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I recently read a study that found that 80-95% of dieters gain back the weight that they worked so hard to lose. This is astonishing when you consider that an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. So, statistically speaking, anywhere between 36-42 million people fail on their weight loss goals each year. Whoa.

So what gives? Why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off? Well, there’s a lot more at play than just exercising more and eating less, the traditional approach to weight loss.

There are metabolic factors, biological blockers, and genetics that have a huge impact on how your body loses weight and how it’s able to keep it off. If you feel as though you’ve tried everything but your body just seems to be working against you, you might not be wrong. But the good news is that you can overcome these biological obstacles and begin to experience healthy, sustained weight loss, you just need some support and science on your side.

This is where personalized medical weight loss (for those who qualify) can come into play. Instead of spinning your wheels, trying every diet under the sun to finally achieve your weight loss goals and then maintain them, weight loss programs like Form Health and Calibrate are changing the narrative.

In this review, I’m going to break down and compare these two medical weight loss programs so that you can get a better idea of which option is the better fit for your lifestyle and goals.

Who Qualifies For Prescription Weight Loss Drugs?

Considering one of the fundamentals of both Form Health and Calibrate is access to FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications, it makes sense to first clarify who is eligible for such treatments before moving forward with identifying a program that works best for you.

Keep in mind that even if you do meet the criteria to qualify for weight loss medications, they may still not be recommended based on your individual situation and needs. Whether weight loss medication is deemed not a great option for you or if you don’t qualify, you can rest assured that there is still help available for learning to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve weight loss goals.

qualify for medical weight loss medication

In order to be eligible for RX weight loss medications, you will need to:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater OR
  • Have a BMI of 27 or greater and have a serious medical problem that’s related to obesity or overweight like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Regardless of which program you end up choosing, your doctor will review your medical history and any health challenges and talk you through the pros and cons of each medication option so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect. 

Lastly, it’s vital to go into these programs with an open mind but to also be clear on the fact that no drug is going to replace the need for you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Weight-loss medications are meant to complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle, which is exactly what both Calibrate and Form Health will help you get set up with.

Quick Table Featuring Form Health vs. Calibrate Comparison

summary calibrate vs form health comparison


Form Health


Prescription Medication






Meet with Registered Dietitian

✔ (2x per month)



$99/mo (no commitment required)


Easy to cancel


❌ (1 year commitment)

Accept Insurance


Doctor Involvement

✔ (monthly)

✔ (1x only)





Overview of Form Health

Form Health takes a comprehensive, clinical approach to weight loss. Form Health helps those with a BMI or 30 or higher (27 or higher with certain medical conditions) to safely and sustainably achieve their weight loss and health maintenance goals.

form health overview vs calibrate

With Form Health, members will work 1:1 with a dedicated clinical team that consists of with a board-certified doctor as well as a Registered Dietitian to create a custom weight loss plan that may include FDA-approved medications in conjunction with a focus on nutritional coaching, physical activity, and behavioral change support.


  • Meet with your doctor monthly and RD twice monthly
  • Completely personalized weight loss paths
  • Access to FDA-approved medications for those who qualify
  • No long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time
  • Accepts most health insurance companies to cover the cost of doctor visits
  • Cutting-edge telehealth app used to track your progress, access educational materials, and communicate with your care team


  • As a newer program, there aren’t a ton of reviews out there yet
  • If you have a high deductible health care plan, your cost may be higher until that’s met

Unique Value Propositions (What Makes Form Health Different)

There are a couple of very unique features of Form Health that make it different from other medical weight loss programs. Most importantly, Form Health patients meet monthly with their board-certified doctor who specializes in weight loss. Their doctor gets to know them and develops a personalized path that considers each patient’s biology, preferences and goals. With other plans, patients have a consult with a doctor at the start of treatment only.

unique value form health over calibrate

Additionally, Form Health patients can expect to check in with their Registered Dietitian, a clinical professional who specializes in weight loss, twice each month to talk about how their plan nutrition is going and what, if any, tweaks need to be made to keep progress moving forward. Their dietitian provides personalized guidance on nutrition and physical activity, provides support, celebrates successes and holds the patient accountable. Form Health patients also have unlimited access to both their doctor and dietitian via messaging in the Form Health app.

Lastly, Form Health works with most insurance providers. Doctor visits, medications and labs are all billed to insurance. The patient is responsible for any co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance.  If you don’t have insurance coverage, there is an out-of-pocket option as well

With either plan, there is no long-term commitment. Patients can cancel any time.

How it Works

The process to get started with Form Health is friendly and seamless. Taking the first step in your weight loss journey can feel overwhelming and intimidating, but Form Health eases your mind by making it simple.

how form health works better than calibrate
Step 1: Enroll

Begin your journey with Form Health by taking a short quiz to verify if you are a candidate for Form Health’s medical weight loss program. Your answers will help the team to understand your situation and if you qualify and will help them to confirm that the program is a good fit for you.

If it’s determined that you’re a match, the team will help you with the next steps which include getting signed up and gathering some additional information so that your clinical care team has the information they need to develop a personalized plan that meets your needs.

Step 2: Meet with your Clinical Care Team (MD & RD)

You will have an initial consultation with your Form Health doctor via video visit where your medical history will be reviewed and the doctor will take the time necessary to get to know you and your needs better so that a personalized weight loss plan can be established. The path set out for you will address your individual nutritional needs, physical activity needs, and will include science-backed tools to help you develop new habits that will stick. Additionally, your weight loss plan may also include FDA-approved medications that target your biology and aid in the overall process.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your Registered Dietitian (RD) who will educate you on the reasons why so many fad diets fail (and likely why you’ve been spinning your wheels) and will help you to find a nutrition and physical activity plan that’s unique to your needs. Together, you will set achievable goals. They will also provide you with professional guidance and nutritional counseling to help you overcome your unique obstacles and challenges.

Step 3: Continue to receive ongoing support and medical care

Unlike other programs that more or less cut you loose after your initial consultation, Form Health continues to meet with you monthly for video visits with your Form Health doctor. During these monthly visits, you will track your health improvements, discuss any new barriers, and adjust your medications if necessary. Furthermore, you’ll also be meeting with your Registered Dietitian twice per month via video chat sessions for continued support. Together, you will continue to build healthy habits while receiving encouragement and accountability. Data shows that this level of accountability and continued support is the key to long-term success.

Should you have any questions or concerns in between your appointments with either your Form Health doctor or your RD, you can rest assured that you’ll have ongoing access to them right inside the Form Health App via the messaging feature. With Form Health, you’re never alone in your weight loss journey.

Step 4: Experience Life-Changing Weight Loss Results

On average, Form Health patients can expect to lose 10% of their body weight within 6 months of following the program. Of course, each person is unique, so results may vary. The great news is that Form Health helps you to set realistic expectations and will be alongside you every step of the journey. You will have support and guidance to move through setbacks and a team to cheer you on and celebrate your wins with you, helping you to recognize the success that goes far beyond the scale. 

Most importantly, you’ll begin to experience things like improved health, increased energy and vigor, and newfound confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed.


Form Health costs $99 per month with no long-term commitment required (cancel any time). If you are not satisfied with your program within 30 days of joining, you can get your money back. 

Your doctor’s visits, labs, and medications will be billed to your insurance. Just as you would be for an in-person doctor visit, you will be responsible for any copay, coinsurance, or deductibles as determined by your health care plan.

If you don’t have insurance, the out-of-pocket plan costs $199 per month and covers the cost of doctor and Registered Dietitian visits along with access to the educational materials, tracking tools and ongoing support available in the Form health app. The patient is responsible for the cost of any medication or labs.

get started form health pricing

Overview of Calibrate (JoinCalibrate)

Calibrate is a weight loss program that focuses on a metabolic reset to unlock your weight loss potential. Calibrate’s signature program, the one-year metabolic reset is designed to improve your metabolic health and stop the yoyo dieting. 

calibrate overview vs form health

With a unique combination of doctor-prescribed medication, one on one video coaching, and sustainable lifestyle tweaks, Calibrate members enjoy improved metabolic health and sustained weight loss. In fact, the Calibrate team is so confident that you will get the results you desire that they will give you your money back if you don’t lose at least 10% of your body weight.


  • One-year program with guaranteed results or your money back if you meet the terms of the guarantee
  • Scientifically proven metabolic reset program
  • One on one coaching sessions inside the Calibrate App
  • Prescription GLP-1 medications
  • Your goals are personalized and paced for your needs
  • Focus on small, realistic tweaks
  • Works with most medical insurances to cover the cost of medications (however, not as good as Form Health's process)


  • No opportunity to work with a Registered Dietitian on your nutritional needs
  • You only meet with your Calibrate Doctor once
  • The program is pricier than other similar options

Unique Value Propositions (What Makes Calibrate Different)

Calibrate’s unique value proposition is centered around “The Calibrate Difference.” This is the one-year metabolic reset that’s rooted in research and shows that a combination of GLP-1 medications (for those who qualify) and one on one coaching is the safest and most effective way to improve your metabolic health and maintain your weight loss. In consequence, Calibrate members have a 2-3x better outcome than those who are taking GLP-1s alone without any coaching or support.

unique value calibrate over form health

Furthermore, Calibrate stands apart from the crowd by offering guaranteed success. Calibrate is so confident in their program that they guarantee a weight loss of at least 10% during your Calibrate Year or you’ll get your money back. Of course, there are terms and conditions, including the fact that you must remain compliant with the program and implement the lifestyle changes outlined for you.

How it Works

Calibrate, similar to Form Health, has an easy, streamlined process for getting members started on their journey to weight loss and better health. Here’s what you can expect from Calibrate:

Step 1: Take the quiz to determine eligibility

Calibrate has a short, 2-minute quiz that will help you determine if you’re eligible for the year-long metabolic reset program.

Step 2: Have an intake appointment with your Calibrate Doctor

Next, you’ll schedule a time to meet with a Calibrate doctor over a video chat session. During this call, the doctor will review your health history and lab work. He or she will also discuss which GLP-1 medication is right for you.

Step 3: Receive your GLP-1 Medication 

If eligible, you will receive your GLP-1 medication. This will be one that is clinically appropriate for your unique situation and one that’s covered by your insurance. No insurance? No problem. Calibrate has a guaranteed medication coverage at $25/month or less. 

Step 4: Meet your Calibrate Coach

Once you have your first coaching session scheduled with your Calibrate Coach, this will mark the official start of your Calibrate year. From this initial call, you will begin having bi-weekly video coaching sessions. These coaching sessions will include the support and accountability you need to make and maintain healthy lifestyle choices that will lead to long-term success.

Step 5: Experience weight loss by about 6 months

Calibrate members who have been following their program and taking their medications as prescribed can expect to lose around 10% of their body weight, on average, within about 6 months. Additionally, most will have a smaller waist circumference, more energy, improved stamina, and stronger adherence to their smart exercise regimen and goals. 

Step 6: Maintain your weight loss

Once your Calibrate year comes to a close, you should have lost at least 10% of your body weight. If not, you’re eligible to get your money back, if you meet the terms of this guarantee. At this point, you’ll have learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy habits that are maintainable for the long term. You will also have your lab work repeated to measure your progress where significant metabolic health improvements should be noted.


Calibrate costs $1620 for the year-long metabolic reset that includes 1:1 coaching, a medication prescription, and holistic curriculum plus the cost of prescription medication which is $25 per month with their Medication Coverage Guarantee. Financing is available to spread the cost over the year. In total, Calibrate members can expect to pay around $160 per month for the Calibrate Year. 

Calibrate also charges a one-time fee of $249 for a Metabolic Assessment. If you decide to sign up for the One-Year Metabolic Reset during your assessment, your payment will be credited to your one-year cost.

get started calibrate pricing

The Main Differences Between Form Health and Calibrate (and why you should care)

The most glaringly obvious difference between Form Health and Calibrate is the level of individual care and support provided throughout the program. Form Health is the clear winner when it comes to comprehensive support and coaching from real clinicians all the way through the program. 

Where Calibrate has members meet with a Calibrate doctor just once at the beginning of the program and then follow up with a coach inside the app for continued support, Form Health has members meet with their Form Health Doctor much more frequently (monthly) and also provides professional support from a Registered Dietitian who is specialized in weight loss.

Form Health provides its members with another level of personalization, care, guidance, and clinical coaching that Calibrate doesn’t. The ability to meet with an RD twice per month for the nutritional side of weight management is invaluable. 

main difference calibrate vs form health

Other key differences between Form Health and Calibrate include the following:

  • Calibrate offers a one-year metabolic reset, Form Health offers month-to-month support without a long-term commitment
  • Form Health offers the potential for many FDA-approved weight-loss medications, including GLP-1s. Calibrate offers only GLP-1 medications.
  • Form Health costs $99 per month, Calibrate costs $1620 per year with financing available.

Which Is Better For Medical Weight Loss: Form Health or Calibrate?

calibrate or form health better weight loss

Both Form Health and Calibrate offer the resources and professional coaching required to lose weight and keep it off, however, Form Health seems to be the better value and more professionally managed program. With monthly check-ins with a specialized doctor and bi-monthly check-ins with a Registered Dietitian, the level of clinical support offered by Form Health is a cut above what’s offered with Calibrate and can be the difference-maker for many in their pursuit of long-term and sustainable weight loss results.

Of course, that’s not to say that Calibrate doesn’t work. In fact, many members have seen success with the Calibrate Year-Long Metabolic Reset program. This is why it’s important to review the pros and cons of each program and really determine which coaching style and commitment are going to work best for your personal needs. In my opinion, Form Health is the more personalized and hands-on approach to weight loss, whereas Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset is more of a standardized approach, but can also be effective.

Our Expert Recommendation

choose form health over calibrate
Form Health

At a better price point and overall more value, it's hard to beat Form Health. We love the included Registered Dietitian with your purchase as well as on-going medical care from the Form Health team. They care about their members as evidence from honest feedback from those who are currently enrolled.

choose calibrate over form health

Because of the amount of people cycled through Calibrate, the price point is higher than Form. We wish they provided just a little bit more value like Form does, however, the fact remains that Calibrate has changed lives and continues to do so.

Parting Thoughts

To wrap this comparison up, I want to leave you with this sentiment; no matter which program you choose (Calibrate or Form Health), making the commitment to yourself to lose the excess weight and make healthy lifestyle changes that will set you up for long-term success is a huge win. If you’ve spent countless years and tried everything in the book to lose weight and keep it off, saying yes to either of these programs is going to be an amazing investment into your long-term health and wellbeing.

I encourage you to consider which level of support you feel would help you achieve the most optimal results, your budget, and which approach to weight loss feels most aligned with your goals. And remember, your success is contingent on your adherence to the plan, regardless of which option you choose. You will be given the tools, support, and accountability you need, but you are still required to execute on making healthy lifestyle choices.

About the Author

Lynn Rose is a super talented mom and Certified Nutritionist with a big passion for sharing knowledge. She spent about 10 years working in journalism, where she learned a lot about writing and telling stories. Lynn also worked in radio for about 3 years, doing all sorts of cool jobs like being on the air, directing programs, helping with promotions, and even designing websites. She has a B.A. in Communications. When she's not writing, Lynn loves to try different products and provide in-depth hands-on reviews.

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