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mary ruth's review of vitamins and supplements

I was approached by Mary Ruth Organics a few months ago to try their line of organic vitamins and supplements and I immediately said yes. I am a big proponent of health and nutrition and making sure I’m feeling my best.

Mary Ruth offers a complete line of organic vitamins for the whole family, which immediately sparked my interest since I have two little ones and I want to make sure they get what they need, too.

After trying out several products from this brand, I’ve decided to write a complete review of the company, its products, and my personal thoughts, and results with Mary Ruth products.

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owner Mary of Mary Ruth's Organics and logo

Logo (left) and Founder (right)

What is Mary Ruth Organics?

MaryRuth’s is an organic vitamin and supplement brand that creates clean, healthy supplements for the whole family.

Created by Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef MaryRuth and her mother, Colleen in 2014. Their mission was to create healthy, nutritious vitamins and supplements that they would feel good about giving to their own family. In doing so, they committed to also treating their customers like family, giving them the care and exception service and products they deserve.

They offer non-GMO, plant-based, vegan products with the fewest number of allergens possible. They use the highest quality ingredients possible to formulate products that are both extremely healthy and great tasting.

what i take from mary ruth's supplements

What Kinds of Vitamins Do They Offer?

  • Multis
  • Probiotics
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Care
  • Sprays & Drops
  • Herbals 
  • Enzyme Capsules 
  • Gummies
  • Face & Body Care

MaryRuth Organics For Kids

One of my favorite things about this brand is that they have vitamins and supplements that are great for the whole family, including a complete line of children’s vitamins. Since the start of COVID-19, parents have been searching for the best way to support and boost their child’s immunity, and Mary Ruth is responding to the demand with their unique line of kids’ vitamins.

kid's multivitamins from Mary Ruth's Organics

mary ruths kids organics vitamins bundle

Many of their most popular formulas are perfect for kids and adults alike. For example, their immunity gummies are one of their most popular products right now and they are recommended for ages 3 and up. This is one of the formulas I buy and my 4-year-old son takes them, too (and he loves them!).

But they also have specified supplements designed to address the most pertinent nutritional needs of children including, natural focus and attention drops for kids and vitamin C drops for infants. One thing that I absolutely love about MaryRuth’s products is that they are either very low in sugar or sugar-free. With so many “healthy vitamins” out there that are loaded with sugar, most products are nothing more than glorified candy, which is not the best way to fuel kids.

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Reviews of Mary Ruth Organics: What Are Customers Saying Online About This Supplement Brand?

According to, there are 21,394 reviews of MaryRuth Organics. After reviewing hundreds of online reviews of MaryRuth’s, I discovered that the majority of customers are thrilled with their diverse product line. One happy customer reported:

“Mary Ruth Organics has the best supplements. I have used their supplements for my entire family for a few months already and will continue to shop there. My children used to have severe constipation until we started giving them probiotics from Mary Ruth Organics. We've used probiotics from other leading brands, but nothing compares to this company's brand. They have a great return policy. If you don't like a product, you can contact them and they will go ABOVE and BEYOND to support to resolve your issues.

I purchase a lot of products online and have dealt with many companies with their customer service. Mary Ruth Organics by far, EXCEEDS all the customer care support I've received. They truly care about their clients and it manifests by the swift service they provide. You will NOT be disappointed.”

There are only a handful of negative reviews, all of which had to do with some of the ingredients found in the liquid multivitamins. However, a MaryRuth representative responded to all complaints, offering a full refund to anyone who was disappointed, which shows me that they care about customer satisfaction and will do what it takes to make it right.

My Review

vitamins and supplement from mary ruth's

I have used several of MaryRuth’s formulas to date and am a big fan. My two favorite supplements so far are the Immunity gummies and collagen gummies.

Everyone in my family takes the immunity gummies! First, they are so tasty that it easily gives me a sweets fix and my kids love them. Second, They are filled with the nutrients we need to keep our bodies and immune systems strong during this time.

Especially now that my son is back to preschool, I am doing anything I can to make sure he is a strong, healthy, and nourished as possible so he can fight off any sickness. I’ve also been taking the collagen gummies for about two months now and I swear my hair has grown exponentially! In addition to my hair and nails growth, I am also noticing a difference in my skin - it’s been clearer and brighter!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many wonderful MaryRuth products that it’s difficult to break down each one in this article, but what I can do is give you some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers so that you have a better understanding of the brand before you head to their site to make a purchase.

Q: What are the benefits of a liquid multivitamin?

A: You’ll notice that a number of Mary Ruth Organics vitamins come in liquid form, this is because there are many studies on the bioavailability of liquid supplements when compared to capsules. In general, liquids are more bioavailable than capsules and may have up to a 97% absorption rate, compared with a capsules 3%. Additionally, many people find that liquid vitamins are much easier to take than large capsules. 

Q: Are all MaryRuth products vegan?

A: Yes, all of their supplements are vegan. However, they do have a few products in their Face & Body product line that contains beeswax and/or honey. 

Q: How much is shipping?

A: You can get free shipping on all orders over $50. For orders less than $50, a flat-rate of $5.99 applies. 

Q: How much do their supplements cost?

A: I find that the MaryRuth’s line is very comparable in price to most other vitamins on the market, but they offer much better ingredients, so it’s an even better value. For example, their Liquid Morning Multivitamin is $39.95 and their immunity gummies are $26.95. You can save 20% off your first order with Mary Ruth's coupon code: FITHEALTHY

Q: Can I subscribe and save/have my vitamins delivered automatically?

A: Yes! In fact, I highly recommend you do that so that you don’t ever run out of your vitamins. You can choose to have your supplements delivered every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Q: What’s MaryRuth’s return policy?

A: MaryRuth Organics has a very generous return policy, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product, they will refund you money and let you keep the product!

Q: How can I get in touch with customer service?

A: With 24-hour customer care, you can get in touch with someone at the company anytime, which is very reassuring, especially when we’re talking about supplements that affect your health and body. You can reach the company via phone, email, or through secure website messaging.

Final Thoughts: Is MaryRuth Organics Legit?

my mary ruth's vitamins and supplements

MaryRuth Organics is in fact a legitimate nutrition company that offers exceptionally formulated, vegan vitamins and supplements designed to meet the nutritional needs of the whole family.

From their messaging to their ingredients list, it’s clear that the team at MaryRuths is dedicated to bettering the lives of their customers by offering clean, healthy, and delicious supplement solutions.

My family and I love their products and will continue to use them, especially when our health is of the utmost concern. They not only have great products, but their customer service and support are amazing as well, which is a true sign of a great D2C nutrition brand. 

You can shop at Mary Ruth's here and use coupon code FITHEALTHY for 20% Off!

Take Your Health To The Next Level!

If your decision is to not go with Mary Ruth's, that's totally fine, or, if you do decide to go with Mary Ruth's supplements, I cannot stress enough the importance of also eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise in to make the most of the supplement you purchase.

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  • Exploring Mary Ruth Organics opened my eyes to the world of organic, non-GMO supplements. Beyond Mary Ruth, I’ve discovered brands like Raw Science, Garden of Life, and NOW Foods, each with their unique strengths. Raw Science impresses with science-backed formulations, Garden of Life offers whole food-based supplements for comprehensive nutrition, and NOW Foods is renowned for its affordability and extensive quality assurance. These brands share a commitment to purity and health, enriching my wellness journey with a variety of options tailored to different health needs and preferences.

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