seed and provitalize together

So, you've narrowed it down to Seed Daily Synbiotic and Provitalize?

These two probiotics (well, Seed is a Probiotic + Prebiotic combination) are really starting to get popular right now. Most likely you've seen them across your fakebook or Instagram feed a bunch of times.

Both probiotic supplements can be beneficial for women, as Provitalize and Seed each have their own unique formula featuring clinically studied probiotic strains ultimately designed to improve your gut health.

The nutritionist in me looks at these supplements as gut health supplements. I highly recommend you stay away from, or don't get too attached to, any weight loss claims that either of the supplements have. That being said, losing weight the healthy way will always consist of eating a healthy diet and following a challenging fitness program.

One of the reasons why I like probiotic supplements like Seed and Provitalize is that you can use them as a tool to boost gut health and weight loss results. If you decide to buy one or the other, you should also consider adopting a healthy diet and workout plan.

Let's get started with comparing Provitalize versus Seed to see which probiotic is better for women.

Are All Probiotics the Same?

There are many different strains of probiotics, with a large number of probiotic products being sold online, in grocery stores and in health food stores. Unfortunately, not all probiotics are the same. This can make it difficult to choose something that you know will be beneficial for your body and what you’re trying to achieve. Not only do certain probiotic species have unique benefits, but you need to ensure that a product is made properly. This helps retain the potency of the probiotic strains, so they are ultra-effective once they enter your body.

While some probiotic products may be very beneficial, they might not be what your body needs. Consider products that can provide you with peace of mind in regard to the viability of the probiotics included. A company should be doing ample research to determine if the strains they are using are the best option. There is also the component of making sure that a probiotic isn’t going to break down prematurely in the gut. It needs to survive up until it arrives in the upper and lower intestines.

Head-to-Head: Seed Vs. Provitalize




Probiotic strains:





53.6 Billion AFU

68.2 Billion CFU

Dual Capsule for Optimal Absorption:




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About Provitalize Probiotics

probiotics provitalize bottle

Provitalize Probiotics have been developed based on years of research. The Better Body Co. is the creator of this product, and they are extremely dedicated to helping people find relief from a number of menopause-related issues. Provitalize Probiotics is a capsule-based product that benefits your gut health and helps you balance your hormones. Menopause-related weight gain is something that many women deal with in their 40s and 50s, and Provitalize can make it easier to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and fight back against bloating. Containing several different bacterial strains along with nutrients and extracts,

What’s Inside the Formula?

Three lab grown strains of probiotics are included in the formulation for Provitalize. This includes:


This is a thermogenic probiotic strain that has been extensively studied for its weight loss benefits. L.Gasseri can help reduce the amount of fat that exists around the middle section of the body. It also helps prevent belly fat that is traditionally caused by menopausal hormone fluctuations.


B.Breve is a thermogenic probiotic strain that helps to naturally reduce the amount of fat on the body by way of boosting the body’s natural metabolic response. This strain of probiotic can also decrease inflammation in the body.


Beneficial for helping you maintain a healthy BMI and keeping your weight under control, B.Lactis is a thermogenic probiotic strain in Provitalize that can also lower your cholesterol and reduce inflammation.


Turmeric has been added to Provitalize thanks to its phytoestrogen properties. Offering anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric can help alleviate bloating, weight gain and even joint pain associated with fluctuations in female hormones. The highly potent turmeric in this product is standardized to 95% curcuminoids.

Moringa Leaf

The leaves of the moringa tree contain many beneficial minerals and vitamins that can improve your metabolism, reduce inflammation and alleviate hot flashes.

Curry Leaf

Curry leaf is very high in nutrients like phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C and E. It can support healthy cholesterol levels in the blood, regulate your blood sugar levels and boost your gut health.

The Team behind Provitalize

Provitalize has been created and manufactured by The Better Body Company. Made up of a team of problem solvers, formulators and health experts, the brand’s mission is to create a new method of creating supplements. By targeting gut health before other symptoms and issues, millions of people have found benefits from Provitalize and other products from The Better Body Company. Their products help you meet your dietary goals, reduce bloating, lose weight, achieve optimal gut health and even boost your mental health. Provitalize and other products from the brand are manufactured at a GMP-certified facility.

About Seed Daily Synbiotic

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is a broad-spectrum supplement that has been formulated with 24 different strains of probiotics and prebiotics. It has been formulated for systemic health, taking into account the need for the potency to be sustained regardless of stomac acid, enzymes, moisture and heat.

Seed Labs believes that microbes are an incredibly important part of our past and future. As one of the earliest inhabitants of the planet, these microbes can be used for probiotic supplements and as treatments for a number of diseases and environmental interventions. This is a brand that cares immensely about the products that people are putting into their bodies, but also the longevity of the planet.

What’s Inside the Formula?

The DS-01 Daily Synbiotic from Seed is intended for adults over the age of 18. It includes:

  • A digestive health, gut immunity and gut barrier probiotic blend that provides 37 billion AFUs from 16 different probiotic strains.
  • A dermatological blend of probiotics, containing 3.30 billion AFUs from for different strains.
  • A cardiovascular blend of two strains, at 5.25 billion AFUs.
  • A micronutrient synthesis probiotic blend at 8.05 billion AFUs, consisting of two different probiotic strains.
  • Microbiota-Accessible Polyphenolic Precursors made from Indian pomegranate at 400 milligrams.

The Team behind Seed

Seed is a community that focuses on the Earth’s ecology in addition to human health. The research team behind Seed Daily Synbiotic and SeedLabs have been tasked with developing novel applications of bacteria to enhance biodiversity. In addition to the development of daily probiotic supplements for both adults and children, Seed Labs has developed methods of reducing plastics in the environment. They have also developed probiotics to improve the resilience of honeybee immunity. This protects the bee population from pesticides, disease and climate change. The same concept is being used to create a more resilient coral ecosystem.

The scientific board at Seed Labs is made up of scientists, researchers, doctors and authors that work in the fields of microbiology, immunology, genetics, metabolomics, gastroenterology, pediatrics and molecular biology. They even have experts on their team that participate in the NIH’s Human Microbiome Project. Not only do they manufacture and sell a fantastic probiotic supplement, but they also run labs and teach at some of the world’s most renowned academic institutions.

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Comparing Dual Capsule Technology

Seed uses a dual capsule technology that encompasses probiotic and prebiotic supplements into one product. The prebiotic outer capsule formulation includes punicalagins from Indian pomegranate to produce powerful metabolites that are beneficial to human health when consumed. It helps creates a more diverse microbiome, especially when taken with a probiotic blend. The probiotic inner capsule consists of scientifically and clinically studied strains that have been bio fermented in Europe.

Comparing Probiotic Formulas

Provitalize contains three popular strains of probiotics. These strains are essential for gut health and female health. However, the formulation of Seed Daily Synbiotic contains an impressive 24 strains of probiotics. That’s in addition to the prebiotic that has been included in the outer capsule of the product.

If you’re looking for a probiotic formulation that is specifically geared towards female health and menopause-related symptoms, then Provitalize will suffice. However, Seed provides you with a very versatile product that encompasses whole-body health. GI health, hormones, mood, lowering your cholesterol and balancing your blood sugar levels are just some of the benefits you can achieve from Seed Synbiotic.

Comparing Cost and Value

The cost of Provitalize Weight Management Probiotic is currently $49 for a one-time purchase. The price drops down to $41.65 if you subscribe for regular deliveries. The cost of Seed is $49.99 per month. If you take into account the formulations of each of these products, it’s easy to spot which brand is providing the better value. Provitalize only contains three probiotics in addition to three other main ingredients. Obtaining 24 different probiotic strains through Seed at roughly the same price point makes it a better option in regard to cost and value.

Main Differences between Seed and Provitalize

I see the biggest difference between Seed and Provitalize as being the number of health benefits that you can achieve with these two products. Because of the much more diverse probiotic profile of Seed, you can really target whole-body health using their formulation. I see Provitalize as being very beneficial is weight gain and hormone-related symptoms are your concern. I like to get the most out of the products I purchase, so I would opt for Seed Daily Synbiotic.

Which Probiotic is Better: Provitalize or Seed?

Both Provitalize by The Better Body Company and Seed from Seed Labs are exceptional products. A great deal of information has been obtained by research and studies, to determine what the best formulas are in order to help customers achieve the best version of themselves that they can. Personally, I would favor the use of Seed. Not only can you use it to support your weight loss goals and improve your hormone-related symptoms, but it’s something that’s going to benefit your entire body on the inside and outside.

Closing Remarks

Probiotics are something that should be part of a woman’s daily routine. There are strains of bacteria that can promote a healthy vagina, gut, balanced hormones and a healthy BMI. I understand how overwhelming it can be to try and choose a probiotic supplement. With more than 500 different probiotic species available, it seems nearly impossible to know where to start.

I appreciate the amount of research that has gone into the development of Seed Daily Synbiotic, as well as Provitalize Probiotic. As someone who cares a great deal about their health and wellness, I love how versatile Seed is. It covers so many different aspects of my health, and it’s affordable to purchase on a monthly basis.

Shop at Provitalize here!

Shop at Seed here and use coupon code FHM15 for 15% off your first order!

Which ever one you choose, come back and let us know how it went so we can help more women decide on the better choice!

Combine Probiotics With a Healthy Diet!

Whether you decide to go with Seed or Provitalize, you should strongly consider changing your diet (if you are already on a healthy meal plan, keep up the great work)! We created a free macro-friendly weekly meal plan to help you get started, which we send out every Friday and features 3 new recipes per week!

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  • Thx for this. Have been using Seed for a month and the results range from a bit less bloating, much more energy on day 1 and wonderful deep sleep. But I keep seeing the ads for Provitalize and started wondering.
    Finding your comparison has put my mind at ease. I’ll stick with Seed.
    I’m a healthy 71 old female who is on no medications, swims & walks regularly and eats a very well rounded diet of organic fresh foods.

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