needs.

Sleek and Practical

Another plus is its sleek profile. Weighing just 12 lbs and occupying only 4 square feet, moving it around is a breeze. Whether it's shifting from the media room to the living room or just making space, the Moon Pod makes it hassle-free.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is key with family items, and the Moon Pod doesn't disappoint. The dual-shell membrane is both soft and supportive, easily accommodating someone as tall as 6'8" or up to 300 pounds. Even better, maintenance is a breeze. The machine-washable outer shell has already survived a couple of spills, and it comes out looking as good as new.

Our Experience

moon pod in our media room

Husband's Take: The Ultimate Recliner

My husband has developed a particular fondness for the Moon Pod. For him, the Crescent is more than an add-on; it's a necessity that provides excellent back support and doubles as an armrest. He often describes the sensation as sinking into a form-fitting cloud, especially while using it as a recliner during our football game nights. The way it molds to his body offers him a unique comfort that he hasn't found in other chairs.

Son's Perspective: A Kid's Dream Seat

Our 8-year-old son, a discerning critic in his own right, has given his seal of approval. For him, the Moon Pod is not just a seat but a personal comfort zone where he watches his tablet, movies, or joins his dad for football games. The Crescent's armrests seem to be a big hit with him, enhancing his relaxation and enjoyment.

Daughter's Delight: Her New Favorite Spot

Our 5-year-old daughter adores the Moon Pod the most. It's become her go-to spot for sitting, laying down, and reclining. Movie nights have transformed for her, with the Moon Pod being her preferred seat. It's so cozy that we often find her fast asleep in it after a movie, leading to many gentle carries to bed.

My Opinion: A Worthwhile Investment

As for myself, the Moon Pod and Crescent have become a cherished part of our home. It's a rare treat when I get my turn on it! The way it envelops and supports your body is remarkable. While it does come with a higher price tag, the value it has added to our family's comfort and relaxation is undeniable. Whether it's movie night or just a quiet moment, the Moon Pod has enhanced our home's coziness and functionality.

Drawbacks To The Moon Pod - Our Thoughts

While we've had a lot of great times with our Moon Pod, it's important to be honest about its drawbacks. Nothing's perfect, right? So, here are a few things that we noticed:

Price Point

Firstly, the Moon Pod is not cheap. When I first saw the price tag, I had to think twice. It's definitely more expensive than your average bean bag chair. For families on a budget, this could be a significant consideration.

Size and Space

Even though the Moon Pod is designed to save space, it still takes up more room than you might expect, especially in smaller living spaces. If you're tight on room, fitting the Moon Pod comfortably might be a challenge.

Adjusting to Comfort

Some of us found that it takes a bit of wriggling and adjusting to find that 'just right' spot. While it's super comfy once you're settled, the initial fidgeting might be a bit of a downside for some.

Durability Concerns

While we haven’t had any issues yet, I do wonder about the long-term durability of the Moon Pod, especially with kids around. Time will tell how well it holds up to constant use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning process is straightforward but needs to be done with care. For busy parents, adding another item to the cleaning routine might be a bit of a hassle.

Challenge in Getting Out

One thing that's become clear is that getting out of the Moon Pod can be a bit of a struggle, especially for older folks or anyone with mobility issues. The very feature that makes it so comfy - how it envelopes you - can also make it tricky to get up from. It's like being hugged a little too tightly when you're trying to stand up.

My mom (58 years old) visited us last weekend, and while she loved the comfort of the Moon Pod, she did find it a bit challenging to get out of it without some assistance. This is definitely something to consider if you have family members who might find this aspect difficult.

What’s Different About the Moon Pod Compared to Regular Bean Bag Chairs?

Let's say you're curious, like my kids were, about what makes the Moon Pod different from the bean bag chairs we see at the store or at a friend's house. Here's a simple way to understand it:

Like Sitting on a Cloud vs. a Big Pillow

Think of the Moon Pod like a cloud. When you sit on it, it feels like it's hugging your body. It's super comfy and supports you just right, no matter how you sit or lay on it. Regular bean bag chairs? They're more like big pillows. Fun to flop onto, but they don't hug your body the same way.

Stays in Shape vs. Goes Flat

The Moon Pod keeps its shape better. It's like it has a memory and remembers to stay puffy and comfortable. But regular bean bag chairs can get flat after a while, especially after a lot of sitting and lounging.

Easy to Move vs. Kind of Clumsy

The Moon Pod is also really easy to pick up and move around. It's not too heavy, even for me. But some bean bag chairs are really heavy and hard to drag to a new spot.

So, that's the big difference! The Moon Pod is like a cloud that hugs you and stays puffy, while regular bean bag chairs are more like big, soft pillows that can go flat and are harder to move. My family loves how the Moon Pod feels and how easy it is to use in any room.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Mood Pod is priced at $399, but it often goes on sale for $299, which is the price point in which I purchased it at.

The Crescent is priced at $185, but it can go on sale for $139.

You can purchase The Moon Pod and accessories directly on their website to get the best deal. You can also purchase it at amazon.

After Using Both, Is The Moon Pod and Crescent Worth It For Our Family?

Having spent quality time with both the Moon Pod and the Crescent in our home, it's time to address the big question: Are they worth it for our family?

Comfort and Versatility: A Big Win

In terms of comfort and versatility, the Moon Pod and Crescent have been a resounding success. The way the Moon Pod adapts to different body shapes and preferences is remarkable. From lounging during movie nights to providing a cozy reading nook, its flexibility has been a major plus. The Crescent adds an extra layer of support, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Space and Aesthetics: Blending In Nicely

Regarding space, the Moon Pod and Crescent have found their niche in our media room without overwhelming it. Their sleek design and modern look have blended seamlessly with our home decor, which is a big win in my book.

Family Approval: Loved by All Ages

Every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, has found their own way to enjoy the Moon Pod. It's become the most sought-after seat in the house, especially on movie nights and lazy weekends.

Price vs. Value: A Considered Investment

Now, about the price – it's undeniably an investment. However, considering the amount of use and enjoyment we've gotten out of it, I feel that the value we've received is worth the cost. It's not just a chair; it's become a part of our family's daily comfort and relaxation.

Accessibility: A Note of Caution

The only caveat I'd add is regarding its accessibility, especially for those who might find it difficult to get up from such a deeply enveloping seat. It's something to keep in mind based on who will be using it in your household.

Final Verdict

So, is the Moon Pod and Crescent worth it for our family? Absolutely. It's enhanced our comfort, added to our home's aesthetic, and became an everyday piece of furniture. While the cost is something to consider, the overall value it brings to our family time makes it a worthwhile purchase in our experience.

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