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primal greens vs morning complete

Over the course of the day, our busy lifestyles make it incredibly difficult to ensure that we’re getting all of the essential nutrients that our bodies need. Even with the best meal planning, many people are deficient in things like iron, B vitamins, calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin deficiencies can result in things like fatigue, a weakened immune system and even mental health changes. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re focusing on nutrition each and every day.

Even working as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, I have had plenty of days where I struggle to eat when I should and eat the foods that I should be eating. Multivitamins are one way to fill in the gaps, but greens powders are another option that taste good and are really good for you. There are many similarities between multivitamins and greens powders - the most popular being getting vitamins and nutrients in one serving.

I’ve tried a number of varieties over the years, but this article is going to focus on two popular options: Activated You’s Morning Complete Daily Wellness Drink and Primal Greens from Primal Harvest.

What Makes a Great Superfood Greens Powder?

When you’re looking for an excellent superfood greens powder, there are a few different things to look out for. Essentially, you want to find a supplement that is going to provide you with as many nutrients as possible, from whole food ingredients, herbs and other natural ingredients.

You’ll notice that greens brands will market their products a few different ways. Some products are designed to boost your gut health, while others focus more on providing you with a natural boost in energy or a better immune response. Some brands even design their greens powder that will taste the best. You may have something in mind that you want to accomplish, otherwise you should look for a product that provides multiple essential nutrients for overall health and wellbeing.

Also, pay close attention to the brand that manufactures the greens powder you’re considering. There should be plenty of information available regarding how their product is made, where the ingredients are sourced, third-party lab testing that is used to confirm quality and an explanation of benefits. If you’re finding it’s difficult to find these details, move on to another option.

Comparison Table of Primal Greens Vs. Morning Complete

Greens Powder







4.8/5 (tasted like Iced Tea)

4.8/5 (1,000+ reviews)



4.1/5 (hard to drink)

4.8/5 (Over 1,000 reviews)

Overview of Morning Complete

daily wellness drink Morning Complete

Morning Complete from the brand Activated You, is a daily wellness drink that features a custom blend of ingredients that are designed to support things like digestive function, energy, metabolism, liver function, cellular function and more. It even has a positive impact on your mood and can keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy and consistent level. There are eight different proprietary blends in Morning Complete, which we’ll take a more in-depth look at below.

At any point during the day (a lot of people start their day with greens powder), you mix a scoop of Morning Complete into a glass of water or any liquid you choose. It dissolves pretty quickly, providing you with an ultra-nutritious beverage. All of the products at Activated You go through a very involved third-party testing process to ensure they are pure and safe.

The Formula

There are eight different blends of ingredients in Morning Complete. Here’s a look at their breakdown.

Green Superfoods Blend

Activated You’s Green Superfoods Blend is made up of extremely nutritious vegetables like kale and spinach. It’s designed to increase the amount of nutrients that you’re taking in, while also boosting your overall wellness.

Metabolic Blend

Designed to help you maintain a healthy body weight, the metabolic blend includes metabolism-boosting ingredients like turmeri

Cellular Function and Liver Support Blend

Help your body perform at optimal levels thanks to this cellular function and liver support blend, featuring gymnema sylvestre leaf extract.

Prebiotic Fiber Blend

Prebiotics are essentially food that can help the beneficial bacteria in your gut flourish. This specific blend contains a very high-fiber prebiotic that helps you create a more diverse microbiome.

Adaptogen Blend

Adaptogens like rhodiola rosea root extract and astragalus root extract help your body deal with stress on a day-to-day basis.

Antioxidant Blend

Lycium berry, pomegranate fruit extract and polygonum cuspidatum root extract boost your antioxidant intake to protect your health as you age.

Probiotic Blend

There are nine different strains of probiotics included, each designed to better populate your digestive system with beneficial bacteria.

What I Like

I’ve seen a lot of greens powder brands include probiotics in their formulation, but I never felt like there was a thorough enough blend included that I felt like I could skip my other probiotic formula. I like the strains that are included in Morning Complete. I also appreciate that they have included prebiotics in their product, to help feed those beneficial bacteria that you’ve added back into your gut microbiome.

Blendjet next to morning complete superfoods

What I Don’t Like

There is green tea leaf extract included in this product, so there is caffeine in it. That being said, it wasn’t enough that I really noticed. You personally may want to take this product first thing in the morning to see if it affects you at all.

I wish they would have skipped the non-organic natural flavors. Their product already has monk fruit extract in it as a natural sweetener. It probably would have been fine with just that.

Cost and Where to Buy Morning Complete

You can visit the Activated You website, located at, if you’re interested in buying Morning Complete. It is available on the website for $79 for one jar. You can save 10 percent by purchasing three jars, and six jars drops the price down to $403 total.

You can also purchase Morning Complete off Amazon. The company warns on their website that their products are sometimes listed on third-party websites like, but they cannot guarantee that those are authentic. It’s recommended that you don’t purchase through those retailers.

Overview of Primal Harvest Greens

table with a bag of primal greens

Primal Harvest has a Primal Greens product that contains a wide variety of superfoods. It’s made up of four different blends, including a superfood complex, antioxidant and mushroom blend, herbs / extracts and probiotics (3.5 billion CFUs to be exact). Among the four blends, there are more than 50 different ingredients included. They have been specifically chosen to help with things like a healthy immune response, digestion, energy and performance.

Primal Harvest Primal Green can be paired with any of the other Primal Harvest supplements, including collagen, multivitamins and more. This product is made according to very strict quality standards in a GMP-certified facility. Third-party testing is also used to confirm its quality.

The Formula

The base of Primal Greens includes a few specific nutrients, such as vitamins C, E, B12, zinc and copper. After that, the four proprietary blends are added in. The superfood, antioxidant and mushroom blends include ingredients such as alfalfa, cabbage, spinach, spirulina, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, blueberries, Brussels sprouts, orange and pomegranate.

The herb and extra blend is pretty extensive and nutritious, including things like acacia gum, acerola cherry extract, green tea leaf, cinnamon bark, ginseng and ashwagandha to help your body handle daily stress, decrease inflammation and promote blood flow throughout the body. The digestive complex added into Primal Greens includes apple fiber, inulin, amylase, protease and lipase. There is also a probiotic strain included, with 22.5 milligrams of probiotics added (three strains in total).

What I Like

I love that you’re getting access to more than 50 different superfoods when you use Primal Harvest’s Primal Greens. There are also 3.5 billion CFUs of probiotics and digestive enzymes included in this product, helping you keep your GI system balanced and healthy. This is a component that a lot of greens powders either skip over, or they don’t have a very full probiotic profile included.

mixed glass of primal greens next to a bag of primal greens in powder form

What I Don’t Like

Green tea leaf extract is also included in this product, which can result in caffeine consumption.

Cost and Where to Buy Primal Greens

The current cost of Primal Greens is $49.95 for a single, 30-serving bag of product. You can purchase this product directly off the Primal Harvest website, which is located at

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

The more affordable option is definitely Primal Greens. Seeing as how there are more than 50 different beneficial ingredients included in Primal Harvest’s greens powder, I would have to say that it provides you with an excellent overall value. It takes into account whole body health, but there’s also the digestive aspect to this product that really makes it worth the investment.

Morning Complete has a very diverse profile of ingredients as well, and I definitely recommend it as a nutritionist and personal trainer. However, it has a high price point compared to some of the other greens powders on the market.

Comparing Taste

I’ve tried a lot of greens powders over the years, and I have to say that a lot of them really lack when it comes to flavor and taste. Both Morning Complete and Primal Greens have a pretty decent flavor profile, but I personally prefer Primal Greens. It has a very natural flavor, but I don’t feel like it has to be masked by a smoothie or juice. It’s pleasant enough that you can drink it in a glass of water. I prefer to skip any kind of artificial flavors or strong, sweet additives, so Primal Harvest is definitely my favorite (It tastes like Iced Tea).

Comparing Formulas

Taking a look at the actual formulas for these two greens powders, I like how Primal Greens has structured their product. They have a lot of nutrients coming from whole foods, whereas Morning Complete offers nutritional support, but it’s more from things like green tea, turmeric, astragalus root extract and cinnamon bark. Personally, when I’m taking a greens supplement, I want there to be as many whole foods as possible in each dose.

Both brands have chosen to break down their products into different blends. They both include information regarding how much of each blend is inside a serving size of greens powder, but you don’t know how much of each ingredient is included.

Main Differences between Primal Greens and Morning Complete

The price stands out to me as the main difference between Primal Greens and Morning Complete. They both offer reasonable value, but Morning Complete is definitely the more expensive option. I don’t necessarily get the impression that a person needs to spend more on Morning Complete in order to get a nutritious product. Primal Harvest is more affordable, and you get over 50 different nutritious and delicious ingredients in every serving.

Morning complete to the right and primal greens to the left

Which Is Better: Primal Greens or Morning Complete?

I’ve given you my personal opinion on this product, but it also helps to look at the real customer ratings and reviews that are listed on a company’s website. Primal Greens has a 4.9 star rating out of five stars on the Primal Harvest website. They also have over 400 reviews listed on their page, with many customers raving about how much better they feel after using Primal Greens for a short period of time.

Morning Complete currently has a 4.8 star rating out of five stars. There are a lot more ratings and reviews included, with over 1,750 reviews listed. However, Primal Harvest is a very reputable brand that I’ve been recommending to my Wellness for Womanhood community for a number of years. I trust their products, and think Primal Greens is one of the best greens powders on the market right now.


A lot of people don’t realize or appreciate all of the different processes that are taking place throughout the body on a daily basis. In order for the body to function efficiently and remain healthy, essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, D, K, B complex, iron, folate and potassium are imperative. Primal Greens as well as Morning Complete both offer easy access to many of these nutrients, so you can ensure that your body is getting what it needs regardless of what your diet looked like that day.

Primal Greens

  • Probiotic blend
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Energy nutrients
  • Tastes like Iced Tea



Morning Complete

  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Energy nutrients
  • Expensive
  • Not a great taste



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