lyfe fuel and huel meal replacement shakes

In this article, I'm going to compare and contrast two meal replacement shake supplements - LYFE Fuel Vs. Huel, to see which one is better for you.

Both LYFE Fuel and Huel claim to have the highest quality ingredients when it comes to creating nutrition shakes. They also have a pretty decent macronutrient profile.

But, can these shakes really replace a meal? What are the main differences between LYFE Fuel and Huel? And, which one is better?

I'll answer these questions, along with providing pros and cons of each meal replacement shake.

Let's go over The Hot Takes!

The Hot Takes of LYFE Fuel and Huel

  • The nutritional content in LYFE Fuel is based on the concept that there are approximately 40 essential micronutrients that you can consume, which will reduce your risk of chronic diseases that are associated with aging.
  • The LYFE Fuel nutrition shake only comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. The brand actually has a somewhat minimal product lineup.
  • Certain nutrients in LYFE Fuel are outlined with their specific doses, whereas there are a number of proprietary blends that don’t explain how much of each ingredient is included.
  • Huel has a good nutritional profile, but taste is definitely secondary with this product according to some reviews we’ve seen. Not all things that are healthy for you taste like milkshakes though.
  • Huel’s product can be used to help support your weight loss goals, but it’s not necessarily the best option if you’re looking for a weight loss specific product.
  • Huel’s original 3.0 powder has an impressive nutritional profile, containing protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, 27 different essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, kombucha, and pre- and probiotics.

Comparison Chart: Huel vs LYFE Fuel




Essential nutrients:



Calories per 100g:



Protein per 100g:



Carbs per 100g:



Fats per 100g:



Bone health (Vitamin D3 + K2):



Metabolism (CoQ10):


Brain health (Choline + B12):


Where to buy:

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LYFE Fuel Meal Replacement Shake at a Glance

LYFE stands for live your fullest every day, and their Daily Essentials Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake claims to do just that by providing you with more energy, brightening your mood and even providing you with weight loss support. Based on the concepts of quality, efficacy and sustainability, LYFE Fuel is branded as standing out from the competition when it comes to having a complete nutritional profile. Specific nutrients like vitamins A, C, D, E and K are included at doses that are below the daily recommended amount. Some people might prefer this, as it leaves room to obtain nutrients from other sources. If you’re looking for something that fulfills your daily requirements, you may need to look elsewhere. Essentially, LYFE Fuel is a great product if you just want to fill nutritional gaps in your diet.

There are also proprietary blends included in LYFE Fuel, such as an organic greens blend, a super berry blend, a probiotic blend and a digestive enzyme blend. Everything from LYFE Fuel is made in an FDA-registered facility and uses third-party lab testing to confirm quality and safety. Their products are minimally processed to help retain as much nutritional composition as possible.

lyfe fuel essential nutrition shake


LYFE Fuel Daily Essentials Nutrition Shake only comes in chocolate and vanilla chai. Flavor comes from natural sources as well as non-organic natural flavors. They use stevia leaf extract as a sweetener.


  • Minimally processed ingredients mean a higher-quality product and more nutrients overall.
  • Rich in protein thanks to a few different protein sources, such as pea protein, oat grass, wheat grass and sprouted brown rice powder (all plant-based).
  • LYFE Fuel claims that their meal replacement shake can provide some pretty substantial benefits that include increased energy, better digestion, healthy hair, skin and nails, better sleep, less stress and even thyroid support.
  • This product contains over 20,000% of your recommended intake of vitamin B12. It’s not likely you need this much.
  • You can save 20% on your purchase by subscribing to regular deliveries. This also unlocks free shipping.
  • A very specific drying process is used to remove water from whole foods without destroying any of the critical nutrients they include.


  • This product likely lacks some trace minerals, and the iron that comes from some of the whole food sources may not be absorbed well by the body. You may not get all of your essential nutrients from this one product.
  • This is definitely one of the more expensive products that I’ve come across in this genre. A one-time purchase is $74.90, which is for a 24-serving bag.

Huel Meal Replacement Shake at a Glance

Designed to replace your meals, Huel Meal Replacement Shakes contain essential nutrients that the brand claims will help you feel full, energized and motivated despite not eating some of your go-to meals. Huel also offers other products that are high in protein but low in calories, so you can still eat when you’re hungry without turning to something unhealthy. Their Huel 3.0 Powder contains all 27 essential vitamins and minerals along with things like phytonutrients, protein, carbs, and pre- and probiotics.

The way that Huel products are formulated is a bit different than LYFE’s powders. There aren’t any proprietary blends in Huel. They break down the nutritional details of their products with more exact amounts of everything inside. That being said, their products seem to include significantly simpler makeup. What is similar to LYFE Fuel is that each serving only contains a portion of your recommended daily allowance of each nutrient. Huel also provides macronutrient information for their products, which might be something you’re watching closely if you’re looking into a meal replacement shake in the first place.

huel essential shake


There are 10 flavors offered for Huel’s Meal Replacement Shake, with vanilla and chocolate being their most popular options. Other varieties include salted caramel, cinnamon roll, berry, banana, original, peanut butter and unflavored.


  • Contains plant-based protein from ingredients such as oats, brown rice and pea protein.
  • Does not contain any animal products.
  • Contains an impressive 30 grams of protein in each serving.
  • Has a smooth texture once mixed because of a new formulation that contains tapioca starch.
  • Huel has a pretty big product line that contains things like meal replacement shakes, protein, greens, bars and more.


  • It definitely lacks a lot of the whole food ingredients that you’ll find in other brands’ products (like LYFE Fuel).
  • The unflavored and unsweetened product doesn’t seem to have excellent reviews, but it might be something that you prefer if you want to mix it in with something like a fruit smoothie.
  • Contains non-organic natural flavors and sucralose.

Comparing Cost

It’s inevitable that we look at the cost of a product when trying to determine if something seems worth our money. In regard to LYFE Fuel versus Huel, Huel is cheaper. LYFE Fuel costs $74.90 for a one-time purchase of a 24-serving bag. Huel costs $83.34 for two bags. There are only 17 servings in each bag. The value might not be quite what you deserve if you’re considering Huel because of its lower cost.

Huel often forces you to purchase a minimum of two bags at one time, depending on what product you’re looking at. If this is your first time purchasing from them, this may very well turn you off from their brand. Their formulation isn’t quite as versatile as what LYFE Fuel offers, so it’s worth investing in LYFE’s product instead of Huel despite the higher price point.

Comparing Effectiveness

Let’s consider some of the product reviews for these brands in order to determine if they’re effective. LYFE Fuel has a 4.46-star rating out of 5 stars on the company’s website. Looking through the more than 350 reviews listed, people have found this meal replacement shake to be beneficial for their weight loss goals. Some people lost as much as 10 pounds in two months. It’s something that people use on a daily basis, and it’s well received because of how clean and healthy it is.

Huel has a pretty big client base, claiming that they have sold over 300 million meals to more than 100 countries. There are over 14,800 reviews available through Trustpilot. A lot of the reviews talk about how tasty the product is and how energized they feel after consuming it. It’s tough to find a lot of reviews that talk about how effective it was for weight loss.

Is LYFE Fuel and Huel Good for Losing Weight?

Both LYFE Fuel and Huel show promise for weight loss because of how they’re formulated. They both contain protein and are low in carbohydrates and fats. While they contain different ingredients and different nutritional profiles, you can use them both to help you lose weight. As long as you’re using these products along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you should see a difference in your progress once you get started.

Main Differences between LYFE Fuel and Huel

The ingredients included in each of these products are a bit different, as is the actual breakdown of nutrients. Huel contains more protein in each serving, but we really prefer what LYFE Fuel brings to the table with all of their healthy and nutritious plant-based ingredients. LYFE Fuel has really honed in on developing a quality product and doesn’t bother offering all kinds of flavors and additional products. What you need is all in one bag of their meal replacement powder.

Which is Better, Huel or LYFE Fuel?

It should always be about quality and value when you’re shopping for something that you’re going to put into your body. LYFE Fuel has an excellent nutritional profile, providing your body with everything that it needs to thrive, even if you’re replacing one of your traditional meals with this product. A great deal of time has gone into developing the different proprietary blends in LYFE Fuel, ensuring that ingredients have been added that will provide whole-body support whether you’re focused on weight loss or not. Our winner is LYFE Fuel Daily Essentials Nutrition Shake.


  • Each bag contains approximately 24 meals
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Chai flavors
  • 4.46/5 star rating (360+ reviews)




  • Each bag contains approximately 22 meals
  • Vanilla & Chocolate flavors
  • 4.4/5 star rating (14,000+ reviews)



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