posted: November 3, 2023

updated: November 3, 2023

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Up until recently, it seems like the diet industry was filled with a bunch of crap, excuse my language. The number of fad diets and trends that I’ve seen come and go over the years is insane. Unfortunately, many of these diets offered weight loss support that wasn’t legitimate, safe, or sustainable. It’s frustrating to say the least!

However, things have started to shift in the diet and nutrition industry, we’re now seeing more science-backed, evidence-based weight loss plans that are genuinely designed to not only help you lose weight and get healthy, but to ensure that you’re able to maintain your new lifestyle for the long-term. Does that sound as sexy as a promise like “lose 30 pounds in 30 days!)? No. But, unless you want to continue spinning your wheels, losing and gaining the same weight over and over again, you have to change your perspective and your mindset.

Today, I’m comparing two weight loss companies, Noom and Found, that are working hard to create a new culture around losing weight safely and sustainably. Both of these companies use science-based techniques and sound medical advice to carry out their programs, but they are very different from one another. So which one is going to be the best option for you and your health goals? Let’s dig in, reviewing Found vs Noom and let you choose the path that aligns with your current situation and where you want to go.

Noom vs Found: Comparing Two Science-Based Weight Loss Plans

noom and found comparison table

We put together an informative table that highlights the similarities and differences between NOOM's diet and FOUND's weight loss system.




Avg. User Reviews

4.7/5 ⭐ From Apple App Store

4.64/5 ⭐ From

Unique Value Proposition

Psychological Weight Management + Healthy Eating Habits

FDA-Approved Medications (RX) + Personalized Health Coaching + Community Support


Dependent On Individual Weight Loss Goals, Average Monthly Cost Is $59/Month

RX Monthly Commitment: $149/Month
RX 3 Month Commitment: $129/Month
RX 6 Month Commitment: $99/Month
Wellness Path: $49/Month

Medication Included?



Personalized Coaching Included?



Psychological Weight Management Included?



Program Length


Month-to-month, 6 months to lose 10% of body weight

Official Website

Reviewing Noom

noom's logo and reviewing their brand

A revolutionary weight loss program, noom has been around for a long time now, and they're only getting better!

Noom weight loss is a revolutionary weight loss program that harnesses science and psychology to help users lose weight and keep it off for good. By helping you to better understand your relationship with food, Noom creates a deeper awareness of your habits and then gives you the knowledge and support you need to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

Fact Check ✅:

Noom takes a completely different approach to weight management than any other company before them. Instead of harping on the eat less, exercise more mentality that causes nothing but burnout and short-term results, Noom allows you to take control of your health and make changes internally so that you can reap the rewards externally.

Another differentiator of Noom is the fact that the entire program is app-based. Users spend as much or as little time on their app each day, reaching for their goals on their own schedule.

Key Features of Noom

Here are the key highlights of the Noom program that you need to know about:

noom's key stats and features

Source: Noom's website

Daily lessons that work with your schedule

Noom users will receive daily personalized lessons within the app to help them gain confidence and arm them with practical knowledge that can be put to use right away. As the user, you have complete control of the app and the time you spend on it so you can fit it in on your schedule.

Motivation, accountability and encouragement

We’re all motivated in different ways, which is why Noom offers various support channels so that you can choose the kind that’s most motivating for you. There’s one-on-one coaching, support groups, and SOS plans available. You get to choose the level of support you need for your personal goals.

Reach your goals at your speed

Noom’s app tracks food, exercise, and more, but it’s designed to empower you to hit your goals at a sustainable pace that feels right for you. There’s no push to do something in a certain time frame, you’re the driver of your health and wellness car.

Psychological lessons

As a Noom user, you’ll receive daily, easy-to-digest lessons that are backed by the latest science on psychology and behavior. These lessons are short, fun, and easy to follow so that you can start building tools in your weight management toolkit.

You choose what you eat

Noom doesn’t believe in labeling foods good or bad. Instead, they empower you to make informed decisions about nutrition based on the knowledge and wisdom they provide you with.

Progress over perfection mindset

As an app user, you’ll be logging your food, tracking your steps, and paying attention to your daily water intake. These tracking tools are there to help you take control of your weight loss journey and to take your progress into your own hands. Weight loss will inherently have its ups and downs, which is why Noom focusses on progress, never perfecton in your journey.

Pros of Noom Diet

  • Everything is done on your schedule and according to your preferences
  • You aren’t required to restrict your diet or adhere to anything crazy
  • You handle your health inside an easy-to-use app on your phone
  • Access to real health coaches who will keep you accountable and on track towards your goals
  • Daily lessons that actually help you change your psychology around diet and exercise
  • The entire program is designed to help you make changes that will last a lifetime
  • Monthly prices vary depending on your plan, but it’s very affordable when compared to other weight loss programs

Cons of Noom Diet

  • Noom does not prescribe medications like Found does
  • There are no opportunities to consult with real, licensed medical professionals
  • It can be time consuming as you’re encouraged to log all of your food every day in the app
  • They do not include meal plans, just recipes

Who Is Noom Weight Management For?

Noom is best for those who need to lose weight and they want to do so with an understanding of why and how their behaviors are contributing to their excess weight and how to change those behaviors for long-term success. With Noom, it’s more about getting to the core of what’s causing your excess weight (lifestyle habits and choices) and then providing you with the data and information you need to analytically think about your choices and how to make new ones.

noom app and woman looking at it

Noom takes a behavioral approach to weight loss, and is a great fit for those who want to get to the bottom of their underlying problem.

Not into the science so much? Don’t worry, Noom is also for those who want to have a tool that keeps them on track and accountable for their health. With daily food and movement tracking, weigh-ins, and weekly meetings with your personal health coach, you have the support and tools you need to stay on track.

Noom is not a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their phone each day as you’ll be required to spend time tracking as well as progressing through lessons and data.

Is Noom Worth It?

Noom is 100% worth it for those who want to take a psychological approach to sustained weight loss. In fact, a recent study found that 78% of Noom users experienced weight loss after using the app for 9 month, showing that this is indeed a legit way to lose weight.

"is noom worth it?" emoji and noom's logo

Want to take a psychological approach to weight loss? Than Noom will be well worth your investment.

Reviewing Found

found health's logo and reviewing their brand

FOUND Health is on the cutting edge for biology-led prescription medication weight loss treatment.

Found Health (or is a modern prescription weight loss program that leverages modern science and your own biology to support your health journey. The three key pillars of Found’s program include FDA-approved prescription medication, a private supportive community, and personal health coaching.

Fact Check ✅:

The Found method begins with your unique biology. They understand that sometimes the same old advice of eating less and moving more just isn’t cutting it anymore. For those who feel like they’ve tried everything without success, Found helps you to understand if perhaps your biology (genetics and hormones) may be the reason you’re spinning your wheels. Found users, on average, can expect to lose about 10% of their body weight by month 6 of the program.

Key Features of Found

Below are the important features of Found that you’ll want to know:

found's key stats and features

Found's a comprehensive approach to weight loss that involves more than just prescription meds, and this infographic shows what I mean. Source: found's website

Evaluation by a board-certified medical provider

As soon as you sign up for Found, you’ll be connected with a board-certified medical provider who will help find you the right medication to fit the needs of your unique biology.

Prescription medication match

Your medical provider will match you with the weight loss RX that’s best for your biology. For example, some medications work on the reward center of your brain to help you curb cravings while others help to stabilize your blood sugar, shrink your appetite, and allow you to feel satisfied with less food.

One on one health coaching

As a Found member, you will be assigned a personalized health coach to support and motivate you throughout your whole journey, tailoring your program to your specific needs. With your coach, you can anticipate learning healthy, sustainable habits in the areas of nutrition, movement, sleep, and mental health that match your lifestyle.

Pros of FOUND weight loss

  • Prescription medications included to help you reach your goals based on your unique hormones and genetics
  • The ability to work one on one with a dedicated health coach who has your back throughout your journey
  • Focus on not just losing weight but on creating habits and lifestyle changes that sustain your weight loss for the long-term
  • Three different weight management paths available, depending on your needs (some are coaching only, no RX)
  • Holistic approach to weight loss that takes into account so many psychological and physical aspect of losing weight
  • Private community support to help you connect with others and not feel alone on your journey

Cons of FOUND weight loss

  • Some people feel that the weight loss is too slow (however, research shows that this is the most sustainable way to do it)
  • Not everyone qualifies for prescription weight loss medication

Who is Found Weight Loss For?

Found is ideal for anyone who seeks to take a holistic approach to weight care, taking into account the multiple facets that make up your ability to lose weight and keep it off for good. With three different paths available, there’s something for everyone who would like to shed excess pounds. The RX path is for anyone with a BMI (body mass index) of >30 (or, >27 with specific comorbidities). 

found prescription medication bottle and two people

Ultimately, Found is a weight care program that’s taking a new approach to managing excess pounds that gets to the core of the problem - which might be your biology. This is why Found is perfect for folks who feel as though they have tried absolutely everything there is to try out there, yet are still struggling with their body. It’s for people who have a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, but they don’t know where to start and they need coaching and accountability along the way.

What makes Found’s program so special is that there is a genuine human connection regardless of the fact that it's all done online. You’ll feel good knowing that there are real medical professionals on the other end of your program that have your best interests in mind. They want you to succeed and they want you to enjoy living your life in the process

Is Found Worth It?

Found is hands-down one of the most worthwhile, legitimate weight loss programs out there right now. The mixture between science and a human-centered approach is paving a new way for weight management. Whether you qualify for an RX or not, you’ll still find so much value in the personal coaching, accountability, and community support that it’ll be 100% worth the investment into living a healthier, happy life.

"is noom worth it?" emoji and found prescription meds

Studies have shown that heridity has a lot to do with how hard it is to lose weight. That's where FOUND comes in, and for that, it's worth the cost.

Which is The Better Weight Loss Program: Found Vs. Noom Diet?

Noom is better for those who want to take control of their lifestyle and habits, changing them for the better and really getting a good understanding of the science behind the choices that you make and what drives a healthy lifestyle.

Found, on the other hand, is better than Noom for those who feel stuck in their weight loss journey and believe that their biology may be playing a role in keeping them from reaching their goals.

found versus noom table graphic (which is better)

Found is better than Noom if you believe you need prescription medication for weight loss, whereas Noom is the best choice if you're someone who wants to change your lifestyle and habits to lose weight because Noom can help you do that.

Visit NOOM's website here if you think it's for you, or go to FOUND's website here if you believe you're a good fit. Another program that is very similar to FOUND is Calibrate. Find out which is better: Join Calibrate vs. FOUND to see which prescription based weight loss program is right for you.

The biggest difference between Found and Noom is that Found offers prescription medications and Noom does not. Also, Noom is app-based and based on your comfort level of moving forward - it’s all done at your own pace whereas Found has a loosely structured plan that’s designed to get you to hit certain points by certain dates.

Wrapping Up: Should You Choose Noom or Found?

At this point, you hopefully have a clearer understanding of the differences in Noom vs Found and you know a little more about each program and what they have to offer. Both Found and Noom are making great strides in the weight care space, making sustainable weight loss safer, easier, and more effective than ever. That said, they have some fundamental differences, so you’re likely better suited for one over the other. 

I encourage you to learn more about each program and get the ball rolling on the one that best matches your needs. A healthier, happier you is closer than you think! Visit the FOUND or NOOM website now (below) to get started!

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