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Here I am in my kitchen holding a Hello Bonafide Supplement. They have a complete line of women's wellness supplements that I'll cover in this article.

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Whether you’re going through menopause or you’re dealing with the effects of your monthly cycle, there are changes that happen in a woman’s body that we just don’t talk about. Hello Bonafide is changing that.

Instead of sweeping our perfectly natural symptoms under the rug, grinning and bearing them until they hopefully go away, Bonafide is offering a complete line of women’s health supplements that are specifically targeted to combat our most common female hormonal problems.

In this Hello Bonafide review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the company, its products, and how the process works. This is one of the best D2C health brands I have seen recently, so I am extremely excited to share it here with you.

What is Hello Bonafide?

Hello Bonafide is a female health company that provides naturally powerful remedies for the natural symptoms that occur throughout a women’s life. Additionally, they offer a full line of all the essential vitamins and supplements women need to feel great, no matter what their age.

The company is made up of a team of industry experts with over 50 years of experience in the medical drug discovery, clinical research, and patient advocacy fields. With a board of experienced female medical advisors and a team of dedicated professionals, it’s clear that Hello Bonafide is a company that truly cares about getting to the bottom of women’s health issues and providing effective solutions.

Benefits of Hello Bonafide: The Bonafide® Standard

Naturally powerful solutions: they offer non-prescription solutions to treat women’s health issues, using ingredients derived from nature as much as possible while maximizing effectiveness and relief.

Science-based: every Bonafide product contains ingredients that are the result of thorough research and development and have been extensively tested in clinical trials, scientifically validating their effectiveness.

Safety first: with safety as their top priority, all their products are made with safe, yet powerful ingredients that are free of hormones and don’t have any negative side effects.

Trusted by countless experts: Bonafide products are recommended by over 8,000 doctors across the country. Additionally, through the dedicated efforts of their patient care representatives, they work continuously to provide educational resources about natural products to doctors and nurses all across the country.

What Products Do They Offer?

Bonafide offers powerful solutions for the most common women’s health issues. They break their product offers down into the following categories:

Menopause & Intimacy

  • Revaree - Relief from vaginal dryness
  • Relizen- Relief from menopausal hot flashes
  • Ristella - Increased sexual satisfaction


  • Serenol- Relief from emotional PMS

Wellness Essentials & Immunity Support

  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Gut Probiotic
  • Magnesium Complex
  • Calcium + Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc 
  • Fish Oil

Next, I’ll break down each of their main products, giving you a closer look at what they are, what they do, and who they are for.

Revaree Overview

Reveree provides relief from vaginal dryness by replenishing and moisturizing vaginal tissue. As mentioned in our full review of this product, it’s a safe, hormone-free vaginal insert that’s designed to increase daily comfort and comfort during intimacy.

This product is ideal for menopausal and breastfeeding women who are dealing with the common side effect of vaginal dryness. It’s also great for anyone who’s experiencing low estrogen as vaginal dryness is a side effect.

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Ristela Overview

Ristela is designed for women who want to enhance their response to sexual stimulation. We researched and did a full review of this product and found that it’s shown to increase orgasm and physical arousal, without any hormonal side effects. Ristela is for any woman who wishes to experience sex in a more fulfilling way.

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Relizen Overview

Relizen provides powerful, hormone-free relief for menopausal women who are experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. It also helps to reduce fatigue, calm irritability, and improve your sleep. This product is designed to naturally allow women to control their inner thermostat so that they can stay cool, calm, and collected all day (and night) long.

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Serenol Overview

Serenol provides natural, hormone-free relief from emotional PMS symptoms like moodiness, irritability, and uneasiness. As stated in our complete review of this product, it’s proven to calm irritability, balance mood swings, and curb hunger and water retention so that you can feel like yourself all month long.

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Overview of Clairvee

Clairvee is their newest product that helps balance your vaginal microbiome. They are in capsule form and since the launch, have helped thousands of women start feeling their very best again. Read our detailed Clairvee review to learn more or visit the product page here. Use FHM20 for 20% off your first order.

Hello Bonafide Reviews: What Are Customers Saying Online About Bonafide’s Women’s Health Solutions?

According to, there are hundreds of reviews of Ristela, Revaree, Seronol, and Ristella. After reading through all of the reviews, I was pleased to learn that over 90% of them are extremely positive and complimentary of the brand and the products. There are a handful of negative reviews, most of which have to do with customers complaining that the product did not work for them. I noted that Bonafide, after each review whether positive or negative, responded to the reviewer.

For the negative reviews, Hello Bonafide’s team gently reminds customers that their products are not for everyone, however, their hormone-free, natural remedies do work for most, when used properly. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of customer service displayed by the Bonafide team, it shows me that they truly care about their customers and their satisfaction.

Overall, this is an awesome brand that’s changing the face of women’s healthcare, bringing to light and normalizing some of our most common issues that come completely naturally as a part of womanhood. Thousands of women have reported feeling relief from their symptoms by using these products and have been able to start feeling the way they want to feel again, and nobody can put a price on that!

Bottom Line: is legit?

After thoroughly researching Hello Bonafide, I can tell you that it’s a 100% legitimate company that’s providing natural, safe products for women everywhere. I love that their team is made up of dedicated professionals who truly want to make a difference in the world and the lives of women everywhere.

Personally, I am far more comfortable taking a product that is hormone-free as my first line of defense as I don’t like the idea of messing with my body’s natural rhythm. Sometimes I think that hormone intervention can do more harm than good, so I’m beyond happy to see a company like Bonafide that’s offering such amazing products that are clinically proven and completely hormone-free.

If you’re in a life stage that has you dealing with unwanted, albeit natural, side effects, you owe it to yourself to give Hello Bonafide products a try.

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