posted: May 1, 2023

updated: February 2, 2024

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Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic - my experience

I just got done with my two-month (60-days) experience taking Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic and I'm very excited to share how it worked for me.

Before finding Seed, I stumbled upon Ritual Synbiotic+ from a health and wellness podcast that I listen to. I tried Ritual for 90 days and I was fortunate enough to reap some of the benefits – for me it helped my bloating and digestion.

I then wanted to try Seed to see if I could get better results and spend less money. To me it was worth a shot.

Did Seed work for me? Did I experience less bloating and better digestion? Were there any other benefits I experienced? Find out right now!

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My 60 Day Experience With Seed

about to take a seed synbiotic capsule

Why I Tried It

I tried Seed because I just got done trying Ritual Synbiotic+, which I took to help with my bloating issues and to improve my gut health. I had heard on one of my favorite health and wellness podcasts that a healthy gut can lead to more energy, which I really wanted because being a mom is very taxing on my mind and body. I had success with Ritual, now I wanted to see if Seed could top it.

How I Found It

I found Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic while I was taking Ritual. I was scrolling on Pinterest and saw an advertisement. Right away I noticed that it was similar to Ritual, so that really caught my attention.

How I Felt Week-by-week

Week 1:

The welcome kit from Seed arrived in a neat package. I was impressed with the refillable glass jar and the travel vial – a thoughtful touch for moms on the go. Eager to see how Seed would compare to my previous experience with Ritual, I started my new regimen. The first week was smooth, with no immediate changes, but that was expected as my body adjusted.

Week 2:

One thing I appreciated was the ease of the capsule-in-capsule design. Knowing that the outer capsule acted as a barrier to ensure the probiotics reached my colon was reassuring. By the end of this week, I noticed a slight decrease in bloating, especially in the evenings.

Week 3:

With the continuous intake of Seed, my digestive system felt steady. The bloating was less frequent than before, and I started to wonder if Seed was edging out Ritual in its efficacy.

Week 4:

The convenience of the refillable glass jar became evident. It fit seamlessly into my kitchen setup, and the sustainable refills were something I looked forward to. My gut health felt stable, and the occasional discomforts were rare.

emtpy bottle of seed synbiotic

Week 5:

The VitaCap Delivery Technology genuinely seemed to be working its magic. My bloating issues had become sporadic, and I felt more energetic throughout the day. Being a mom means being on your feet, and feeling light and active made all the difference.

Week 6:

Seed's promise of supporting various health aspects like cardiovascular and dermatological health intrigued me. While my primary focus was gut health, I did notice my skin looking a bit more radiant. Whether it was Seed or just a good skin week, I wasn’t sure, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Week 7:

The price point of $49.99, with free shipping, felt reasonable given the benefits I was experiencing. Seed’s focus on sustainability and quality assurance gave me added peace of mind, knowing I was investing in a product that cared about both its consumers and the environment.

Week 8:

As my 60-day journey with Seed came to a close, I reflected on my experience. While Ritual had set a high bar, Seed seemed to meet it, if not surpass it in certain aspects. The reduction in bloating was comparable, but the added benefits like the sustainable refills and the potential positive effects on my skin made Seed a strong contender.


Both Ritual and Seed proved effective for my bloating and gut health issues. While Ritual provided noticeable relief, Seed came with added benefits that catered to my eco-conscious side and possibly my skin health. As a mom, it’s crucial to find what works best for your body and lifestyle. Seed has made a strong case, and I'm genuinely considering continuing with it to see long-term effects.

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My Product Rating

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨ (4.6/5)

After 60 days with Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, here's my detailed breakdown of the rating:


  1. Effective Results: Just like with Ritual, I experienced a marked reduction in bloating. Seed promised and delivered on supporting my gut health, making my days more comfortable.
  2. Sustainable Packaging: The refillable glass jar and the sustainable refills from the second month onward showed Seed's commitment to the environment. As a mom, I appreciate companies that think about the planet our kids will inherit.
  3. Innovative Design: The capsule-in-capsule design, ensuring the probiotics reach where they should, added an element of trust in the product's efficacy.
  4. Quality Assurance: With 50+ checkpoints and extensive testing, it's evident that Seed doesn't compromise on quality. This gave me peace of mind every time I took a capsule.
  5. Price & Shipping: At $49.99 with free shipping in the U.S., the price felt reasonable for the quality and benefits offered.


  1. Adjustment Period: While this is common with most supplements, the first week required a bit of adjustment. However, once past that, it was smooth sailing.
  2. Price for Some: While I found the price reasonable for the benefits, it might still be a bit of an investment for some households. But breaking it down to a daily cost made it feel more manageable.
  3. No one-time pricing model, only subscription: This can be a back breaker for a lot of people and I wouldn't blame them one bit. There should be a one-time purchase option, but as of right now, you have to subscribe monthly. Sure you can cancel, but you just never know with that.

In conclusion, Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic has earned its 4.6 stars in my book. While no product is perfect, Seed came close with its focus on efficacy, sustainability, and quality. It's a product I'd gladly recommend, but I would still encourage people to do their research as there are 24 strains.

Seed Coupon Code (20% off): FHM20

Did My Bloating Improve After 60 Days?

Yes, over the course of the 60 days with Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, I did notice a marked improvement in my bloating issues. The discomfort that was once a frequent unwelcome guest in my daily routine became significantly less prominent. By the end of the two months, my evenings were notably more comfortable, and I felt a sense of lightness that was a refreshing change. As a mom, this meant more playful evenings with the kids and fewer moments clutching my belly in discomfort. Seed seemed to deliver on its promise of supporting digestive health, and for me, that translated to a reduction in bloating.

Did It Improve My Digestion?

Absolutely. Over the 60 days, not only did I experience a decrease in bloating, but my overall digestion felt more streamlined. Gone were the days of unpredictability and unease. Meals seemed to settle better, and I noticed fewer instances of that heavy, sluggish feeling post-dining. Regularity became the norm, which, as any mom can attest, is a blessing when you're always on the move and juggling a myriad of tasks. Seed's blend of probiotics and prebiotics seemed to harmonize my gut's rhythm, making my digestive process smoother and more consistent. It was a welcomed change, and I felt more at ease with my body's digestive responses.

Would I Purchase It Again?

After my two-month journey with Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, the question that lingers is, “Would I purchase it again?” Taking a moment to reflect on the overall experience, the answer leans towards a “Yes.”

The sustainable packaging, the attention to quality, and most importantly, the positive changes I felt in my gut health make it a worthwhile investment. Being a mom means making choices that benefit not just me, but my family too. And feeling my best from the inside out positively impacts how I show up for them every day.

However, just like any purchase, I'd probably take a moment to reassess my budget and health needs before committing. But as of now, Seed has definitely earned a spot on my wellness shelf.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Daily Cost: $49.99 ÷ 30 days = $1.67 per day
    • Relatable Insight: That's less than a daily cup of coffee from most cafes, or about the cost of a small snack from a convenience store.
  • Weekly Cost: $1.67 x 7 days = $11.69 per week
    • Relatable Insight: Weekly, it's akin to a meal at a fast-food restaurant or a couple of fancy lattes.
  • Bi-weekly Cost: $11.69 x 2 = $23.38 every two weeks
    • Relatable Insight: Bi-weekly, it's around the price of a movie ticket with some popcorn.
  • Monthly Cost: As stated, it's $49.99 for a month's supply.
    • Relatable Insight: Monthly, it's comparable to a family meal deal at a local diner or the cost of a new t-shirt.

Thinking about the costs in these terms can help put the investment into perspective. For many, allocating funds for health might mean cutting back slightly in another area, but when equated to everyday expenses, it helps determine its value in one's budget.

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Other Synbiotics I Tried Or Considered Taking

If you've been following my blog then you know that I tried Ritual for 90 days. I liked it a lot and I got very similar results like I did with Seed. However Seed is a little bit more affordable for me, coming in at $49.99 instead of paying $54 per month for Ritual.

Unbloat will be the next synbiotic that I try. It's designed for bloating so I'm excited to see if it will be better than Seed or Ritual. Unbloat is priced at $44.99, but if you subscribe you can get it down to $38.24 for each bottle.

Other Real Customer Experiences

I'd like to share some of the other real customer reviews of Seed, because there really isn't much out there. Seed doesn't show customer reviews on their website and the only place I could find real genuine reviews was Trustpilot.

Here's a 2-star rating:

I noticed no one is talking about the affects.

“I noticed no one is talking about the affects of Seed. I have been taking this product for two weeks and noticed only negative side affects however I will give this a try for two months but for now I have only experienced major gas and bloating plus the first week I was majorly nauseas. the entire reason I gave this a try was to not have bloating. I will update this review when I see a change.”

And a 4-star rating:

Good product . Horrible customer service ,Beware

“Good product

Horrible customer service ….

Started great with a subscription service, ( atleast a year) however I noticed they just sent me an unauthorized charge for a Month I intentionally skipped. (How long has this been happening)

No response from company

Months prior they didn’t even ship me the product but they sure did charge my card .

The seedcare email is a joke , they do not care , it’s a shame the product is really good but I’m definitely letting everyone know go elsewhere. These people would care if it was their money .

Updated: the customer service did send me the product but refunded my card, I am changing my review”

And a 5-star rating:

It has worked very well for a couple in early 60's

“As an individual that requires pain meds because of back surgeries I have found it takes care of my gut, stomach, and intestines issues very well. My wife had difficult problems with diverticulitis and Seed seems to have given her a relief from that.”

Product Description – The Facts

What Exactly is Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic?

Being a mom has taught me the importance of taking care of my own health, and Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic piqued my interest. It's a unique blend that marries the goodness of probiotics and prebiotics, tailored for us adults to give our systemic health a little boost.

Why It Stood Out:

  • 2-in-1 Capsule Wonder: This capsule-within-a-capsule thing is pretty neat. It's designed to make sure the probiotics navigate through our tummies and reach where they're supposed to.
  • The Science-y Stuff: It's packed with 24 probiotic strains that have been pored over by scientists and a prebiotic that's all about polyphenols. Sounds fancy, right?
  • Strength in Numbers: With 53.6 Billion AFU, it seems like this little capsule packs quite the punch.
  • It's Not Just About the Tummy: While my primary mission was tackling my digestive woes, Seed promises to do more – from heart health to skin glow and even helping our body's natural nutrient-making process.
  • That VitaCap Thingamajig: This is their special way of making sure the good stuff in the capsule gets to the right spot in our digestive tract. As a mom, I appreciate when things go where they're supposed to!
  • Eco-mom Approved: I loved the refillable glass jar. And the fact that they send refills in an eco-friendly manner from month two? Big thumbs up from this eco-conscious momma. Plus, they seem super committed to quality, ticking boxes in over 50 checkpoints.

The Price Tag:

At $49.99 a month, it's a bit like treating myself to a daily gourmet coffee, but for my gut. And hey, no shipping cost if you're in the U.S.

Mom's Two Cents:

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic feels like it's more than just another pill in a bottle. With its thoughtful formulation, eco-friendly approach, and the science behind it, it felt like a worthy addition to my mom-wellness toolkit. For any mom out there looking to give their insides a bit of TLC, this might be something to peek at.

Is Seed Daily Synbiotic Worth It?

From my two-month dive into Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, the burning question for many moms like me would be, “Is it worth the investment?”

Taking a step back and reflecting on the overall experience, it feels like a “Yes, with a small asterisk.” Let me explain:

The tangible improvements I felt in my digestion and the reduction in bloating were undeniable. Those morning mirror checks became a tad more pleasant, and the days felt lighter without the grip of bloating slowing me down. As a mom, small boosts in how I feel can cascade into better days with my kiddos, and Seed seemed to offer that.

The sustainable approach, with the refillable jar and the eco-friendly refills, resonated with my eco-mom side. We all want a healthier planet for our little ones, and it's heartening to support brands that share this vision.

However, the $49.99 monthly price tag might raise eyebrows for some. But breaking it down to a daily cost, it's like sidelining one fancy coffee a day for better gut health. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that you cannot choose to purchase one time. You have to subscribe to it.

That said, like any mom knows, every family's budget and priorities are unique. While I felt the benefits, it's crucial to weigh them against the investment.

In conclusion, for my wellness journey, Seed felt worth it. But as always, the best choices are informed ones, considering both health and financial aspects.

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