My Top Picks for Liquid Probiotics (Liposomal and Probiotic Drinks)

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I've been covering probiotic supplements for a few years now, and liquid probiotics are starting to become a legitimate option for people over traditional capsule probiotic supplements.

How come?

Well, liquid probiotics (particularly liposomal) can be easily absorbed by the body. In fact, there has been sufficient evidence that shows liposomal supplements are absorbed 10x better in the body than capsules or gummies.

Incorporating probiotics into your everyday diet can do wonders for your gut and heart health. Some probiotics can even help with weight loss, especially around the belly area. There are so many different types of supplements available that you may not know how to choose the one best suited to your body. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about liquid probiotics and the top brands available on the market today.

What is Considered a Liquid Probiotic?

Liquid probiotics may be a good choice for you if you have trouble swallowing pills or if you're really digging the new technology that can help your body absorb more of the probiotic supplement. These supplements have also been found to have a positive effect on the mouth, throat and lower gastrointestinal tract. When choosing a liquid probiotic, the most common forms are probiotic drinks and liposomal probiotics.

Liposomal Probiotics

Liposomal supplements are better absorbed by the body because their nutrients are encased in protective spherical lipids. The good bacteria and bad bacteria in your body are constantly fighting for dominance over each other. This makes it harder for some nutrients to be efficiently absorbed or utilized. When you have too much bad bacteria, it can cause an upset stomach, bubbly guts and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Imbalanced bowels can leave you impaired for the whole day, ruining your schedule and putting you behind on future plans. Liposomal probiotics give your body access to protected nutrients and minerals that you'll be able to more easily absorb.

Probiotic Drinks

Drinking probiotic beverages is a helpful way to improve your immune system, strengthen your gut and maintain a beneficial bacteria balance in your body. Probiotic beverages are a great alternative if you don't often eat foods high in probiotics like yogurt, kimchi, soybean products or aged cheeses. Getting one daily serving of probiotic-rich foods a day can be difficult when you're on the go.

Probiotic drinks give you the option to stay healthy without changing the way you eat or shop for food. These are different from liposomal probiotics in that they don’t have a lipid barrier keeping them safe from bad bacteria. However, they’re still effective at providing valuable nutrition in the form of enzymes, minerals and nutrients.

Do Liquid Probiotics Work Better Than Capsules?

Both liquid and capsule probiotics come with a range of benefits and potential downsides. Capsule probiotics are easier to store while liquid options often need to be refrigerated. Probiotic beverages usually come flavored, which makes them more palatable, while capsules will often be tasteless.

Whether or not your supplements are effective is determined by their number of bacteria strains and overall quality. If you opt for a low-quality option, it's possible your capsule supplement may just be eaten up by your stomach acid. Researching your probiotic is essential in determining if it's actually effective and has enough CFUs (culture forming units) to make a difference in your body.

That's where liquid and liposomal probiotics come into play. Now, there aren't a lot of options out there for liposomal probiotics. But, I did find one and it's by a brand that solely focuses on liposomal supplements. There are other options on this list, such as greens powders that include probiotics and other probiotic drinks that are designed for specific needs.

The Best Liquid Probiotics

OK, let's take a look at what I found for liquid probiotoics. I'll start with my number one chioce, which is a liposomal probiotic.

#1. Manna Liposomal Pre + Probiotic (Best Liposomal Probiotic)

Greenery next to Manna liposomal pre+probiotic

"Give your gut some love" is the mantra for Manna Liposomal Pre+Probiotic supplement. I choose manna pre+proboitic as the best liquid probiotic because this is one of the first liposomal probiotics I've come across, and it's by a brand, manna, that only creates liposomal supplements. That's how much they believe in their Nanofuse technology and absorption of liposomal supplements.

It utilizes liposomes so that your body can absorb up to 10 times more nutrients than just taking traditional vitamins. This product boasts eight different strains with a total of 40 billion CFU of good bacteria per packet. It also includes inulin, which is extracted from chicory root to boost the strength and efficiency of the bacteria.


  • Manna uses an all-natural formula from globally-sourced ingredients.
  • This product doesn't need to be refrigerated and should only be taken once a day with a meal.
  • Every batch of this supplement is thoroughly evaluated and tested for heavy metal or harmful bacteria contamination.
  • You can count on this product to be vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free.


  • To experience the full benefits of this supplement, it's recommended to take it every day for at least three months.

#2. Zbiotics

Zbiotics in a case

This liquid probiotic is specifically intended to help your body’s recovery process the morning after drinking alcohol. Before taking that first sip of wine, you should consume a full Zbiotics supplement. You can then imbibe responsibly and still wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. This supplement works by producing the same type of enzyme as your liver. It targets the lingering acetaldehyde in your gut, which is often the cause of rough mornings after drinking.


  • Zbiotics safety tested this probiotic for two years before releasing it.
  • The product has been found to be 100% safe and in compliance with FDA regulations.
  • This vegan probiotic comes in a small, glass bottle that's helpfully TSA-friendly. It doesn't include sugar, calories or unnecessary plant extracts.


  • Unfortunately, this probiotic is intended for use only when you're about to drink alcohol.
  • Unlike other supplements, it’s not meant to be taken daily. It also uses an engineered probiotic rather than a naturally occurring one.

#3. Primal Greens With Probiotics

Bowl of veggies next to primal greens

Grab this powdered probiotic if you're looking for the perfect supplement for your morning smoothies. Primal Greens is a blend of superfoods, adaptogenic mushrooms and antioxidants. It features 3.5 billion CFUs of digestive enzymes and healthy probiotics. For best results, you're encouraged to take this supplement on an empty stomach or after a light meal. It's best paired with a healthy lifestyle that includes regulated meals, plenty of water and frequent exercise.


  • Primal Greens is an instant-mixing formula that promotes improved energy levels and brain performance.
  • It can also help you manage your weight by reducing bloat and food cravings.
  • This probiotic is soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free and was made in the United States.


  • While you may feel some immediate improvements to your overall health, it takes at least three months to experience better immune responses and weight management.
  • This product might not be the right choice for you if you're allergic to maitake mushrooms, wheat or reishi mushrooms.
  • Be sure to check the nutrition facts for a full list of the more than 50 vegetables and fruits used.

#4. Athletic Greens Pre + Probiotic Greens Drink

Cup of powder athletic greens being poured

Athletic Greens delivers comprehensive daily nutrition in the form of a powdered supplement. Start building new healthy habits that take only minutes to drink and are proven to support your immunity and boost your energy. This blend is composed of more than 75 premium nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Its robust plant extracts can even help your metabolism and make it easier for you to adapt to stress at home and work.


  • Athletic Greens probiotics use the best ingredients to create a product that's constantly being improved for better taste and effectiveness.
  • This mineral-dense supplement is full of phytonutrients from a variety of acclaimed superfoods.
  • Whether you're an athlete or a mom with a busy schedule, this supplement is optimized to give your body the nutrition it needs to survive and thrive.


  • The Athletic Greens probiotic drink should be coupled with a healthy lifestyle full of physical and mental enrichment.
  • This product does contain mushrooms, kelp, rosemary, ashwagandha, burdock root and more, which may cause an allergic reaction.

#5. Vivebiotics by Perfect Origins

Vive Biotics Perfect Origins

Vivebiotics includes 15 unique probiotic strains not often found in your regular diet. Each bottle comes packed with 60 billion CFUs, giving you 30 days of better digestion and immune system support. Constantly running to work, the store, your kids' schools and every other appointment takes its toll on your joints, mental health and energy levels. By taking just two drops of this probiotic twice a day, you'll feel less bloated, happier and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you.


  • Vivebiotics comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied with the product.
  • This supplement will inhibit the spread of bad bacteria and repair gastrointestinal damage caused by gluten.
  • It's the perfect wheat-free probiotic if you're struggling to maintain a healthy bacteria balance.


  • Since this supplement is taken in the form of drops, it's possible you won't enjoy the flavor or consistency.
  • It's also recommended to consult with your physician before taking this probiotic if you're currently on any medications.

#6. Flourish Original Liquid Probiotic

Tabletop with a plant, notebooks and a candle with flourish original liquid

Flourish Original is an artisanal probiotic option created through all-natural fermentation. It melds together 11 strains from five families that have become stronger when given the chance to grow and interact with each other. Each batch is a complete living ecosystem free of artificial colors or sweeteners, gluten, soy, wheat, dairy or eggs.


  • Every batch of Flourish Original Liquid Probiotic is third-party tested to ensure it reaches at least eight million CFUs.
  • While it's recommended to store this supplement in the refrigerator, you can conveniently keep it at room temperature for up to a month.
  • You also have the option to mix this probiotic into your smoothies, yogurt or daily fruit drinks.


  • This product should not be frozen or placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Due to the nature of production, the taste, look and aroma of each batch can vary.
  • You should also never try to cook these probiotics or add them to a boiling hot beverage like your morning coffee.

#7. PRO EM-1® Organic Liquid Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic Pro Em-1

PRO EM-1® probiotic is a USDA-certified organic probiotic supplement full of beneficial enzymes. As your body absorbs the vitamins and amino acids, you'll have an easier time monitoring your blood sugar and eliminating uncomfortable bloat. This product can be taken by both adults and children. It has a mild flavor and contains more than six million effective CFUs.


  • This natural supplement is so gentle that it can be taken every day either on its own or combined with a drink.
  • It works hard to allow your body to absorb vital nutrients and vitamins.
  • You'll notice more consistency in your bowel movements and an increase in your overall energy.
  • The PRO EM-1® supplement can even help you manage your acne and eczema.


  • Even though this formula contains no toxic elements and is made entirely of organic ingredients, you may be part of a small group of people that can’t tolerate this type of liquid probiotic.
  • Before starting any new supplement, you should prioritize your health, safety and comfort by talking with a medical professional.


Are liquid probiotics more effective than capsules?

Liquid probiotics are typically considered the superior supplement form because they're easier to consume and are one of the freshest ways to introduce good bacteria to your body. They come in a range of flavors, consistencies and strengths to match your unique needs. Liquid supplements are also available in concentrated doses with numerous strains and astounding CFU levels. At the end of the day, choosing the best probiotic for your body will require some experimentation as well as thorough research.

What are the benefits of liquid probiotics?

Supplements in liquid form are perfect for children, the elderly and those who have trouble swallowing pills. You’ll also find they’re great for those who already take the time to make daily smoothies or special health drinks. These probiotics are full of good bacteria vital to balancing your gut and giving you a better quality of life. They can help treat and minimize the symptoms of your irritable bowel syndrome. Liquid probiotics also work to keep your heart healthy and reduce your chances of some digestive disorders like colitis.

When should you take liquid probiotics?

You should take your probiotics at least once a day at about the same time. It’s a great idea to start off your morning with a healthy breakfast full of nutrients and probiotics. Many supplements encourage taking them with a meal while others prefer you have an empty stomach. To guarantee the best results possible, always follow the recommended guidelines of your supplement. The average adult should be consuming anywhere from 10 million to 20 million CFUs every day to support their gastrointestinal tract.

Do liquid probiotics taste bad?

Just like you may not love your daily green smoothie, some probiotics aren't going to taste great. Many of these supplements are a combination of dozens of vegetables and minerals, putting overall taste on the back burner. This is especially true if your probiotic uses a fermentation process, which can create a strong, vinegar-like taste. Fortunately, many supplements can either be taken alone or mixed into a drink of your choice. A briefly unpleasant taste is worth the hugely beneficial impact on your mental and physical health.

Closing Remarks

Probiotics are a necessary part of every adult's diet. Without sufficient supplements, you could find yourself struggling to lose weight or even have enough energy to get through the day. Liquid probiotics are an easy and effective way to get the daily nutrition your body needs and deserves. No matter what type of supplement you're interested in, always make sure you thoroughly research the probiotic bacteria strains included to make sure they’re right for you.

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