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NOM NOM vs freshpet

In our household, our dog is part of our family. We go to great lengths to make sure that our beloved pup is as healthy as possible, so we can all enjoy many years together, making unforgettable memories.

The food that our dog eats is very important. There are so many poor-quality pet foods being sold that are high in calories, contain too much fat and don’t contain enough nutrient-dense ingredients. We recently did some research in hopes of switching our dog to a better-quality food.

Let’s look at what we found out about Nom Nom dog food and Freshpet. How do they compare? Which is the better option? Read on to find out more.

The Fast Facts of Nom Nom vs. Freshpet

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  • Nom Nom pet formulas have been created to keep pets happy, healthy and energetic. They use real food ingredients that help your dog thrive.
  • You can purchase Nom Nom at a pet store like Petsmart, but it can also be delivered to your door.
  • Sampler packs helped us determine which flavors our dog liked best. You can get a variety pack for just $20.


  • Freshpet offers a large selection of products that include bite-size pieces, food you cut up yourself, big bites and more. We have a small dog, so we were able to choose products based on that.
  • Products for cats are available from Freshpet as well. You can purchase it at many local grocery stores, like Publix.
  • We used the online Freshpet quiz to determine which formula would be best for our pet. There are a lot of varieties, though.

Our Experience With Nom Nom

pouring the dog food

Nom Nom was the first of these two brands that we tried for our dog. We love the convenience of having products shipped right to our door, so that was a big selling point for our family. Plus, this is fresh food. We’re used to only being able to purchase bags of dry dog food and having that arrive periodically. Nom Nom recipes are made using eggs, beef, vegetables, potatoes, etc.

Prior to purchasing one or two specific Nom Nom products, we chose to buy their sampler pack. This is a collection of four different foods (beef, chicken, turkey and pork) that our dog was able to try before we bought something in a larger quantity. It was only $20, which we thought was a great investment. It was better than wasting money on something our dog wouldn’t eat. Luckily, our pup loved all four flavors (pork was his least favorite).

We went ahead and ordered a full shipment of Nom Nom food that would last about one month. This process is customized as you build a profile for your pet on the Nom Nom website. This helps you create a meal plan that is right for your pet. It was really easy, and only took a few minutes to get everything set up. If you prefer, you can find Nom Nom at select pet stores.

What Did Our Beloved Pup Think?

nom nom dog food

While we would love to hear our dog’s thoughts on Nom Nom pet food, we’re limited in our understanding of his opinion. The first time that our dog (Lou) sampled Nom Nom, he absolutely loved it. It only took him a few minutes to lick his bowl clean. There have been plenty of times when he will leave some food behind, so it was nice to see his enthusiasm for eating.

Positive Changes

After introducing our dog to Nom Nom, it was quite clear that we weren’t going to be going back to dry kibble ever again. It seemed like mealtime was now our dog’s favorite time of the day. When his bowl came out, he came running into the kitchen. Eating was followed by some playtime in the backyard. Louie showed much more energy than usual!

Our Experience With Freshpet

freshpet dog food

Freshpet is a more well-known pet food brand, based on what I’ve gathered from my research. That being said, I found it to be similar in quality to Nom Nom. The real perk to Freshpet is that it’s available at a lot more retail stores than Nom Nom. But this isn’t an issue if you’re opting for home deliveries.

Like Nom Nom, Freshpet also utilizes a quiz on their website to help you determine which food variety you should start with when making the switch to a healthier dog food. All of the recommendations you receive include high-quality proteins and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

We originally discovered Freshpet at the grocery store, but ended up doing a bit more research online to see what the brand is all about. Our family loves Freshpet’s dedication to keeping pets healthy and happy. You also can’t beat the selection and availability.

What Did Our Beloved Pup Think?

freshpet turkey bacon

We’ve tried a few different Freshpet products with our pup, including their Small Dog Bite Size Chicken Recipe and Complete Nutrition Chicken Recipe With Wholesome Grains. Our dog definitely seems to like the Freshpet products that have a more shredded consistency. Some of their products come in a compacted roll, and you have to cut up the food before giving it to your pet. That one didn’t seem to go over quite as well.

Positive Changes

Our pup tried Freshpet consistently for one month before we decided whether we wanted to keep using it or not. We noticed that he was a lot more energetic than usual. Lou's not a puppy anymore, but he hasn’t reached his senior years yet either. That being said, his favorite hobby is snoozing in the sun and being lazy. Louie perked up quickly when he heard us call him for a walk or to head outside. It also seemed he was able to quickly take a bathroom break outside without having to wander around for a bit to find the motivation to go.

How Nom Nom and Freshpet Compare

Both Nom Nom and Freshpet provide wholesome food options for your pet that are made from lean protein, vegetables and whole grains. These two food brands aren’t anything like the dried kibble that so many dogs are eating, made from corn, filler, chemicals and low-quality protein. We love Nom Nom’s quality. When you open a package of their pet food, you see actual pieces of meat and vegetables.

If selection is important to you, Freshpet has more options. That being said, most veterinarians recommend that your dog eat a pretty consistent diet. If you switch their food up too much, this can cause some GI upset.

Cost Comparison

Can you really put a price on your pet’s health? We don’t think so in our household, but we understand that some people are on a tight budget. If you’re trying to keep the cost of dog food low, Freshpet is likely the better option. You can get a one-pound dog food roll for under $4, which is more than one serving. Each package includes feeding guidelines to help you determine the serving size.

Nom Nom’s price can vary depending on the size of your dog and how many dogs you have. A subscription can cost anywhere from $80 to $500 monthly, depending on what you’re ordering.

Nom Nom offers a number of discounts and incentives, so keep checking their website to see what deals you can take advantage of. We were able to snag a 50% discount.

My Recommendation

It’s always a good idea to speak with your veterinarian before changing up your pet’s diet, especially if they are dealing with any kind of health issue.

Once you get the all clear, consider what you value in pet food. I personally like the fact that both Nom Nom and Freshpet provide us with the opportunity to give our dog whole food, just like we eat. However, these recipes are made with the health of dogs in mind, so it’s not the same as handing out table food.

Consider what your budget for pet food is, and do a little research into the different recipe selections that are available from these two brands. It doesn’t hurt to pick up a couple of products from each to see which one your dog likes more.


Pick Nom Nom If…

  • You are interested in utilizing the brand’s subscription service that delivers pet food right to your door.
  • You like the recipes available from Nom Nom.
  • Your pet has tried their sampler pack and loved the options.
  • Your veterinarian recommends Nom Nom.

Pick Freshpet If…

  • You are looking for dog food that is affordable.
  • Availability is a priority for you. Freshpet is available at many different locations, such as Target, Costco, Amazon Fresh, Kroger and Food Lion.
  • You want to buy from a brand that has a lot of different product options.
  • Freshpet has been recommended to you by your veterinarian.
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