posted: January 16, 2023

updated: November 4, 2023

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It can be challenging to shop for a greens powder that will provide you with everything from essential vitamins to minerals and fiber. There are a lot of different options out there, some better than others. Ideally, a greens powder will be made from a very diverse collection of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other natural ingredients that will boost things like your gut health, brain health, cardiovascular health and immune function. Green supplements can help with weight loss and mood, but only if you’re selecting the right formulation.

People turn to the use of greens drinks and supplements for a lot of different reasons. The market provides options that include anywhere from two to 50 different ingredients (and maybe more). Common inclusions are wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, alfalfa, barley, mushrooms, leafy greens, kiwi, pear and seaweeds.

Let’s take a look at three different brands that sell high-quality greens supplements that contain some of the best formulations around. Here’s my take on Bloom Greens, Athletic Greens and Primal Greens.

Narrowing it down to Primal Greens Vs. Athletic Greens Vs. Bloom Greens

Greens Powder


Key Factors


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Primal Greens


Proven formula


Athletic Greens


Prebiotics, probiotics


Bloom Greens


Multiple flavors


Overview of Bloom Greens

Bloom Greens and Superfoods contains over 30 different nutrients that includes organic fruits and vegetables, fiber, probiotics and fiber. It helps soothe your digestive system, regulates you, decreases inflammation fights back against bloat. It comes in five different flavors, all of which are really tasty. This is a nice change from other greens products that taste very earthy or unpleasant. Your options are coconut, citrus, original, mango and berry.

bloom greens powder

The Formula

Bloom Greens consists of seven different proprietary blends. This includes:

Fiber Blend

Made with chicory root fiber, flaxseed and apple powder, this portion of Bloom Greens will help regulate your bowel movements, reduce bloating, eliminate constipation and relieve bouts of diarrhea.

Green Superfood Blend

This is where a lot of your amazing nutrients are going to come from. Barley grass powder, spirulina, wheatgrass and alfalfa are just a few of the ingredients included. The best part is, they’re organic.

Pre and Probiotic Blend

Help balance your microbiome in a way that’s beneficial for your entire body. Ingredients included are blue agave inulin and three strains of probiotics.

Fruit and Vegetable Blend

For more of a nutritious punch, the fruit and vegetable blend in Bloom Greens includes kale, carrots, beets, ginger, blueberry and broccoli.

Antioxidant Beauty Blend

An antioxidant beauty blend helps protect your body from free radicals, oxidative stress and illness. Ingredients in this blend include cranberry, strawberry, tart cherry, raspberry, matcha green tea, goji berry and elderberry.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Maltodextrin, amylase, protease, acid protease and lipase help your digestive system break down the food that you eat so you can absorb nutrients more efficiently and expel what you don’t need in a timely manner.

Adaptogenic Blend

When life is starting to overwhelm you and it’s taking a toll on your health and wellbeing, ingredients in Bloom Greens will support you. This includes ashwagandha, licorice root extract, ginseng root, astragalus root powder and eleuthero root powder.

What I Like

This supplement from Bloom Greens is extremely versatile and incorporates a lot of ingredients into its composition. I love that everything is very natural and comes from high quality sources that I can trust to put into my body. Bloom Greens is also extremely reputable and transparent about their product, which is a big selling point to me.

What I Don’t Like

Stevia has been added to this greens powder, so it tastes a bit sweeter and more palatable. Stevia is a controversial ingredient to some extent. Some studies have determined its long-term use can pose a risk for kidney damage, low blood sugar, various GI symptoms and even endocrine disruption. It’s something I personally avoid if possible.

What Could Be Improved

In order to mix this powdered greens supplement into a glass of water or another liquid, you really have to use a frother or blend it with a smoothie in a blender. It’s a bit hard to mix, and I wouldn’t mind it Bloom came up with a way to make it a little more mixable.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can find Bloom Greens at The current cost of this product is $39.99 for a one-time purchase that provides you with 30 servings. If you want to purchase the larger container of 60 servings, the price is $79.99.

Overview of Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens has been around since 2010 and has developed quite a following since then. Their greens powder is designed to offer comprehensive nutrition that can be utilized on a daily basis. Its formula contains 75 different nutrients and ingredients that have been sourced from whole foods, probiotics, adaptogens and so on. Athletic Greens is free of artificial ingredients, additives and prohibited substances. Third-party testing is used to confirm this.

Each day, you mix one scoop of Athletic Greens powder into eight ounces of water. Its powdered form is intentional. Not only does it make it easier to mix into liquid, but this also helps increase the absorption rate of the product. once per day. It’s safe vegan, paleo or keto diets. Packed with nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, B12, biotin and folate, organic spirulina, apple powder, inulin for added fiber, organic wheat grass, alfalfa powder, organic chlorella, probiotics, functional mushrooms and digestive enzymes, Athletic Greens has become a favored supplement to ensure that your body is supported with everything that it needs.

athletic greens powder

The Formula

With 75 different ingredients included in Athletic Greens, it’s hard to cover them all and explain what they’re beneficial for. However, I can tell you that this is an extremely healthy greens supplement that will fill in all of the nutritional gaps that you have, help regulate your digestive system, boost your energy levels, support cardiovascular health, balance your blood sugars and so much more.

Key nutrients added include vitamins A, C, E, thiamin, folate, niacin, biotin, magnesium, zinc and selenium, just to name a few. There are then three proprietary blends added to the mix along with a probiotic supplement. The blends include ingredients like wheat grass, spirulina, pineapple, papaya, licorice root carrot root (in the superfood complex). The herbs and antioxidants blend contains things like pea protein isolate, rosemary leaf, milk thistle extract, hawthorn and dandelion. Lastly, the digestive enzyme and mushroom blend contains astragalus, burdock root powder, bromelain, shiitake and reishi.

What I Like

I love that there are 75 different ingredients in this product. It’s definitely the best formulation out there in regard to a greens powder. AG has put a lot of thought into this product, making sure that it’s safe, potent and beneficial. I personally like that probiotics have been added. I don’t have to worry about always using a separate product to keep up with my digestive health.

What I Don’t Like

There are specific proprietary blends in this product, but specific amounts are not listed for those blends. There are other ingredients that include this information, but I would love to know more about the blends and what / how much is in there.

What Could Be Improved

The texture and the flavor of Athletic Greens is lacking a bit. It’s not horrible, but I find the flavor to be a little chalky. The texture can be pretty gritty even if you’ve tried to mix it well.

Cost and Where to Buy

Athletic Greens can be found by visiting The current cost of a 30-serving pouch is $79. If you’re looking for more convenience, you can purchase 30 individual travel packs. The cost goes up a little bit with this option, but $89 might seem worth it to you if you’re on the go a lot and want to make sure that you always have your greens with you.

Overview of Primal Greens

Primal Greens from Primal Harvest is a superfood greens powder that is easy to mix into the liquid of your choosing. It contains four different components, including a superfood complex, antioxidant and mushroom blend, herbs / extracts and probiotics (3.5 billion CFUs). This is a pretty impressive greens powder that incorporates a lot of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants into its design, ensuring that you feel your best each and every day. It’s also the perfect complement for one of the other supplements that Primal Harvest sells as part of their product lineup (multivitamins, omegas, collagen, etc.).

Primal Greens includes over 50 superfoods, designed to support your energy levels, digestion, immune response and performance. It’s completely free of gluten, soy, dairy and works with a variety of specialty diets. Made in a GMP-certified facility, a great deal of attention is paid to the manufacturing of this product. It’s only made with high quality ingredients and it’s free of artificial ingredients. Third-party testing is used to confirm this quality.

primal greens powder

The Formula

Primal Greens is structured similarly to a lot of other greens powders. They have included specific nutrients in their product: vitamins C, E, B12, zinc and copper. Then, there are four other blends added to the mix. There is a superfood, antioxidant and mushroom blend that consists of things like carrot, alfalfa, spinach, spirulina, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, parsley, blueberry, pomegranate and orange to name a few.

The nutrient dense natural herbs and extracts blend includes acacia gum, acerola cherry extract, green tea leaf, cinnamon bark, ginseng and ashwagandha. A digestive complex includes apple fiber, inulin, amylase, protease and lipase. Lastly, a probiotic blend of 22.5 milligrams comes from three different probiotic strains.

What I Like

I love the formulation of this product. Primal Greens is made with over 50 powerful ingredients, and it’s not an incredibly expensive item. I love the nutrients that you can get from a single serving, and it’s great that 3.5 billion CFUs of probiotics and digestive enzymes are also included.

What I Don’t Like

You definitely have to consume this product in a cold beverage. I don’t love the taste on its own but mixing it into a smoothie makes it highly palatable.

I noticed that green tea leaf is included in this product’s formulation, but nothing is said on the brand’s website regarding the potential caffeine content in this product. I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine, so I would be curious to find out more about this inclusion.

What Could Be Improved

While there are a lot of great ingredients included in Primal Greens, there are about 25 less than Athletic Greens. Maybe Primal Harvest could upgrade their formula to include a few more things that would really make them a top competitor in the greens powder world.

Cost and Where to Buy

You definitely get a great value when you invest in Primal Greens. It’s the most affordable option of the three, with the current cost of a 30-serving bag of product currently being $49.95. You can find this product by visiting

Comparing Greens Powder Formulas

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the most nutrients, antioxidants, digestive support and herbal ingredients from the greens powder that you’re using, I highly recommend that you look into Athletic Greens. As a nutritionist, certified trainer and wellness enthusiast, it’s the product that I hear the best things about. While Bloom Greens and Primal Greens are both very reputable brands that have exceptional greens powder products, they lack a few of the components that Athletic Greens found important.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

Both Bloom Greens and Athletic Greens are roughly the same price point, but Primal Greens is quite a bit less than those other options. That being said, Athletic Greens has a very thorough ingredient profile, Primal Greens is right behind it (though it’s missing a few of the inclusions that AG opted to include). If you’re looking for a high-quality product that is natural, safe, pure and free of artificial ingredients, Athletic Greens would be your best options. If you’re never tried a greens supplement before and aren’t yet willing to drop almost $100 on your first purchase, try Bloom Greens to start out with.

Comparing Taste

Greens powders aren’t always the best tasting beverage option that you can consume, but some are better than others. I like that Bloom Greens comes in a variety of flavors. You can choose between Coconut, Citrus, Original, Mango and Berry. They’re all delicious, and the Original option is nice if you plan on mixing your greens powder into something like a smoothie or cup of tea.

Athletic Greens is known for having a strong, earthy flavor that some people don’t really care for. Primal Greens is very similar to Athletic Greens in regard to taste.

Main Differences between Primal Greens, Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens

athletic greens bloom primal

The formulations are what stand out the most to me when I’m comparing Primal Greens, Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens. They’re all very well thought out and are backed by scientific evidence that these specific ingredients are beneficial, but some brands offer more benefits than others. Athletic Greens has the best nutritional profile, followed by Primal Greens and then Bloom Greens.

The price points are also worth taking note of. If you’re on a budget, then Primal Greens is probably going to stand out as the most affordable option. If you’re interested in getting the most nutrients possible, you’ll feel alright about investing in AG1.

Which Is the Better Greens Powder: Bloom Greens, Primal Greens or Athletic Greens?

primal greens bloom athletic greens

I’ve seen some lower quality greens powders out there. I even saw one today at the store that only included eight basic ingredients in it. The price wasn’t exactly affordable considering what was included. That being said, Bloom Greens, Primal Greens and Athletic Greens are all manufactured by top notch brands that care about the clientele that they serve. Their practices are safe, producing legitimate and beneficial products. Athletic Greens is a product that a lot of people rave about. There are people that use it religiously to keep their energy levels consistent and their health in check. There’s really no part of the body that it doesn’t benefit.

I also really like Primal Greens, because I’m a fan of the Primal Harvest product line. Their greens powder is a great complement to some of their other items. Bloom Greens is also an excellent product that will provide you with access to more than 30 nutrients in each dose. It would be difficult for me to pick a winner, and I think you’re winning if you choose any one of these three greens powders.


Greens powders are a great way to boost your health, but selecting one isn’t always simple and straightforward. You need to be careful with picking any kind of supplement that you’re going to be putting into your body on a regular basis. Reading the label, checking out a brand’s website and considering the testing used to confirm the quality of a product are just some of the habits you should get into when you’re looking for a supplement on some sort. If you want to fill in nutritional gaps in your diet, feel more energetic over the course of the day, boost your body’s natural immune response, decrease inflammation and protect your heart, brain and other organs, consider purchasing Bloom Greens, Athletic Greens of Primal Greens.

  • Great price
  • Great reviews
  • Soothes digestion
  • Fights bloat



  • Pricey
  • Prebiotics & probiotics
  • Helps digestion
  • Can fight bloat



  • Flavors (not bad)
  • Great price
  • Not the best results
  • Can help digestion



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