By Winona Menopause Review: Is HRT Safe?

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Winona offers bioidentical, natural hormone replacement therapy for women dealing with menopause symptoms. By skipping the doctor’s office, women are able to get the care and attention they need quickly and efficiently, with doctor-prescribed medications delivered right to their doorsteps. 

I recently read a fascinating study by the Female Founders Fund that really dove deep into menopause, how many women will soon be facing it, and what percentage of women actually seek treatment for their symptoms.

According to the article, by 2030 (which is right down the road!), the median age in the United States will be 40, up from the current median age of 37. Furthermore, there will be more women between the ages of 40 and 64 than there will be women under 18, according to the 2017 U.S. Census

Currently, there are about 170 million women in the US, all of whom will go through or have already gone through menopause. By 2025, an estimated 1.1 billion women will be postmenopausal. The bottom line: there are a lot of women who are either approaching (perimenopause) or going through menopause right now, with even more projected for the future due to our aging population.

The Female Founders study that was conducted to gain a better understanding of the overall needs of women going through menopause found that 78% if respondents indicated that menopause interferes with their lives, with 64% saying that they felt unprepared for it. Why? Because there’s a serious lack of focus and innovation in the menopause space. But that’s slowly starting to change thanks to telehealth companies like By Winona.

Winona is a menopaus-specific online treatment provider that offers doctor-prescribed treatments for menopause symptoms. In this article, we’re reviewing Winona, empowering you (and women everywhere) with the information you need to decide if this menopause treatment is right for you.

Quick Summary of By Winona Menopause Review


Doctor prescribed treatments for menopause symptoms

Why women love it:

Online treatment for menopause symptoms, no longer having to go to your local doctor office - convenience

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Could help with anti-aging, skin care, hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety and depression


From $49 per month to $149 per month, depending on the products you purchase

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4.8/5 (Over 200 reviews)

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What is Winona for Menopause?

menopause treatment by winona

Winona is a science-based online menopause treatment platform that focuses on menopause wellness, health, and anti-aging therapies. Using years of experience, the latest scientific information, and leading menopause professionals, Winona can help you to diagnose and treat your menopause symptoms. 

Winona prescribes HRT (hormone replacement therapy) that’s bio-identical, natural, and FDA-approved to be effective. Plus, these treatments are derived from yams.

Is Winona Hormone Therapy Safe?

Yes, hormone therapy (HRT) from Winona, which offers bio-identical, natural hormone replacement, is considered one of the safest and most effective treatments for symptoms of menopause.

Here’s the problem; HRT has gotten a bad reputation thanks to the antiquated results of the Women’s Health Initiative Study (WHI) that released misinformed results that stated hormone users might have a slightly elevated risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and blood clots. However, the research from that study was wrong, and although the results have been corrected and even reversed, many women and their doctors have concluded that using HRT is not a good idea.

Sadly, this has left two generations of women suffering when they really don’t need to. Winona uses safe, FDA-Approved Bioidentical hormones to help women ease and relieve their menopause symptoms.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are made from a plant chemical that’s extracted from yams. From there, those hormones are then sent to a lab to go through another process called micronization, which just means that they are finely ground for better absorption in the body.

Some people refer to bioidentical hormone therapy as “natural hormone therapy” because bioidentical hormones act in the body the same as the hormones that we produce. Our bodies cannot tell the difference between the bioidentical hormones and the ones that are produced by our bodies themselves. 

How Do They Help?

Hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones helps women to replace some of the hormone levels that naturally decrease as we age, creating symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, poor sleep, and more.

The bioidentical HRT offered by Winona comes in several different forms; cream, pills, and patches, so that you can choose what works best for you. Your Winona physician will recommend the best treatment and the best dosage for your body, based on your symptoms and how you’re feeling so that you can experience relief from your most nagging menopause symptoms.


  • Natural, FDA-approved menopause treatments
  • No waiting for an appointment
  • 100% online
  • Personalized treatments
  • Fast and discreet delivery
  • Bioidentical HRT
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to menopause physicians
  • Several treatment options to choose from
  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews from real users


  • Currently does not accept insurance, however, you can use an HSA/FSA
  • HRT might not be the right solution for every menopausal woman
  • Winona does not test hormone levels with blood markers

Getting Started With Winona: How Does it Work?

taking winona menopause product

Getting your journey with Winona started is simple and straightforward:

  • Step 1: Answer a few health-related questions.
  • Step 2: Consult with a licensed physician who specializes in menopause care.
  • Step 3: Have your prescription medications (if appropriate) shipped directly to your door in discreet packaging.
  • Step 4: Maintain easy, ongoing access to your support team via your phone or computer.

What Types of Menopause HRT Therapies Are Available?

menopause treatments from winona

Winona offers proven anti-aging treatments that help you stay ahead of your age and your symptoms. All treatment options from Winona are FDA-approved and cannot be purchased over-the-counter, you must get a prescription from a licensed doctor like those at Winona.

Let’s take a look at what treatment options are available:

Estrogen Therapy 

A powerful hormone replacement that will help you with your overall wellness, but specifically, with your body, mood, mind, and sex. You can get estrogen therapy in a variety of ways, including body cream, vaginal, oral, or patch.

Progesterone Therapy

An assistive HRT might be recommended for you alongside your estrogen treatment. Progesterone therapy comes in a body cream or an oral supplement.


An effective combination therapy that’s proven to help reduce weight, maintain muscle, and improve sex. DHEA comes in an oral supplement only.

How Much Do Treatments Cost?

pricing of winona menopause supplements

Treatment from Winona for menopause will vary depending on the type of treatment recommended for you and the delivery method. Below is a breakdown of pricing per use:

  • Estrogen Patch - $17 per use
  • Estrogen Table - $1 per use
  • Estrogen Body Cream - $2 per use
  • Estrogen Body Cream with Progesterone - $2 per use
  • Vaginal Estrogen Cream - $2 per use
  • Progesterone Body Cream - $2 per use
  • Progesterone Capsule - $1 per use
  • DHEA - $2 per use

Winona users will always enjoy free shipping on their medications and can use their HSA/FSA to cover the cost.

Who Should Try Winona Hormone Therapy?

winona menopause treatment product

Winona Menopause is for every woman who is seeking safe, reliable, and effective relief for their menopause symptoms. For women who want the second half of their life to be better than the first. And for those who wish to experience the convenience and ease that comes with choosing a 100% online HRT provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any new supplement, program, or product, you should always do your due diligence before making a decision as to whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your personal needs. Below are of some FAQs pertaining to Winona.

holding winona capsule

What is Bioidentical HRT?

Bioidentical HRT helps to replenish the hormone levels that naturally decline as you age and enter menopause. Specifically, estrogen and progesterone. HRT can replace your levels of these hormones, thereby helping you to combat the symptoms of menopause and prevent the development of long-term diseases that are the result of hormonal deficiencies. The goal of bioidentical HRT is to help your body attain healthy, balanced hormone levels so that you can look and feel your best.

Will I need to do a blood or saliva test?

The doctors at Winona believe that tests for hormone levels are highly inaccurate and therefore unhelpful as our hormone levels vary greatly not just day to day but throughout the day as well. At Winona, your HRT is prescribed and adjusted based on your symptoms.

Your body is more sensitive than any lab test. At Winona, they care more about your symptoms and how your body is responding than to a value on a lab test. They care more about relieving your symptoms than getting a good score on a lab test. Your Winona doctor will determine the proper treatment and dosage for you after you complete the medical intake process.

How long before I start seeing results?

For most women, within a couple of weeks, although it will vary depending on your unique symptoms and body. Hot flashes, night sweats, and sleep disturbances usually see at least some relief early on in treatment, with greater relief expected with continued use. For women seeking weight loss and muscle gains, this can take up to three months. Keep in mind that these are generalized estimates and that everyone’s body responds differently to a treatment.

How can HRT help with weight gain?

A combination of the cream and the DHEA work together very well to help promote weight loss, but more importantly, to promote fat loss and muscle gain (body recomposition). You might see a redistribution of weight that will help lower your BMI and increase your lean muscle mass. During the first week or two, you might see a temporary increase in water retention (weight), but this should going away quickly and results will begin to appear.

Keep in mind that weight loss will also be reliant on your healthy diet and exercise routine as well as your sleep patterns. Weight loss will not be rapid or dramatic because HRIT is working to reverse the metabolic effects of your falling hormone levels which are the cause of your weight gain. Once the weight gain has been reversed, your body can continue moving forward with weight loss.

Does Winona accept insurance?

Some insurance carriers might cover your Winona care, however, it will depend on the plan and specific benefits. Winona recommends that you pay for your service yourself and then try submitting your receipts to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. You are always more than welcome to use your FSA or HSA to pay for your Winona prescription at the checkout.

Alternatives: What Else is Out There For Menopause Relief?

product images of winona

If after learning about Winona you’re still on the fence, I highly recommend taking a look at some other options and alternatives to see if there’s a treatment that’s better in alignment with your needs. Here are a couple of recommendations:

If you’d rather not go the prescription route, we recently wrote an article that outlines the best over-the-counter menopause relief supplements. In there, we talk about some of our favorite OTC menopause supplements like OPositiv MENO and Fan Club by HUM Nutrition. The options presented on this list are hormone-free, so if you’re still a little skeptical of HRT, this might be a good place to start.

Alloy Women’s Health is another similar brand to Winona in that they offer hormone therapy for menopausal women. One thing that makes Alloy unique is that they offer a synbiotic (prebiotics and postbiotics) designed to help menopausal women in addition to their hormone therapy treatments, all of which are prescribed 100% online.

Average Customer Ratings and Reviews: What Are Women Saying?

customer reviews of winona menopause

This By Winona menopause review found an overall positive customer experience based on its research. On trustpilot, the By Winona brand rates as "Excellent" boasting a 4.8 stars out of 5 star rating with over 230 customer reviews. Many women are seeing positive results after using Winona's menopause products.

One woman left a review of Winona saying,

"Within the first week of using the cream; my joint pain, fatigue and night sweats completely went away. I've been using now for 6 weeks and feel more like my old self each day."

There are many reviews that compare to the one you just read, but it is encouraged to do some more research on your own before purchasing a product.

Read more reviews here.

Final Thoughts: Should You Try Winona For HRT?

If you’re in or approaching menopause and are ready to take back control of your life, Winona can help you safely and naturally get a handle on and even reverse your hormonal menopause symptoms. Despite HRT having a bad reputation based on some faulty data, all evidence points to bioidentical HRT is one of the safest and most effective menopause relief options available.

Winona focuses specifically on menopause, helping to fill the giant gap in the healthcare industry where women aren’t getting the kind of attention and treatment they need to thrive. Although menopause is inevitable, suffering is not, Winona can help.

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