I Tried 3 Liquid Collagen Supplements – This is my experience

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I’m super stoked to share my experience with 3 liquid collagen supplements that I personally used for 1-month each! My hair looked like it was thinning out, my nails were not brittle but not strong like they used to be, and I was not happy with the number on the scale! Obviously collagen has the potential to help with those issues, so I decided to give it a try.

Honestly, it was a long process finding the right products that fit what I was looking for. I tried to search for “best liquid collagen” in google, but it’s all regurgitated information from blogs that appear to copy brand’s product pages. Those articles didn’t help me one bit as a user. In fact, it made it worse because none of these blogs had actually tried the products they were promoting! Bummer for me… but also an opportunity to do my own unique research and share it with you!

Now, I’m not saying the three I tried are going to be the best liquid collagen supplements for you because we’re all different, but they were the best options for me. I’ll share what those three products were and why I chose to try them over the rest.

Why Did I Want A Liquid Collagen Supplement?

There are a couple reasons why I wanted to go with a liquid collagen supplement.

First, I have enough powdered supplements, like my whey protein. I wanted something easy to take - either a shot of something, a tablespoon, a tincture or right out of the bottle.

Second, there are obviously rumors out there that liquid supplements absorb better in the body. I like that idea and wanted to see if it would hold up.

How Did I Find These Products?

For starters, I did a ton of research. I shopped on amazon and Wal-Mart looking at real user reviews. I searched reddit to see if there were any real user experiences on specific products. I found a lot of good information on 10  liquid collagen products and narrowed it down to the top 3 based on the following criteria:

Real user experiences - I sifted through a bunch of people’s stories about the product that they used, why they used it and what it did for them. It’s amazing what you can find if you just dig a little deeper.

Product rating from credible sources (not the brand’s website) - I’ve been around the internet for a long time, I do not trust the brand’s website when it comes to customer reviews and ratings. If  I’m about to spend my hard earned money on something, I want to make sure it’s going to be a good purchase. I’ve been duped before and it’s a terrible feeling.

Budget - I didn’t want the liquid collagen product to cost an arm and a leg. I needed it to fit inside my budget, and I figured most people would want the same. For me, if I kept it under $65 I’d be happy.

My Experience With 3 of The Best Liquid Collagen Supplements

Next, I’m going to share my experience with each liquid collagen product that I tried for 30 days.

manna liposomal collagen peptides

I found Manna Liposomal Collagen Peptides through heavy research on amazon, google and reddit. They had a very honest rating at amazon (3.9/5). There are some very candid reviews - good and bad. But I really like that about a product because I can read real buyer’s experiences!

Manna is a liposomal vitamin brand, which means they only make liquid products. Liposomal, in theory, is supposed to absorb better than traditional liquid, capsules or powdered collagen.

If you check them out at amazon or on their official website, you can see that it’s claimed benefits are stronger hair and nails, joint health and improved skin health.

I also liked that the flavor was chocolate toffee, and 1 serving = 1 tablespoon. I figured it could be a tiny treat for me, which would incentivize me taking it religiously for 30 days.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1: After I took my first serving, I was very impressed with the chocolate toffee taste - it was actually really good!

The one thing I didn’t like is that you have to refrigerate it after you open the bottle. This ends up taking up space in your fridge because the bottle isn’t small, it’s rather large. It would be nice to see manna make the bottles smaller.

Another thing some people may not like is that you cannot mix it with hot drinks. It clearly states on the bottle to only mix with cold drinks. This is not an issue for me because I take it straight from the bottle - it’s just much easier that way for me.

When week 1 came to an end, I didn’t notice any benefits. However, I was enjoying the taste and was determined to see it through for the full 30-day supply.

Week 2: Towards the middle-to-end of week two, I started noticing my hair growing a bit faster than normal. My nails were also getting longer than usual. I didn’t notice any improvements in my skin in terms of tightening or reduced wrinkles or cellulite.

Week 3: This was the week that I started feeling a difference in my hair and nails. I set out to have thicker hair and stronger nails on my liquid collagen journey and I felt like I accomplished that after taking this product for 3 weeks, which was awesome. As far as the claimed skin benefits… I didn’t notice anything on that front.

Week 4: My nails became harder and stronger. They also grew a lot faster, I probably cut them 2 times during week 3 and 4. I could also see a big difference in my hair - it was a little thicker and grew faster than normal. I had also noticed tightening of my skin, especially under my chin around the neck area. Maybe this was because I’ve been hitting the gym a lot harder in addition to taking manna Liposomal Collagen Peptides.

Ratings Based On My Experience:

  • For Hair Growth: 4/5
  • For Nail Growth: 4/5
  • For Weight Loss: 0/5
  • For Skin Improvements: 2/5


  • One-time purchase: $59.95
  • Monthly subscription: $47.96

Places to Buy:

Sirunes Liquid Collagen For Women (Biotin, Keratin, Saw Palmetto) Liquid Drops

liquid collagen for women

Since using Manna liquid collagen, I have found that it works for hair and nail growth. Plus it was easy to take and tasted good. But, it left me wondering if there could be a liquid collagen that could help with my hair, nails and improve my skin health.

I found Sirunes liquid collagen while searching on amazon. There are a ton of reviews on this product and it holds a steady 4.8/5 star rating. But what intrigued me is that it was a liquid drop tincture form - again, super easy to consume, and this product only costs $16.99! That means if it worked as good as manna I could be saving roughly $40 per order! Needless to say I was very excited to try it.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1: After ordering Sirunes liquid collagen on amazon, the package arrived within a few days. My first time taking it reminded me of manna. It was super easy to take. All I did was use the tincture and took it straight up. It kind of tastes like a minty flavor, but a little overpowering.. The taste isn’t nearly as good as manna’s, but it’s not terrible either. I didn’t notice any skin improvements during week 1, nor did I notice improvements in my hair or nails.

Week 2: The second week was very much the same as the first week. I honestly felt like I was drinking medicine for no reason at all. Nothing was working yet.

Week 3: During this week I noticed some improvements in my skin. It looked more healthy and a little more vibrant. But, still I wasn’t very impressed or pleased with the results just yet.

Week 4: I almost threw out the bottle before sticking with this product for 4 weeks. Frankly, the taste was becoming unpleasant and I was tired of not seeing the results I had hoped for. Towards the end of my 30 day supply I thought that Sirunes liquid collagen worked better than manna for improving my skin, but not by much. Manna definitely worked better for hair and nail growth, plus manna’s liquid collagen tastes way better than Sirune’s.

If you decide to go with Sirune Liquid Collagen, I hope you have a better experience. It was a complete bust for me.

Ratings Based On My Experience:

  • For Hair Growth: 2/5
  • For Nail Growth: 2/5
  • For Weight Loss: 0/5
  • For Skin Improvements: 1/5


  • $16.99 at amazon, look for deals.

Places to Buy:

Youtheory Collagen Liquid

youtheory collagen liquid

I really wanted to find a liquid collagen to improve my skin, and this was going to be my last hurrah! I already found a liquid collagen in manna that proved to strengthen my hair and nails, but I still wanted to see improvements in my skin. If this one didn’t work, I’d be convinced that collagen can’t help with improving skin, at least for me and my body.

Youtheory Collagen Liquid has the following ingredients that should, in theory, help with skin health:

  • Verisol Collagen Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 5g of Protein

When I found it on amazon, it had a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with over 900 reviews. It’s just really hard to find any liquid collagen over a 4.3 out of 5 star rating at amazon. At least they are real ratings!

Some people liked the taste, while others weren’t fond of it, but I was willing to take a risk on it. It comes in individual packets, so you don’t have to measure anything and they are great for anyone who travels.

The best part? It only cost me $15 bucks! It’s marked at $20.99, but there was a 31% off sale at amazon.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1: Upon receiving the package, I was very excited to see the individual packets. I don’t like to measure liquid supplements out. I usually just eyeball it or take out a spoon. But with this single serve packet, I’m able to rip the top off and drink it. Can’t really get much easier than that.

My first impression after drinking a serving was that it tasted pretty good, but the aftertaste was awful! I knew right away I’d be struggling to take this for the next 30 days! The only thing that saved me from not throwing the whole box out (and my $15) was that the aftertaste didn’t last super long - thank goodness!

No results / benefits to report on after week 1, which is common for most collagen supplements. On to week 2!

Week 2: A few days into week 2 I started feeling a difference in my hair and nails. It felt very similar to how manna worked, but maybe not as strong. There was no improvement in my skin. I started to doubt the claimed benefits that these brands make on improved skin health if you take their collagen. Or, maybe it was just me - like collagen doesn’t work for skin care for me?

Week 3: More bad news this week as this product was not helping with anything for me. Looking at my notes, I was seriously thinking about giving it up, which wasn’t a big deal because it only cost me $15 and some change.

Week 4: I stopped taking it and lost all confidence in this product. The bad aftertaste and non-existent benefits tipped the scale for me. Time to cut my losses.

Ratings Based On My Experience:

  • For Hair Growth: 1/5
  • For Nail Growth: 1/5
  • For Weight Loss: 0/5
  • For Skin Improvements: 0/5


  • $18.99 at official website
  • $20.99 at amazon, I purchased it on a 31% off deal at amazon. Look out for the deal if you decide to go for it.

Places to Buy:

Honorable Mentions: Liquid Collagen Supplements That I Almost Purchased

There were a bunch of other liquid collagen supplements that I almost purchased over the 3 listed here that I tried. Let’s take a look at the honorable mentions!

BeRadiant Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen

This was a upward trending product at amazon at the time I was researching liquid collagens. It had underneath the product, “1K bought in the past month.” The only issue I had with this product is that it contained CoQ10, Biotin, Vitamin C, and Collagen Peptides. It was too many ingredients for me and I didn’t know what it would do to my body so I passed.

Customer Rating:

4.3/5 at amazon

Price / Shop:

$37.79 at amazon

Windsor Liquid Collagen

Windsor claims that they make their liquid collagen supplement in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. In each serving, there is 10,000mg of collagen and 5,000mg of Biotin. This probably would have been the next liquid collagen for me to try. And, maybe I will later down the road.

Customer Rating:

4.3/5 at amazon

Price / Shop:

$26.99 at amazon

Liquid Biotin & Collagen For Hair Growth

One of the reasons I didn’t go for this product is that I didn’t fully trust the user reviews. When I read them, they didn’t feel authentic. The only reviews and ratings that I trusted were the ones that talked about how it didn’t work for hair growth even after taking it for months.

Customer Rating:

4.5/5 at amazon

Price / Shop:

$22.40 at amazon

NEOCELL Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid

NEOCELL has a ton of reviews and is a really popular supplement. The reason why I didn’t go with it is because a lot of real reviews stated that the taste was awful. Now, I cannot say that it is awful because I haven’t tried it myself, but that’s the reason for not buying it.

Customer Rating:

4.4/5 at amazon

Price / Shop:

$34.99 via official website

What’s Next For Me?

I am happy that I found manna Liposomal Collagen Peptides and that it definitely worked for me in terms of thickening my hair and strengthening my nails. I liked the chocolate taste, it was easy to take and I enjoyed taking it every day.

I’m not happy about the price. I hope that the company can find a way to lower the price. Honestly, I was pulling for the other two to be better because I would have saved money.

What Will You Do?

Which one will you purchase? It’s totally good if it’s not on this list!

If you have tried a liquid collagen and you can recommend one, please share in the comment section below!

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