posted: March 16, 2023

updated: February 2, 2024

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our experience with seed kids probiotic

Raising two kids with their unique health quirks is both a joy and a challenge. My daughter's occasional digestive hiccups and my son's need for consistent energy levels had me continuously searching for ways to support their well-being. When I stumbled upon the benefits of an adult synbiotic, it sparked a question: Could there be a pediatric counterpart that could cater to my children's specific needs?

This curiosity paved the way for a 60-day exploration with Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic. In this article, I'll detail our week-by-week experiences, sharing the highs, the lows, and the invaluable insights gained as a mother committed to her children's health.

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Our Experience With Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic

How Did I Find It?

I first discovered Seed when I began using their adult Synbiotic for myself. The positive changes I experienced were undeniable. So, when I learned they had a pediatric version, Seed Kids Synbiotic, it felt like a natural choice to want the same goodness for my children. It was a chance for them to potentially benefit in the same way I did. After all, as a mom, I'm always on the lookout for ways to boost my kids' health.

Why Did I Want My Kids To Try It?

After experiencing the positive effects of Seed's adult Synbiotic firsthand, I thought it might be the solution for my daughter's ongoing digestive challenges. She often complained about her tummy, and I was eager to find a remedy. For my son, while his digestion was a concern too, I was particularly keen on something that might pep up his energy. Having benefited from Seed myself, I believed their pediatric formula could be the right fit for my children.

A Mother's 8-Week Chronicle with Seed PDS-08®: Nurturing My Kids from the Inside Out

kids probiotic seed

Week 1: Getting Acquainted

The week kicked off with the introduction of Seed PDS-08® into our daily routine. The kids, always eager to try something new, were intrigued. The first couple of days were about setting the routine – finding the right time and ensuring consistency. By the end of the week, it was clear that their bodies were adjusting, with less bloating and improved bowel movements.

Week 2: Building Consistency

With the routine firmly in place, the second week was smoother. Both kids reported feeling “lighter,” and I noticed a decrease in their occasional tummy complaints. Their energy levels seemed more consistent, and bedtime battles were fewer.

Week 3: Observing Subtle Changes

The third week brought subtle but undeniable shifts. My younger one's midday energy slumps were becoming rare. Meanwhile, my elder child, who sometimes had respiratory concerns, started showing signs of improvement.

Week 4: The Halfway Mark

As we reached the month's end, I felt a wave of gratitude. While the kids might not fully comprehend the science behind Seed PDS-08®, they certainly felt its benefits. Their digestion was smoother, and both seemed more resilient to the usual seasonal sniffles.

Week 5: A Minor Hiccup

This week was a testament to life's unpredictability. Between school projects and play dates, my eldest missed a couple of doses. However, with a bit of persistence and explanation about its importance, we were soon back on track.

Week 6: The Bounce Back

Post the hiccup, week six saw us bouncing back stronger. The kids were more proactive, reminding each other about their daily dose. Their overall mood seemed uplifted, and their appetite was better regulated.

Week 7: The Home Stretch

With just a week left in our experiment, the excitement was palpable. The benefits of Seed PDS-08® were clear – from better digestive health to enhanced immunity. As a mother, the joy of seeing my kids thrive was unmatched.

Week 8: Reflections and Revelations

Our two-month journey concluded on a high note. The kids, in their innocent wisdom, expressed wanting to continue with Seed PDS-08®. Their healthier disposition, fewer sick days, and improved gut health were evidence of the product's efficacy.

Closing Thoughts

These eight weeks were transformative, not just for my children's health but also for our family dynamics. It reinforced the belief that when you nurture the inside, the outside flourishes. To other parents on the fence about Seed PDS-08®, I'd say, give it a try. The results might just surprise you.

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Would I Purchase It Again?

So, would I purchase Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic again? Without hesitation, my answer is a resounding “Yes.” While our 60-day journey was filled with observations and learning, the positive changes I witnessed in my children's health and well-being make it a worthwhile investment. As a mother, there's no greater joy than seeing your children thrive, and I believe Seed PDS-08® played a part in that.

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

  • Monthly Cost: $49.99
    • This covers a 30-day supply of the product.
  • 60-Day Experience Cost: $99.98
    • This is the total cost for the two months your kids have been using the product.
  • Cost Per Day: $1.67
    • This is calculated by dividing the monthly cost by 30 days.
  • Annual Cost: $599.88
    • If you were to purchase the product for an entire year, this would be the total cost, based on the monthly rate.

After seeing how Seed PDS-08® has impacted my kids over these 60 days, I've really had to weigh the benefits against the price. In our family, every dollar has its place. But seeing the smiles and the energy in my kids, well, that’s priceless.

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Other Kids Probiotics To Consider

Feature/AspectSeed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily SynbioticHiya Kids Probiotic1st Phorm Opti-Kids
Price$49.99 per month$30 (50% off first order)$49.99
Primary BenefitDigestive support, immune function, respiratory healthChildhood immunity, gut health, nutrient absorptionComprehensive nutrition, digestive enzymes, probiotics
FormatPowder (to be mixed)Chewable tabletNutrition Shake
Taste/PreferenceNeutral (based on kids' feedback)Loved by daughterLoved by son
Daily Dosage1 Sachet from your BacTrac™ container.One tablet2 scoops in 8 ounces of liquid
Unique Selling PointsAdvanced synbiotic formula, no refrigeration requiredDesigned specifically for kids, no added sugar, prebiotic fiberNon-GMO fruits & vegetables, organic grasses, 6g Whey Protein
Target AudienceChildren with diverse health needsPicky eaters, children with allergies or coldsKids not consuming enough fruits & vegetables
Additional FeaturesRespiratory health benefitsRefillable glass bottle, sticker packProbiotic nutrients, digestive system support
Shopat Seed (use code FHM20 for 20% off)at Hiya (get 50% off your first order)at 1st Phorm (no promotional offer at this time)

As a mom, each of these products offers its own set of advantages. Seed PDS-08® focuses on providing a broad range of health benefits, from digestion to respiratory health. Hiya targets kids who might be picky eaters or have allergies, offering a chewable solution that's tasty. On the other hand, 1st Phorm Opti-Kids takes a more holistic approach, ensuring kids get their daily dose of fruits and vegetables in a flavorful shake. Making a choice would depend on the specific needs and preferences of my children.

Presenting The Facts About Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic

Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic is a scientifically-formulated product designed to enhance and support the overall health of children. Blending the benefits of both probiotics and prebiotics, this synbiotic aims to nurture a child's internal health ecosystem.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Gut Support: The product is designed to aid digestion, reduce bloating, and ensure regular bowel movements, addressing common concerns in growing children.
  2. Boosted Immunity: Beyond digestive health, Seed PDS-08® also focuses on strengthening a child's immune system, helping them ward off common illnesses.
  3. Respiratory Health Benefits: Some children may experience improvements in respiratory health, making it a holistic health supplement.
  4. Scientifically Formulated: The composition of Seed PDS-08® is rooted in rigorous scientific research, ensuring it's safe and beneficial for kids.

How Does It Work?

Seed PDS-08® operates on the principle of nurturing the body's microbiome. The combination of probiotics and prebiotics works synergistically to create a conducive environment for beneficial gut bacteria to thrive. This, in turn, supports various aspects of a child's health, from digestion to immunity.


For best results, it's recommended that Seed PDS-08® be consumed daily. The consistency ensures that the body receives a regular supply of beneficial bacteria, fostering a balanced and healthy gut environment.

Is Seed Kids Probiotic Worth It?

After observing the noticeable improvements in my daughter's digestive health and the boost in my son's energy, I can confidently say that Seed's PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic has been a valuable addition to our daily routine. It's not just about the cost; it's about the comfort and assurance I feel knowing I'm giving my kids something that genuinely benefits them. For any parent, witnessing positive changes in their children's health is priceless. Based on our experience, I truly believe the investment was worth every penny.

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  • Can you share the specifics about their routine? What time of day did they take it? What did you give it to them in? I have trouble getting it to dissolve. Just leaves yucky clumps of powder in the drinks I’ve tried and way worse in yogurt. It’s hard to get my son to take when he sees the clumps floating.

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