posted: March 28, 2022

updated: November 20, 2023

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FLO ovarian support capsules on table

Finally, some dedicated support for our ovaries! OPositiv’s newest vitamin, Ovarian Support, is designed to help women support their ovaries, fertility, and menstrual cycle with a simple, yet clinically shown formula.

I find it interesting that OPositiv doesn’t mention anything about helping with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), despite the fact that this vitamin is clearly engineered to assist with the exact symptoms of it. This could be a legal thing- not sure! 

But as someone who has PCOS, I was very excited to see this new product and to try it for myself. In this article, I’m sharing my honest review and feedback on OPositiv Ovarian Support capsules.

Hot Takes From My Opositiv Ovarian Review

  • OPositiv is a women’s wellness brand that has an ever-expanding list of unique products and vitamins to help women feel their best throughout all stages of womanhood.
  • The ingredients inside Ovarian Support have been clinically shown to improve ovarian function and health.
  • There aren’t a bunch of other ingredients added to this product, making this a big plus for me.
  • The cost is pretty standard, even slightly lower than competing supplements.
  • OPositiv can be a little racy with their ads, but as someone who has tried and tested many products from them, I can attest to the fact that they do work.
  • OPositiv offers a 60-day happiness guarantee on their products in the chance that they do not work for you.
  • I am not sure if OPositiv does 3rd-party testing, the information I have found is unclear.

What Is FLO Ovarian Support?

product - FLO Ovarian Support Vitamins

Ovarian Support vitamins by OPositiv are a part of the FLO line of women’s health products. FLO PMS Gummies has become one of the most popular PMS relief supplements of all time, and this new addition to the lineup only further supports ovarian and menstrual health.

There are 3 key ingredients in FLO Ovarian Support:

  1. Myo-Insoitol & D-Chiro-Inositol
  2. Diindolylmethane (DIM)
  3. Folic Acid

All of these ingredients are shown to promote healthy ovarian function. There are no other vitamins or minerals added to this formula, which is amazing to see as many supplements include far too many ingredients, thereby increasing the risks for over-supplementation and adverse side effects.

How It Works

OPositiv takes a three-pronged approach to helping to balance your homes and improve ovary function. They aim to do the following with the clinically shown ingredients:


Your ovaries as a female is where a lot of hormonal things happen. For some women, those with PCOS in particular, their ovaries will produce too much testosterone. This can cause an irregular cycle, weight fluctuations, and excess hair growth. FLO Ovarian Support helps by infusing your body with DIM and inositols to help balance hormones and maintain homeostasis.

Body Fat

Hormone levels can directly impact your metabolism and therefore your body’s propensity to hold onto fat. The DIM and inositols inside Ovarian Support can help to manage hormonal weight fluctuations when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine. 

Blood Sugar

Your ovarian health and blood sugar levels go hand in hand. By supporting healthy blood sugar levels, you’ll also be supporting your ovaries to promote better hormone balance. This is achieved through the Myo-Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol, both of which are included with this formula and have been shown to potentially help with blood sugar level maintenance.

On a personal experience note. I have noticed that when I am taking myo inositol and d-chiro inositol, my PCOS symptoms tend to be far less severe, so I am thrilled to see these included with this formula.

supplement facts

Who Is This Product a Good Fit For?

Honestly, I am surprised that this product is not being marketed to those who have PCOS as I would highly recommend this for those like myself who do. While OPositiv doesn’t come out and say this is for PCOS, they do advise that this product is a good fit for the following populations of women:

  • Those who wish to have more consistent and comfortable periods.
  • Those who wish to balance out their testosterone levels.
  • Those who have experienced unexpected weight gain that’s related to hormones.
  • Those who value reproductive health, whether planning to conceive or not.

My Experience With Ovarian Support

holding ovarian support

As I am writing this article, I have only just begun taking FLO Ovarian Support so I am unable to report any concrete results with you yet. However, based on my past experience with the ingredients inside this product, I am hopeful that I experience some positive results as far as my hormonal symptoms go.

OPositiv recommends that you take Ovarian Support for a minimum of 90 days to see full results, which is pretty typical of any supplement, however, you might begin to see some changes within 2 weeks of consistent use.

One thing that I really love about OPositiv is that they make really good gummy supplements, so I’d love to see this product in a gummy just to make it more fun to take! That said, I do recognize that gummies aren’t always the best choice for supplements, what’s important is that it works.

Update after taking 2 bottles of FLO Ovarian Support

After going through 2 bottles of FLO Ovarian Support, I have noticed that my cycles are more regular now. I answered a comment about my updated results (check at the end of this article) and also wanted to add more context. My lifestyle habits are also consistent - I workout on a regular basis, I eat super healthy and I get plenty of sleep. I've been doing this for over a year now.

Although I cannot pin point that FLO Ovarian Support is the only reason why I'm getting regular periods now, I'm thinking that this product is working for me because I'm also choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I’m very excited to keep taking Ovarian Support from FLO and see how my body responds. I live an active, healthy lifestyle that includes eating nutrient-dense, macro-balanced foods, and a strength training regime.

OPositiv products have worked for me in the past, so my hope is that this one will, too! If you’re someone who is struggling with hormonal issues relating to your menstrual cycle, I recommend looking into this product and potentially giving it a try, with your doctor’s consent, of course.

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    • Hey Suzanne, I bought two of these and went through both of them. I feel like it has helped regulate my cycle. For more context though, it could also be from me changing my lifestyle habits as I workout regularly, I eat super healthy now and I prioritize getting enough sleep. I’ve been really frustrated over the past couple years not getting a consistent cycle and it messes my hormones up bad. So, this was something I was willing to try.

  • I just started this week and have experienced cramps and spotting. Did this happen to you? If so did it stop at any point?

    • I just started and I got extremely sick over the weekend, nausea, severe weakness almost passing out, jittery, one of the worst migraines (and I get them often) – this it only thing new so I’m terrified this was the reason.

      • Same experience with this – migraine so severe and throwing up – tested to make sure it was the supplements – took 2 weeks off and then took again and instantly had migraine and throwing up again – this is clearly not for me! Glad it seems to be helping others though

    • 2 days after I begin taking them, my period started and have had it for 5 days now, I just had it 2 weeks ago! I’m hoping it stops and that this is normal. Otherwise I don’t feel any different, good or bad.

  • Ty for your review! I was going back and forth on my decision because sometimes the social media reviews can be fake. But I have been on Flo for a week now and excited to see if my symptoms get less severe.

  • Have you experienced any side effects, like flatulence? I have been taking for 3 days and noticed a marked increase. Thanks.

  • I’ve been taking it for two months now, I get my period early; The strange thing is that I had a period that was too short, and I almost didn’t bleed. I didn’t use sanitary pads, my bleeding was somewhat light. but after it was gone, now my belly hurts/ and well, I am in doubt if it is normal or mine, in my case I am married and I decided to take these capsules because I want to be a mother and my hormone levels are very altered but for the At the moment I have that heaviness in my belly/ I hope this is for the best

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