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KOS greens adn Bloom greens in a poured glass side by side

Being able to pack as many nutrients as possible into the food that you eat is ideal. Nutrients are what our bodies use for all kinds of functions, such as generating energy and maintaining all kinds of chemical processes. Unfortunately, the way our food is manufactured and processed can often decrease the nutritional content of what we’re eating. Some people are simply picky about what they like to consume. This all limits the number of nutrients that you’re able to take in. Multivitamins have been around for decades as a way to fill in nutritional gaps, but greens powders have also gained a lot of popularity recently. It raises the question of should you go with multivitamins or greens powders? 

Containing a concentrated blend of fruits and vegetables, greens powders can also incorporate different herbal ingredients, adaptogens, antioxidants and probiotics. The formulations really vary from brand to brand, and you can choose something based on what you’re hoping to accomplish with your health.

I’ve personally tried and reviewed a large number of greens powders. I’m here to talk to you today about KOS Show Me the Greens and Bloom Greens.

Table Comparison of Bloom Greens vs KOS Greens

Green Powder



Prebiotic Blend



Green Apple Sorbey







Overview of KOS Show Me the Greens!

All it takes is just one minute a day for KOS Greens to change your life. When you consume a serving of this product, it stimulates your body’s natural detoxification process. It also boosts your energy level without having to turn to stimulants. With a very carefully chosen blend of ingredients, KOS Greens supports your entire internal ecosystem. You mix KOS right into a glass of water and drink it down. It blends very well and has a pleasant taste.

All of the ingredients in KOS Greens have been responsibly sourced. You won’t find anything artificial in this greens product. Only the best quality and most powerful ingredients are included. In addition to greens like wheat grass and spirulina, KOS has also added alkalizing vegetables into their product, such as broccoli, kale and bell pepper. Other natural ingredients include organic mint, lemon, apple and monk fruit.

The Greens Powder Formula

KOS Show Me the Greens! is broken down into four different proprietary formulas. The Organic Algae Superfood Blend contains 250 milligrams of chlorella and spirulina (both organic). The Organic Alkalizing Greens Blend is included at four grams per serving and contains wheatgrass and oat grass. The Organic Fruit and Veggie Blend consists of lemon, cabbage, kale, apple, broccoli and bell pepper at 3.25 grams per serving. Lastly, KOS has included an Organic Digestive Prebiotic Blend made from organic acacia gum and isolmalto-oligosaccharide.

What I Like

I think the flavor of this product is very refreshing. It doesn’t have that very earthy taste that a lot of greens powders do. The lemon and the apple come through quite a bit, but you can also taste the organic mint in there.

This is a completely vegan product. While I do consume animal products, I like when something nutritious like a greens powder is made using only the healthiest and most beneficial plant-based ingredients available.

What I Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the proprietary blends used in this product don’t disclose how much of each ingredient is included in a single serving. KOS is transparent enough to tell you what is in their product and blends, but they don’t break it down enough for my liking.

Also, KOS has added stevia to their product to sweeten it up a bit. Stevia can cause GI upset and headaches in some people.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase KOS Show Me the Greens! on the KOS website, which is located at The current price of a 28-serving container is $39.99 for a one-time purchase. Subscribing for monthly deliveries drops the cost down 15 percent, which is $33.99 per container.

Overview of Bloom Greens

Bloom Greens provides you with over thirty different nutrients sourced from things like organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, fiber and more. These ingredients can help you feel more energized, fight back against bloat, regulate your digestive system, fill in nutritional gaps and boost your immune system. This is one of the most delicious ways to get all of your vitamins.

superfood bloom greens

There are three main focuses of Bloom Greens. The benefits are broken down into:


Organic fruits and vegetables will provide you with nourishment that will help you feel energized all day long without the need for caffeine or other stimulating substances that often result in major energy crashes.

Gut Support

Digestive enzymes and probiotics (from dairy free sources) balance your delicate gut microbiome and helps aid in a smooth digestive process. These ingredients can also help with regularity, so you avoid things like constipation and diarrhea.

Immune Response

Antioxidants like barley grass, wheatgrass and spirulina will help your body’s natural ability to fight back against illness and pathogens.

The Greens Powder Formula

There are seven different proprietary blends included in Bloom Greens. Each contains its own selection of nutrient-rich ingredients. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of each.

  • The Fiber Blend consists of chicory root fiber, organic flax seed and apple powder.
  • The Green Superfood Blend is made up of 1,367 grams of barley grass powder, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa leaf powder and chlorella.
  • There are 648 milligrams of pre and probiotic ingredients, including agave inulin, bifidobacterium, lactobacillus rhamnosus and lactobacillus acidophilus.
  • The Fruit and Vegetable Blend in Bloom Greens contains carrot, beet, kale, blueberry, spinach, broccoli and ginger.
  • An impressive Antioxidant Beauty Blend contains cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, elderberry, tart cherry, goji berry, acai, horseradish tree leaf and match green leaf tea.
  • The Digestive Enzyme Blend boosts your digestive health by way of maltodextrin, amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase.
  • Lastly, Bloom’s adaptogenic blend is made up of 100 milligrams of licorice root, rhodiola root powder, ginseng root extract, ashwagandha and astragalus and eleuthero root powder.

What I Like

This is one of the purest greens powders that I’ve come across. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I’ve tried quite a few of them. All of the ingredients in each of the proprietary blends are natural and safe, coming from real sources. Nothing is artificial or made in a lab. The only additional ingredient that has been added into Bloom Greens is natural berry flavor. The brand even skipped the use of artificial sweeteners or non-organic flavors.

What I Don’t Like

As with many other brands that utilize their own blends of ingredients in order to produce results, Bloom Greens has chosen not to disclose how much of each ingredient is include in their formulation. They break their blends down into milligrams, but that’s all you know.

There are some additional flavors available for Bloom Greens. Some of them I prefer more than others. I wasn’t a big fan of the coconut variety, but I’m generally not interested in that flavor.

Lastly, a lot of companies are extending offers for consumers to save money by subscribing to monthly orders. Unfortunately, Bloom only offers a 10 percent discount with their subscription, which is definitely one of the lowest I’ve seen.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can currently purchase Bloom Greens by visiting the company’s website or purchasing on amazon. The price is $39.99 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe to save 10 percent on monthly shipments. This brings the price down to $35.99.

Comparing Greens Formulas

I really like the simplicity of KOS Greens. There are more blends included in the Bloom Greens variety, but I like the choices that KOS has made regarding their formulation. They’ve picked really nutritious ingredients that help fill in a lot of the nutrients that you’re likely missing each day, without the need for all kinds of items that you don’t need.

I like that KOS has included prebiotics in their product, which helps feed the beneficial bacteria that is inside of your gut. While Bloom has chosen to also include probiotics in their product, I like to source my probiotics elsewhere. I prefer than my greens supplement doesn’t contain it.

Comparing Taste

KOS Show Me the Greens! has a very refreshing flavor that isn’t too sweet. It definitely doesn’t have that artificial flavor that so many supplements have added into their products. I enjoy mixing it into a glass of water and drinking it. While I don’t mind the taste of Bloom Greens, I don’t necessarily love that they offer different flavors. For me personally, this is a supplement that I choose to drink down quickly in the morning. I don’t want to feel like I just consumed unnatural or overly flavored. It just doesn’t sit well in my stomach.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

The current cost of KOS Greens is $39.99 for a one-time purchase. This is the brand that offered a 15 percent discount if you wanted to subscribe and save for monthly deliveries. Bloom Greens costs $39.99 for a one-time purchase, with just the ability to save 10 percent with monthly deliveries.

Since the price of both these products is the same for a one-time purchase, I like to look at what’s actually in the product to determine its value. Bloom Greens has a longer list of ingredients, but I like what’s included in KOS a little better. As I mentioned, the probiotic blend is negligible in my opinion, since I like to take a separate probiotic product with all of the strains that I need.

Main Differences between KOS Greens and Bloom Greens

side by side KOs greens and bloom greens

We’ve established that the prices of these two products are the same for a one-time purchase. If you’re not concerned with value, let’s consider what you can achieve with the use of KOS Show Me the Greens! versus Bloom Greens. KOS markets their product as being an excellent option if you want to increase the amount of nutrients that you’re taking in, in order to boost your overall health. Bloom focuses more on gut health, energy and the body’s natural immune response by way of more than 30 different nutritional ingredients. KOS has less than 15 different ingredients in their formulation. That’s not necessarily a downside, however you’ll have to consider what nutrients you’re looking for in a product. I think KOS’ inclusions are plenty sufficient.

Which Is Better: Bloom Greens or KOS Greens?

If I had to choose between Bloom Greens and KOS Greens, I would opt for KOS Greens. That being said, Bloom Greens is also a product that I would recommend to my clients. KOS features a simple formulation, but it still provides impressive results by way of specific nutritional ingredients that have a lot of thought and science behind them. If you’re new to greens powders, then I would recommend that you start with something basic like KOS Show Me the Greens. If you still feel there are nutritional gaps that you need to address, or there are other aspects of your health that need to be improved upon (such as digestion), then I could understand upgrading to something like Bloom Greens. They’re both excellent products from reputable greens powder brands.

The Bottom Line

Greens powders are never supposed to replace a healthy diet, but they’re excellent additions to an already healthy lifestyle. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I like to encourage people to source additional nutrients from whole foods. That doesn’t have to mean you start eating all kinds of produce on a daily basis. Rather, you can use something like a greens powder to fill in all of the gaps that exist. In order to keep up with a routine like this, it helps to choose a product that tastes great. I this KOS Show Me the Greens and Bloom Greens are two excellent items that provide optimal nutrition at an affordable price point.

KOS Greens Powder

  • Whole food ingredients
  • Prebiotic blend
  • Tasty green apple flavor
  • 4.8/5 (200+ reviews)



Bloom Greens Powder

  • Whole food ingredients
  • Prebiotic blend
  • Tasty citrus flavor
  • 4.3/5 (1,000+ reviews)



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