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just thrive and seed

Do you see probiotics as a health trend or are their benefits something that you see the importance of? As a female nutritionist, certified personal trainer and women’s health advocate, I can tell you that probiotics are an incredibly important part of your overall health as a woman. They’re found naturally in a number of foods, but there are many health foods brands that have started to add probiotics to things like drinks, snacks, granola bars and yogurt. By replacing these beneficial bacteria in the body, you can accomplish all kinds of benefits from better gut health to a more efficient immune system.

We tend to see bacteria as something negative, but it can actually be beneficial for the body depending on what kind of bacteria you’re talking about. These live microorganisms are commonly found in fermented foods or in supplements, and they help to create a more diverse microbiome in the body. If you have too much bad bacteria in the body, the good bacteria can help take over. There’s also prebiotics, which are additional fiber that helps feed the good bacteria in your body.

Let’s discuss two very high-quality probiotic brands. Both Seed and Just Thrive probiotics boast a lot of health benefits that can boost your overall health. How do you know which one to choose? Let me break them down for you.

Comparison Chart of Just Thrive Probiotic Vs. Seed Daily Synbiotic


Just Thrive




$49.99 (get 20% off with discount code FHM20 at checkout)

Probiotic Strains

Bacillus indicus HU36
Bacillus subtilis HU58
Bacillus coagulans
Bacillus clausii

Bifidobacterium longum
Bifidobacterium breve
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium lactis

Preboitic and Probiotic Combination:



Capsule technology:

Regular capsules

ViaCap dual capsule for optimal digestion

Third part testing:

Tested by third-party

Intense, over 50 assuracnce and quality control checkpoints

Main difference:

Includes probiotics that produce antioxidants in the body

Uses 24 strains of probiotics and has prebiotics

Where to buy:

About Seed Daily Synbiotic

Seed is a little bit different because it includes both probiotics and prebiotics into its formula. In addition to adding that beneficial bacteria back into the body, you’re also getting that prebiotic food that will help beneficial bacteria multiply and thrive. Probiotics also interact with prebiotics to produce secondary metabolites that are needed for whole body health and a diverse microbiome. Seed consists of a plant-based prebiotic formula that won’t produce any unpleasant bloating or gas, like a lot of other products of this type do.

seed synbiotic product

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How It Works

The strains that have been included in Seed’s product have been chosen thanks to their health benefits and support that they provide for whole body health. A bio fermentation process is optimized taking specific growth factors into consideration. There are more than 50 different checkpoints in Seed’s manufacturing process to ensure you’re getting only the best quality supplement around. By supporting your digestive health with Seed’s 24 different strains, you can improve your gut barrier integrity, immune function, cardiovascular health, skin health and micronutrient synthesis. This broad-spectrum formulation is heat, moisture and light protected so you don’t have to worry about refrigerating it.

The Formula

The Seed probiotic capsule consists of 24 different strains of and naturally occurring probiotic strains that have been clinically verified along with a polyphenol-based prebiotic. Some of these strains include:

  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Bifidobacterium breve
  • Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
  • Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterium lactis

Careful consideration has gone into this formulation, ensuring that your body gets the most support as possible. Seed uses a ViaCap capsule design to protect all of the beneficial bacteria and prebiotic fiber until it reaches the point in your digestive system that you want it to go to. It’s actually a two-in-one design, so one capsule breaks down and then the other.


  • Supports optimal gut health
  • Includes 24 different strains of probiotics
  • Also includes prebiotics
  • Boosts gut barrier integrity
  • Improves and supports cardiovascular health
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Manages inflammation in the body


  • It’s not a cheap product, but you get what you pay for
  • The capsules are a bit large because of the two-in-one design

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About Just Thrive Probiotic

This premium supplement and wellness brand has a probiotic supplement that has been carefully researched and formulated to provide you with digestive and overall health support. Founded by husband-and-wife Billy and Tina Anderson, Just Thrive is based on the concept of helping people using natural and safe supplements rather than drugs. The Andersons both worked in the pharmaceutical industry and saw what many of these medications were doing to people. By creating a product that would help people take control of their health in a positive way, Just Thrive has changed lives for the better.

just thrive probiotic supplement

How It Works

Because this is a very potent probiotic supplement, it’s recommended that you start out slow with Just Thrive. The recommended dosage is one capsule every other day for one full week. Then, you can start to increase your dose to two capsules per day. You should take this supplement with food, preferably one of your biggest meals of the day. Many users of Just Thrive have found that they noticed results after taking their supplement for just a few days. You may notice less gas, bloating and better bowel regularity in a short amount of time. Other health benefits will be achieved the longer that you take your probiotic. This includes a healthier gut barrier, stronger immune response and decreased inflammation just to name a few.

The Formula

Just Thrive Probiotic is spore-based, which means that the microorganisms used in this formulation are soil-based. They have been formed from spores that are found in dirt and vegetation. A very natural approach to probiotic use, Just Thrive contains a number of super strains that are very high in antioxidants. Peak absorption ensures that you’re receiving support for your digestive system, immune system and whole body.

The key, researched, DNA-verified strains included in Just Thrive Probiotic includes:

  • Bacillus indicus HU36
  • Bacillus subtilis HU58
  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Bacillus clausii

If you’re having difficulty swallowing these capsules, you can open them up and add them to any food or beverage that you’re consuming. They can even be baked and still hold onto their composition.

holding just thrive probiotic


  • High survivability rate
  • Provides exceptional digestive and immune support
  • Shelf stable and does not require refrigeration
  • Clinically proven
  • Comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase
  • The Just Thrive brand offers other health and wellness supplements that can be used along with their probiotic for added benefits


  • This specific product is not designed for children, but you can open up the capsule and use a portion of the amount included in it. I would prefer to have a pre-measured dose with children’s specific probiotic needs in mind.
  • May cause some unpleasant GI symptoms as the old / bad bacteria dies off

Comparing Formulas and Effectiveness

There are a number of key differences between Seed and Just Thrive. Just Thrive is the only spore-forming probiotic sold on the market right now. It contains four different strains of probiotics in each dose, totaling three billion cells from Bacillus indicus HU36, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus clausii and Bacillus subtilis. This product has a very high survivability rate, which is optimal whenever you’re shopping for a probiotic supplement or synbiotic for that matter.

Seed has a vaster profile when you take into account its formula, which can often mean it’s going to be a more effective product. We’re looking at 24 different strains of bacteria in Seed, each chosen with very specific health benefits in mind. 37 billion AFU are included for GI health, 3.3 billion AFU will positively impact your skin health, 5.25 billion AFU promotes optimal cardiovascular health, and 8.05 billion AFU can help improve your absorption of nutrients. There are 400 milligrams of microbiota-accessible polyphenolic precursors also included, by way of Indian pomegranate extract.

comparing formulas just thrive and seed

Comparing Overall Cost and Value

The price of these two products is similar, but you’re actually going to get a lot more strains for your money when you invest in Seed. Seed costs $49.99 per month and Just Thrive Probiotic also costs $49.99 per bottle. However, you can save a few dollars per month by subscribing to regular Just Thrive deliveries. I’ve personally tried both of these products. While they both offer great GI support and a plethora of health benefits, Seed tends to cover a lot more bases with their formulation. Plus, it’s sold for a pretty great price point when you compare it to other similar products.

Comparing Testing Procedure of Product

Seed utilizes very thorough no-skip-lot testing during each step of the manufacturing process in addition to the final product. There are more than 50 different quality assurance and quality control checkpoints used in order to monitor purity protocols. Testing is also conducted for more than 400 different allergens and pesticides using a third-party provider. Active Fluorescent Units testing is conducted using flow cytometry to check the exact enumeration of viable cells in the final product.

Just Thrive is a pharmaceutical grade probiotic that is also DNA verified by an independent third-party lab provider. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide as much transparent information about their testing procedures as Seed does, but it appears that they do go through the process of ensuring that their formulation is highly studied, and the product goes through a quality assurance process after manufacture.

Main Differences Between Just Thrive Probiotic and Seed

When you take a look at Just Thrive Probiotic compared to Seed, the main difference that stands out to me is the formulations that are used. Both brands are incredibly reputable and have put a great deal of research and development into their products. Seed finds it important to use 24 specific strains of bacteria in order to provide health benefits like better GI health, less gas and bloating, better nutrient absorption, a boosted immune system and more. Just Thrive Probiotic is effective, but it takes a different approach by including probiotics which will produce antioxidants in the body by way of a spore-based manufacturing process.

Which Is Better: Seed Probiotic or Just Thrive Probiotic?

Whether you choose Seed Probiotic or Just Thrive Probiotic will really depend on the strains that you’re looking to use and what kind of benefits you want to unlock. There are many more strains included in Seed’s product, but you might not want something like that. Some people find that their gut is sensitive to the use of probiotics, and they would rather utilize a few helpful strains that will be beneficial to their overall health without the use of 24 different strains. In that regard, I would recommend Just Thrive. However, Seed will potentially provide you with the most health benefits because of the 24 strains used in its formulation.

just thrive and seed

The Bottom Line

I recommend that my nutritionist clients and the people I train take a thorough look at a product before they decide if they want to take it or not. I don’t believe in overwhelming the body with all kinds of supplements and products, but there are some key options that can really help support your health and wellbeing. I recommend looking at the different strains that are included in Seed and Just Thrive Probiotics before deciding which one you want to try taking. They have very different approaches to the formulations, though both are great options. Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your health, and you’ll be able to choose the product that’s right for you.

seed synbiotic product
  • 24 probiotic strains
  • Dual technology capsule
  • Also includes prebiotics



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just thrive probiotic in cabinet
  • Strong probiotic strains
  • Regular capsules
  • Spore-based
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