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comparing calibrate versus found health for weight loss

It’s estimated that 45 million people in the US go on a diet each year, with Americans spending more than $33 billion each year on weight loss products. Yet, two thirds of our country is still overweight or obese; what gives?

If these numbers don’t prove that the diet industry is flawed, I don’t know what will. There is no magic pill or crash course we can buy into that will ensure long-term, sustainable weight loss results, but we’re still grasping at straws, trying every fad on for size out there on the off chance that something sticks. I get it; for many of us, there’s no price you won’t pay or trick you won’t try to finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

Over the last couple of months I’ve taken a deep dive into a couple of new brands on the market that are working hard to help folks lose weight and keep it off for good. I reviewed Calibrate’s weight loss program and Join Found’s weight loss program recently, working closely with both brands to understand the service they offer and help my readers get the information they need to make an informed decision.

Both Found and Calibrate are bringing a fresh, scientific approach to weight loss and they’re both gaining immense popularity. It’s easy to see why people are comparing these two programs as they bear some similarities. But how are they different? How do you know which one is the right choice for you and your health goals?

In this article, I’m going to help you to figure that out so that you can confidently move forward with the weight loss program that’s most aligned with your needs and that’s going to help you reach your goals.

Calibrate vs. Found Health: A Head-to-Head Comparison

table of calibrate and found head-to-head

There aren't many differences, but here's what you need to know in a simple table.




Avg. User Reviews

4.9 / 5 ⭐ rating

4.9 / 5 ⭐ Rating

Unique Value Proposition

Year-long metabolic reset that’s based on your unique biology

Using your biology to determine genetic and hormonal factors that could be playing a role in your weight loss

Program Includes

FDA-approved medication (if applicable), one-on-one doctor visits, personal accountability coaching

Mindful eating, nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, community, RX medication (if applicable)


$135/Month Or $1,620 One-Time Payment, One-Time Metabolic Health Assessment $249

RX Monthly commitment: $149/month
RX 3 month commitment: $129/month
RX 6 month commitment: $99/month
Wellness path: $49/month

Prescription Medications Available?



Accountability and Personalized Coaching?



Program Length

One-year Metabolic reset

6 months to lose 10% of your body weight

Official website

Join Found Overview

Found is a relatively new weight loss program that emphasizes long term weight care. Nothing about the Found program is geared toward fast, short term success nor does it involve crazy diets, dangerous pills, or extreme exercise routines. Instead, Found uses science, your biology and genetics, and psychology to help you drop the weight and keep it off for good.

Fact Check ✅:

For those who feel like they’ve tried everything and they’re still not seeing results, Found acts as a beacon of hope. They believe that everyone should have access to scientifically proven weight care and that there’s more to losing weight than just eating less and moving more. Sometimes,  biology, psychology, and social contributors stand in the way of us achieving our health goals.

Impressively, Found has an expert panel of medical advisors that work with their team to make sure that the programs they create are safe, effective, and always tailored to your unique needs. The beauty of Found is that, as a customer, you get access to personalized healthcare and management without ever needing to leave your home. Found users, on average, lose 10% of their body weight by month 6.

What’s the Plan Look Like?

found health logo and how it works

Join Found ( has a simple but effective process for getting you start on your path to a healthier life.

Step 1: Evaluation

Together with a board-certified provider, you’ll find the right medication to fit your unique needs. Please note that not everyone qualified for a plan that includes prescription medication.

Step 2: Medication matching

If approved for a prescription, Found will find the right one to help you control your hunger, stabilize your blood sugar, decrease your appetite, and feel more satisfied throughout the day.

Step 3: One-One-One Coaching

Every user is assigned a personal health coach to keep them motivated and supported throughout their whole journey with Found. During your time with your coach, you can expect to work on building sustainable habits with nutrition, sleep, movement, mental health, and more.

Is Found Weight Loss Worth It?

Yes, Found Weight loss is absolutely worth it for those who have struggled with their weight and are now looking for a different and better way to get the results they deserve. If you feel like your genetics are playing a role in your inability to lose weight and to keep it off, then trying Found just might be the new catalyst  that you need to set your weight loss up for long-term success.

If you have a BMI of >30, you may qualify for medications that have been proven to aid in the weight loss process. However, if you do not qualify for an RX, rest assured that you will still find a ton of value in Found thanks to their expert coaches who give you the accountability and support you need to keep going. Regardless of the path appropriate for you, you can count on Found making the commitment 100% worth it thanks to their medically-backed program that includes scientifically proven methods and experts who will work with you every step of the way.

found worth it user reviews

An average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars makes found health worth the sticker price.

Join Calibrate Overview

overview of Calibrate compared to found

Calibrate weight loss (, is a one year virtual weight loss program that takes a modern approach to weight management. Instead of focusing on just diet and exercise, Calibrate, similar to Found, works to identify the root cause of your weight gain and then provide a customized solution to address it on a biological level.

Calibrate’s signature program is their metabolic reset which focuses on an evidence-based curriculum that targets four main pillars of metabolic health: nutrition, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. With a keen focus on these four pillars, Calibrate provides their users with a full-body reset designed to shed excess weight safely and sustainably.

Fact Check ✅:

Calibrate uses the latest science, including FDA-approved prescription medications that are designed to harness your biology and allow you to take control of your body on a cellular level. All medications prescribed by Calibrate are FDA approved, clinically tested, stimulant free, and non-habit forming. 

Part of their metabolic reset is their mission to help users lose 10% of their weight in the year timeframe. Why 10%? Because their one-year Metabolic Reset is based on clinical research that shows that 10% is the amount of weight you can lose and maintain safely. It’s important to note that many members will lose more than 10%, however, 10% is Calibrate’s goal as it leads to significant improvements in all metabolic and inflammatory markers.

What’s the Plan Look Like?

calibrate logo and how it works

Calibrate (, like Found Health, also has a simple but super effective process to get started, but they base it off of months. Let's take a look:

Month 1: Get started!

Lab work will be done to establish your baselines. You’ll also meet with your Calibrate Dr and get an FDA-approved RX that’s appropriate for your body and biological needs and then you’ll meet with your coaching team to establish that relationship, too.

Month 2: Quick wins

As soon as you start your medication, you’ll likely begin to see and feel the immediate results like more energy and better sleep. During this time, your team will start to help you develop more mindful eating habits.

Months 3-5: Cruising towards your goals

By the third month, you should be feeling significantly better, and may have already lost about 5% of your body weight and overall body fat percentage. You’ll continue to notice improvements in your energy levels, sleep quality, and exercise strength and stamina.

Months 6-12 : Maintaining your good habits

By now, you’ve established good habits that you can sustain and you’ve likely hit your goal of losing 10% of your body weight and are enjoying a smaller waist circumference. This is a crucial time to keep up with and reinforce your good habits so that you can maintain your results and continue to build upon them.

Month 12 and beyond - Healthy habits solidified

One year into your Metabolic Reset and you’re well on your way to living the healthy life you’ve always dreamt about but haven’t been able to accomplish on your own. You have solid habits in place, you’re continuing to take your prescription medications (if appropriate), and you’re committed to maintaining your results for the long-term. You put in the work to change your lifestyle and now you’re enjoying the fruits of that effort.

Is Calibrate Weight Loss Worth It?

Although Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset is an investment, it’s one that’s incredibly worth it in the long run because it helps you to not only lose weight, but it’s done in a safe, clinically-tested way that’s aligned with your personal biology. For those who are tired of trying everything under the sun to lose weight and actually keep it off, Calibrate feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of over promised and under delivered products and services. Also, if you’ve been on the exercise more and eat less hamster wheel and are tired of spinning your wheels with no success, Calibrate will be worth it for you.

If the cost is holding you back from giving the program a try, I recommend doing their one-time Metabolic Health Assessment for the cost of $249. This one-time visit will allow you to meet with a Calibrate Doctor (virtually) who will order and assess your labs and review your current metabolic health with you and then recommend a course of action moving forward. If you and your doctor decide that the one-year Metabolic Reset is right for you, the $249 payment will be applied to the cost of the program.

calibrate worth it user reviews

An average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars makes Calibrate worth the price tag.

Use code FITHEALTHY50 for $50 off your 1-year plan.

Join Found vs. Join Calibrate: Which Is Better?

Calibrate is better for those who want the structure and timeline that comes with a one-year Metabolic Reset. Whereas, Found is best for those who want to take their prescription weight loss program one month at a time. Both weight loss programs follow the science that finds that the combination of prescription medications, coaching, and lifestyle changes can help you achieve a 10% reduction in body weight within 6 months of the program.

calibrate vs. found for the better weight loss program

Both Calibrate and Found are excellent prescription weight loss programs. But, Calibrate is better for people who want a specific schedule and a 1-year metabolic reset whereas Found is the top choice for those who want a month-to-month program.

Which Prescription Weight Loss Program is Best For You - Found or Calibrate?

After reviewing both Calibrate and Found, it’s easy to see that these are two very similar programs with methods backed by science and research, which is always very reassuring. Both Found and Calibrate help those who are struggling with excess weight that need more than just a kick in the pants to get up and exercise more or to put the processed food down. Both of these weight loss programs cater to those who have genetic and biological markers and conditions that need to be addressed at the cellular level before sustainable weight loss can be achieved.

Both programs offer slow, sustainable weight loss, promising a 10% drop in body weight by about the 6-month mark through a combination of prescription medications, professional coaching and accountability, and the development of healthy habits in the realms of food, sleep, and exercise. The biggest difference between Found and Calibrate is that Calibrate offers a one-year Metabolic Reset and Found’s program doesn’t necessarily have an end date. That said, many Calibrate users continue with their medications and coaching past the one-year date, but that marker is in place for goal setting purposes and adherence.

Honestly, both programs are incredible and highly worthy of your time and money and will provide you with the support you need to reach your goals, but if you need a little help going in one direction over the other, here are a couple thoughts:

found or calibrate best for you

Choose Calibrate if you’re looking for a program that includes prescription medication, is affordable, and is based on a timeline (one year). Go to Calibrate's website.

On the other hand, choose Found if you want a path that sets you up for long-term success without a specific program end date. Go to Found's website.

I recommend visiting both websites, reading through their customer reviews, and utilizing their chat boxes to ask questions about what you can expect from their program. At the end of the day, the decision to lose weight and keep it off is highly personal and it’s going to be one that requires you to make an investment financially as well as mentally and physically, so make sure that you’re choosing the program that feels worth it to you.


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