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fit healthy reviews experience with colon broom for losing weight and bloating

For many women, weight loss is top of mind. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of women think they need to lose weight. There’s a lot to unpack there, including whether or not these women truly need to lose weight or if we’re dealing with a low confidence/poor self-image situation.

But here’s the deal; something I tell my clients all the time is that there’s a huge difference between weight loss and fat loss and it’s important that we understand it. Weight loss is indicative of a lower number on the scale and it can be caused by everything from normal hormonal fluctuations to eating a smaller amount of food the day before you step on the scale.

Fat loss, on the other hand, is actually decreasing your body fat mass, and this is achieved through one way only: a calorie deficit.

So when clients and members of our community approach us with a question regarding whether or not a certain supplement or product can help them to lose weight, I first explain the difference between weight loss and fat loss so we’re clear about what kind of results they might expect. Then, we take a look at the product in question.

The latest product that’s been brought to our attention multiple times is ColonBroom. For instance, I received this message from a community member just this week: 

“I am not sure if you have had any posts about ColonBroom? Or had any thoughts on it... I have done a little research and am not sure if it's one of those "too good to be true" items or not. I just wondered your thoughts!”

So in true FHM fashion, we decided to give Colon Broom a try for ourselves and report back. In this review, we’ll be discussing Colon Broom and how it may or may not affect weight loss. Can ColonBroom help you to lose weight? Let’s find out.


If you came here solely to find out if ColonBroom can help you to lose weight, the answer is yes, but it's not the answer you may think. For those who are constipated and/or those who don’t produce optimal bowel movements, ColonBroom can help to cleanse your body and eliminate waste, which will result in a reduction in weight. The immediate weight you lose will not be fat loss, it will be a reduction in your body weight via water, buildup, feces, and other toxins that your body has previously held on to. There aren't any supplements out there that are going to help you lose weight long-term by just taking the supplement. I always recommend that you also adopt healthy eating habits and a consistent exercise routine in addition to taking a supplement.



Best for:

Weight loss

Active ingredient that makes it work:

Psyllium Husk

Other potential benefits:

Full body detox, improved energy, enhanced mood,  improved overall health

Why I love it:

Tastes great, and it does work to lose weight through pooping

What's the main drawback:

Long term weight loss results differ from person to person

Avg. User Rating:

4.5/5 (Thousands of reviews via official website)

FHM Rating:

5/10 (The reality is that this supplement is not a quick fix for weight loss. As is the case with any supplement).

What Is ColonBroom?

holding colonbroom

Colon Broom is a psyllium husk powder supplement, making it a natural colon cleanser. It’s formulated with premium organic ingredients that are clinically shown to assist in the relief of bowel-related issues like constipation and bloating while allowing you to improve your digestive health and experience weight loss. 

Colon Broom was designed to help the over 100 million people in the US alone who are experiencing constipation. For these people, it’s common to feel a heaviness in their gut, an imbalance in their gut microbiota, a lack of energy, bloating, and difficulty in losing weight.

The makers of Colon Broom claim that due to modern breakthroughs in gastrointestinal science, they’re able to deliver a product that provides a healthy and natural solution to anyone who would like to renew their body and boost its immune responses and metabolic processes. 

Main Features and Benefits of ColonBroom

Below are the main potential benefits of adding Colon Broom to your routine:

Body Detox

ColonBroom’s unique blend of essential ingredients works together to improve your body’s detoxification processes by cleansing your gut of all the accumulated toxins.

Weight Loss

Psyllium Husk, the main active ingredient in Colon Broom not only helps to improve your gut microbiome, but it also cleanses the digestive system and helps eliminate waste and toxins to help you lose weight. Psyllium husk is a natural form of dietary fiber.

Improved Overall Health

ColonBroom, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan, can help to improve your overall health and well-being by increasing your energy levels and reducing your bloating and discomfort.


  • Psyllium husk is a gentle, natural bulk-forming laxative
  • Can cause weight loss via elimination (pooping)
  • Relieves constipation
  • Produces regular bowel movements
  • Natural strawberry flavor
  • Easy-to-drink mix
  • It’s vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO


  • The weight loss claims ARE misleading for those who aren’t fully versed on what kind of weight loss they will potentially experience.
  • As with any soluble fiber supplement, failure to take it with enough water or to drink quickly enough can pose a chocking risk
  • You can just buy metamucil for A LOT Cheaper, if you need to relieve constipation
  • Expensive as heck for a psyllium husk product
  • I do not agree with their marketing
  • The brand NOT based in the USA, they also create many other "quick fix" weight loss products (that aren't quick fixes because they do not exist)

Does ColonBroom Help With Weight Loss?

presenting colon broom drink

Yes, ColonBroom can help you to cleanse your system and cause a nice, productive poop (I know you know what I mean), which can lead to a reduction in weight on the scale. Have you ever gone to the bathroom and felt like a completely new woman afterward? As if you’re instantly lighter and your jeans fit better? That’s the feeling that ColonBroom has the potential to provide you with, but on a regular basis.

The truth is that whether or not you’re going number two regularly can play a pretty big role in your scale weight. I mean, all that waste has to weigh something, right? Just think about the fact that you housed that waste inside you and now it’s no longer with you. The weight of your bowel movement has been eliminated from your body, causing you to drop weight.

Experts say that your poop can vary from one to four pounds. If you tend to go a few days in between potty trips, you’re likely looking at a weight on the higher end. So a product like ColonBroom that’s specifically formulated to help you create a bowel movement can easily allow you to drop a few pounds, especially if you’re backed up. 

So What Happens When You Take ColonBroom?

how colonbroom works

The active ingredient in ColonBroom is psyllium husk which has been well-researched and proven to relieve constipation and bloating. When you take ColonBroom in combination with a glass of water, the psyllium husk swells and produces more bulk which then stimulates the intestines to contract and speeds up the passage of your stool through your digestive tract. The psyllium husk travels through your digestive tract, picking up waste and cleansing your digestive system along the way.

Once it makes its way to your bottom and you’re able to release it, you’re likely to instantly feel relief from the bloating and heaviness in your gut. Plus, if you were to weigh yourself before going to the bathroom and then do so again immediately after, you should notice a small decrease in the number on the scale. 

holding colonbroom supplement facts

Does it Cause Bloating?

The dietary fiber in ColonBroom (psyllium husk) is generally well tolerated and safe for consumption for most populations. However, as with any new supplement, your body will need a bit of time to adjust. With increased fiber intake, your body might experience some bloating for the first few days as it acclimates to the additional fiber. But rest assured that these side effects should be short-term and will improve rapidly.

Can Poop Make You Lose Weight?

infographic on colonbroom

Yes, releasing fecal waste will cause you to lose weight. However, that weight is not fat, so be sure you’re understanding that having regular bowel movements isn’t going to be the ticket to your dream body. You will, however, feel lighter, free-er, and less uncomfortable when you’re able to produce regular and frequent bowel movements.

Is Colon Broom Too Good to Be True?

colon broom and strawberry drink mix

As long as you have a solid understanding of what ColonBroom is and how it works, no, it’s not too good to be true. However, those who believe ColonBroom will be a magic fix for their long-term weight loss issues will likely be disappointed.

According to ColonBroom’s self-reported data, their customers have experienced the following:

  • 95% noticed more frequent and regular bowel movements 
  • 80% noticed weight loss without feeling hunger
  • 90% left lighter after 12 hours of using ColonBroom

I believe that these claims are likely very valid as the intended purpose of ColonBroom and its active ingredient, psyllium husk is to help those who are struggling with constipation to clear their bodies of that extra waste and bulk that’s backing them up. 

The weight loss claim may very well come from the fact that dietary fiber, in the form of psyllium husk, has been shown to be associated with improved satiation, satiety, and reduced food intake. Remember, the one and only key to weight loss (fat loss) is a calorie deficit (calories out are greater than calories in). If taking ColonBroom daily allows you to feel more satiated and less hungry, you might place yourself in a calorie deficit and experience true weight loss as a result.

Who Should Try ColonBroom?

colon broom product mixed up

ColonBroom is best-suited for those dealing with constipation and/or irregular bowel movements that are causing them to retain weight, and feel bloated, heavy, and uncomfortable. Furthermore, those who are seeking a safe and reliable way to get more dietary fiber in their diet might benefit from taking ColonBroom.

Who Shouldn’t?

Those who are looking for a “magic pill” or “easy button” on their weight loss journey should consider making important lifestyle changes before adding a supplement like ColonBroom to their diets. Adding supplements to your diet can be important and very impactful, however, they should only be added to an already healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t yet implemented some basic healthy habits and routines, I highly recommend that you start there.

The key to weight loss, as we now know, is to maintain a caloric deficit through eating a healthy, balanced diet and incorporating daily movement. Plus, averaging at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day and consuming ample amounts of water will be a couple of more foundational healthy weight loss habits that you’ll want to nail before looking to add supplements.

My Experience: Did I Lose Weight Using ColonBroom?

mixing colonbroom in kitchen

Alright, the big question: did ColonBroom cause weight loss? I did a little experiment to find out.

I took ColonBroom after my last meal of the day, right before bedtime. About an hour or two after waking, I got the urge to “go.” I stepped on the scale immediately before going to the bathroom and recorded my weight. After using the bathroom, I then stepped back on the scale, and yes, my weight had decreased. 

I realize that this is not a groundbreaking discovery, however, I will say that I felt much lighter and more comfortable immediately after, which is much more valuable to me than what the number on the scale reads. The bowel movement produced by ColonBroom was very productive, more so than my normal bowel movements which allowed me to experience a freeing feeling and a lightness that felt great. The best way to describe how I felt was relieved.

As women, many of us are constantly dealing with bloating and discomfort relating to our menstrual cycles, most of which are completely out of our control. This is why a product like ColonBroom can be appealing as it can help us to excrete that waste that’s making us feel heavy and bloated and allow us to feel confident and comfortable in our clothing, regardless of whether or not the scale budges.

Will I Continue to Take ColonBroom?

For me, ColonBroom won’t be a daily staple in my diet as I don’t tend to struggle with constipation and get plenty of dietary fiber from whole food sources. However, there are times during the month where I tend to get a little backed up due to hormonal fluctuations and during those times, I will keep ColonBroom on hand to take when I feel like I need a good flush.

Cost and Where to Buy

ColonBroom costs $64.99 for a one-month supply. However, you can buy more and save, with options to purchase a 3-month supply for $35.99 per bottle or a 6-month supply for $27.99 per bottle. The best place to purchase ColonBroom is directly through its official website where you’ll enjoy free shipping within the US.

product image of colonbroom

Review Summary: My Honest Thoughts About Colon Broom

Here's the deal, there is no magic pill, powder, or supplement that's going to automatically work for weight loss by just taking the supplement. As a nutritionist, I believe in healthy eating habits and consistent, challenging daily exercise. You could benefit from supplements IF (big IF) you also change your diet and start exercising.

So, it's up to you if you want to purchase Colon Broom - (shop at ColonBroom here)

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