posted: November 3, 2023

updated: November 15, 2023

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I am thrilled to share my 60-day experience and review of ARMRA Colostrum!

When you have 2 little kids that go to school and play on sports teams, it’s always cold season! When I heard about ARMRA Colostrum and how it could strengthen the immune system and protect the body against getting sick, I knew I wanted to give it a try.

I decided to do some research about the product to see if it was worth the $49.99 investment, or in my case, $99.98 which would give me a 2-month (60-day) supply.

Would ARMRA Colostrum help strengthen my immune system? Could it improve my gut health and provide me more energy throughout my busy day as a mom of two little ones? Stick around and find out!

My 60-Day Experience and ARMRA Colostrum Review

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Why I Was Searching For Colostrum

After reading an informative article on colostrum, I quickly realized there are a bunch of potential benefits. Mainly, strengthening the immune system. I thought if I could stay ahead of getting sick by taking a supplement like colostrum, I would be able to be more present with my kids and have more energy throughout the day.

I then quickly learned that colostrum can also have a positiv effect on the gut microbiome and athletic performance (I workout and lift weight in my garage gym)!

How I Found ARMRA Colostrum And Why I Chose To Try It

One of my online friends that I talk to on reddit suggested ARMRA, as I asked what would be the best colostrum supplement to take. I then went ahead and did my own research on the product via google, reddit, and the brand’s website.

There were some people that reflected on their real journey after taking ARMA Colostrum - some people said it worked, others said they didn’t feel any difference.

I read a lot of blog reviews, but unfortunately, it was all regurgitated information that I had already read on ARMRA’s website. You can say that I wasted a lot of time on those sites. But I also saw an opportunity to provide a better review article for someone else looking to take ARMRA Colostrum.

After reading success stories and stories that it didn’t work, I came to the conclusion that using it for 60 days was the sweet spot. Most people that said it didn’t work only used it for 30 days.

My Week-by-week Review

Week 1-2: Initial Impressions

As I embarked on my ARMRA Colostrum journey, the first couple of weeks were about getting accustomed to adding it to my daily routine. I chose the Blood Orange flavor, which added a pleasant zest to my mornings. During these initial weeks, I didn't notice any significant changes, but I remained hopeful, remembering that supplements often take time to show their effects.

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Week 3-4: Subtle Changes

By the end of the first month, I started noticing subtle changes. My energy levels seemed a bit more consistent throughout the day, especially during the after-school chaos with my kids. Although I couldn't attribute this solely to ARMRA Colostrum, it was a promising sign.

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Week 5-6: Gastrointestinal Improvements

Halfway through, around the 5th week, I began to notice less bloating. My digestive system felt more "in tune," a welcome change that I hadn't fully expected. This improvement in gut health was one of the product's promises, and it seemed to be delivering.

Week 7-8: Enhanced Focus and Strength

Entering the second month, I felt a noticeable improvement in my focus and energy levels. My garage gym workouts felt more productive, possibly aligning with the claim of improved muscle mass and endurance. I was lifting heavier and feeling stronger, a real boost for my busy lifestyle.

Week 9-10: Physical and Immune Changes

As I approached the end of my 60-day trial, I noticed my hair felt thicker and healthier. More importantly, despite the usual colds circulating at my kids' school, I managed to stay relatively healthy, suggesting a strengthened immune system.

Week 11-12: Concluding Thoughts

At the end of my 60-day journey with ARMRA Colostrum, the most significant changes were in my gut health, energy levels, and perhaps my immune strength. While it's hard to measure the exact impact scientifically, my personal experience leans positively towards the product. It seems that sticking with it for the full 60 days was crucial.

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Mixability Rating:


Blending Quality: ARMRA Colostrum generally mixes well into liquids. The product is formulated to blend smoothly, ensuring that it integrates well with various beverages.

Minor Imperfections: While the mixability is overall good, it is not flawless. There may be occasional small clumps or residue, which is not uncommon in natural supplements. This slight inconsistency prevents a perfect score.

Ease of Use: The product is user-friendly and does not require extensive effort to mix, making it suitable for quick preparation.

Recommendation for Best Results: For optimal mixability, it might be advised to use a shaker or blender, or to mix the powder with a little bit of liquid first to form a paste before adding more liquid.


ARMRA Colostrum offers a high degree of mixability, suitable for most users who seek a supplement that combines easily with their preferred beverages. The minor imperfections in its blending are not significant enough to detract from its overall quality and ease of use.

Taste Rating: Blood Orange Flavor


Pleasant but not Exceptional: Your experience suggests that the Blood Orange flavor is enjoyable but doesn't stand out as particularly exceptional. It is likable, indicating a well-balanced flavor profile that doesn't overpower or underwhelm.

Subtle Flavor Notes: The Blood Orange flavor likely offers a subtle citrus taste, which is pleasant but may not have the strong, distinct profile that some users might prefer.

Personal Preference: Taste is subjective, and while this flavor was satisfactory to you, it didn’t reach the level of being highly impressive or memorable.

Overall Experience: The flavor contributes positively to the experience of taking the supplement, making it more palatable and enjoyable than unflavored options, but it doesn’t necessarily elevate the product to a must-try status based solely on taste.


The Blood Orange flavor of ARMRA Colostrum receives a solid taste rating, indicating that it is agreeable and makes for a pleasant supplement experience. It's a good choice for those who prefer a hint of flavor without overwhelming sweetness or artificiality.

Benefits Rating


Immune System Support: From my perspective, ARMRA Colostrum has positively impacted my immune system. Being a parent to two school-going kids, I'm constantly exposed to germs, but this product seemed to fortify my immune defenses significantly.

Gut Health and Energy Levels: I also noticed improvements in my gut health and overall energy levels. These changes were essential for me, given my busy lifestyle juggling parenting and daily chores.

Lean Muscle Mass, Strength, and Endurance: As for the claims of enhancing lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance, I can't say I observed a drastic change. However, being active with workouts and weight lifting, I feel there might have been some subtle improvements.

Hair and Skin Health: The product's promise to better hair and skin health is another aspect I paid attention to. While I didn't see dramatic changes, there were subtle improvements in my overall skin texture and hair thickness.

Individual Experience: I must emphasize that my experience might differ from others. What worked for me might not have the same effect for everyone else.


Overall, I'd rate ARMRA Colostrum highly at 8.5 out of 10 for its benefits based on my experience. It delivered well on enhancing my immune function and seemed to have a positive effect on my gut health and energy levels. However, it's important to remember that each person's experience can vary.

Would I Purchase ARMRA Colostrum Again?

My Decision: Yes

Reasons for Repurchase:

Noticeable Health Improvements: Based on my 60-day experience, I observed significant benefits, particularly in immune system support and gut health. These improvements are crucial for me, especially as a busy mom.

Overall Well-being: The subtle yet positive changes in my energy levels and potentially in my skin and hair health contribute to a general sense of well-being, which I value.

Quality of the Product: I appreciate the purity, potency, and quality of ARMRA Colostrum, along with its commitment to being a grass-fed, responsibly sourced product. These factors play a big role in my decision to continue using it.

Cost-Effectiveness: While the product is not cheap, the benefits I've experienced justify the cost, especially considering the bulk purchase options that offer some savings.

Taste and Mixability: Even though the Blood Orange flavor wasn’t my absolute favorite, it was still enjoyable, and the product mixed well enough for regular use.

Personal Health Goals: As someone who values health and wellness, particularly in maintaining strength and vitality as a parent, ARMRA Colostrum aligns well with my personal health goals.

Final Thoughts:

My decision to repurchase ARMRA Colostrum is based on the tangible benefits I’ve experienced over the 60 days. While individual results may vary, for me, the product has proven its worth. The blend of quality, effectiveness, and alignment with my health priorities makes it a worthwhile investment in my ongoing health regimen.

ARMRA Colostrum Pricing Breakdown

Stick Packs - 30 Servings


  • One-time Purchase: $39.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $37.99

Flavored Options (Blood Orange, Vine Watermelon, Açu Açai Berry):

  • One-time Purchase: $49.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $47.49

Bulk Jar - 120 Servings


  • One-time Purchase: $109.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $104.49

Flavored Options:

  • One-time Purchase: $119.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $113.99

Subscription Benefits

  • Subscribing to monthly deliveries offers a cost-saving benefit over one-time purchases.
  • Monthly subscription prices for both the stick packs and bulk jars provide savings ranging from approximately 5% to 6%.


  • Flavor vs. Cost: Flavored options are slightly more expensive than the unflavored ones.
  • Packaging Options: The bulk jar offers a higher number of servings, potentially providing better value over time, especially with the subscription.

Other Colostrum Supplements I Considered

Colostrum supplements, or colostrum powders, are quite unique, however, there are a few other options available. In general, true colostrum supplements should be very similar in nature as the key ingredient is the same across the board.

One thing to pay close attention to is the sourcing as that might differ from brand to brand. You want to ensure that you’re getting the most ethically sourced colostrum with the highest quality processing methods. Additionally, choosing a brand that gathers colostrum from grass-fed, humanely raised bovine is wise as well.

Sovereign Laboratories offers a Colostrum LD Powder that’s designed to help heal leaky gut among many other immunity-related benefits. This brand has a wide variety of colostrum products to choose from, including capsules for those who would prefer capsules to powder.

Another option is Kion’s Colostrum Powder. Users love the taste and rave about the benefits. Kion promises healthy gut function, enhanced immune system, and better athletic recovery.

With all the alternatives mentioned above, I strongly believe that ARMRA Colostrum is a superior product over the rest due to the quality ingredients used and the average customer rating of the product.

Visit ARMRA's Official website!

Is ARMRA Colostrum Worth It? My Final Thoughts

After a thorough 60-day journey with ARMRA Colostrum, I've come to the conclusion that this product is indeed a worthy investment for those who prioritize their health and well-being. The journey wasn't just about trying a new supplement; it was about exploring the potential of a natural product to enhance my daily life as a busy mom constantly exposed to the hustle and bustle of life with young kids. The benefits I observed, particularly in terms of immune health and gut function, were significant. These changes were not just superficial but contributed positively to my overall ability to manage daily stress and stay active and present for my family. The product's quality, underscored by its pure, grass-fed ingredients and the plethora of functional nutrients, instills confidence in its efficacy and safety.

Of course, no product is without its minor drawbacks. The mixability of ARMRA Colostrum, while more than adequate, wasn't flawless, and the Blood Orange flavor, though pleasant, didn't quite hit the mark of being exceptional. Yet, these are small trade-offs when weighed against the tangible health benefits I experienced. Additionally, while the initial cost may seem a bit steep, considering the bulk purchase options and the positive impacts on my health, I found the investment worthwhile. In a world where health and wellness are paramount, especially for someone juggling the responsibilities of parenting and personal health, finding a supplement that aligns with these priorities is crucial. For me, ARMRA Colostrum did just that. Its integration into my daily routine was seamless and beneficial, making it a product I'd recommend to those seeking a natural boost to their immune system and overall health.

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