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Weight loss is a hot topic right now. There’s a growing trend towards better health thanks in part to the pandemic which has served as a wake up call to many. In fact, the CDC has come out and said that obesity increases the risk of severe illness.

But what do you do when you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing works. You’ve persisted through every diet, tortured yourself with crazy exercise plans, and you still have significant weight to lose? To say you feel defeated would be an understatement.

While I always recommend diet and exercise as the best and most sustainable way to lose weight, I also recognize that certain people need a little more than that in order to achieve their goals. For some, there may be genetic and hormonal factors that are playing a bigger role than we think. In which case, slapping an arbitrary weight loss plan on for size isn’t likely to net you the results you desire.

Prescription weight loss medications have been buzzing lately with more pharmaceutical brands hitting the market with FDA-approved medications like Plenity and more wellness brands making it their mission to help patients get connected with the right medications like Found. The trouble is that it can be difficult to know which direction to take or even where to begin.

In this article, I’m going to be comparing Found Weight Loss vs Plenity (RX), clueing you into what they are, how they can help, and then helping you decide which option is right for you and your needs.

Key Comparisons Table: Found vs. Plenity

comparing found versus plenity table chart




Average Review Rating

4.7/5 ⭐

4.6/5 ⭐

Key Offering:

Weight loss medication + personalized coaching

RX medication (medical device, NOT drug)


-RX Monthly Commitment: $149/Month
-RX 3 Month Commitment: $129/Month
-RX 6 Month Commitment: $99/Month
-Wellness Path: $49/Month

$98 per month

FDA- Approved RX?



BMI Requirements



Personal Health Coaching?


❌ No, RX only

Private Community?


❌ No, just meds

Based on Biology?




Overview of Plenity

plenity fda prescription weight loss medication

Plenity is an FDA-approved prescription weight loss medical device that’s stimulant-free and non-habit forming. Plenity is not a drug as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Made from naturally derived building blocks (cellulose and citric acid), it helps users to feel fuller so that they eat less and lose weight. Basically, instead of using a drug that changes your body’s chemistry, Plenity is a medical device that physically fills up your stomach to leave less space for food.

Fact Check ✅:

Plenity is to be taken twice per day, before lunch and dinner, with 16 ounces of water (two glasses) 20 minutes before you eat. Once inside your body, Plenity will absorb the water you drink and mix with the food that you eat. The result is that Plenity is taking up more room inside your body, helping you to reach the point of satiety faster and with less food.

Our Registered Dietician (Lindsey) detailed a Plenity review so you can get even more information on it. In addition, the following video does a great job of explaining how Plenity works:

Click to play

Who is Plenity Best For?

people who benefited from plenity

Plenity is designed for people 18 and over who have a BMI of 25-40 kg/m2. For those who qualify, Plenity is meant to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

You should not take Plenity if you are pregnant, under the age of 18, or are allergic to cellulose, citric acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatin, or titanium dioxide.

Is Plenity Worth It For Weight Loss?

Plenity is still a very new weight management tool, having only been approved by the FDA recently. As such, finding clinical trials and review of Plenity is a little tough at this time. However, based on the information out there currently, there’s compelling evidence that points to Plenity being worth it for weight loss.

plenity worth it for weight loss (FDA approved)

One unique thing about this weight loss device is that it’s approved for a larger range of folks. For most weight loss prescriptions, you must meet certain criteria like a BMI of 30 or above. Plenity lowered the threshold to include those who only have a moderate amount of weight to lose (BMI starting at 25).

For those who feel like they’re always hungry and having trouble controlling their portions, Plenity is worth it. With less physical space in your stomach for food, you’ll naturally eat less calories which can result in weight loss, especially if you combine your treatment with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Overview of FOUND

overview of found weight loss program

Found is a holistic weight management program that combines prescription weight loss, personalized health coaching, and community support to bring you a well-rounded, sustainable approach to losing weight. The Found program is built on the knowledge that sometimes diet and exercise aren’t the answer for every individual. Found leverages modern science to understand your biology and then craft a plan from there.

It's very similar to another weight loss prescription brand I've covered, so be sure to check out Calibrate vs FOUND weight loss. And, if you didn't want to compare it to one of the leading weight loss programs that doesn't do prescription weight loss, check out noom vs found.

Fact Check ✅:

With several weight loss paths available, Found helps connect you with the right kind of support to lose weight and feel your best. For those who qualify for prescription medications, Found will help you get one that’s engineered to balance your biology and start tipping the scale in your direction.

In addition to the RX weight loss medications, Found offers personalized MD consultations, one-on-one health coaching, and a private community to help hold you accountable and keep you encouraged the whole way through. The medications prescribed by found are all FDA-approved and the RX prescription will depend on the individual and their unique biology and needs. Found’s professional medical provider will determine what the right path and RX is for you and your unique biological needs.

Who is Found Best For?

people who benefited from found

Found is best for those who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Found users, on average, can expect to lose 10% of their body weight by month 6, which indicates a healthy and sustainable weight loss. For those who thrive in community situations and with the accountability and support of others, Found is a great choice.

So many people feel like they’re struggling with their weight on their own, when in reality there are millions of others in the same boat. Found helps connect folks both with personalized health coaching that gives users the one-on-one support they need and to a community of people who help them feel as though they aren’t alone on their journey.

Is Found Worth It For Weight Loss?

Yes, 100% Found is worth it for weight loss. I have personally worked with the Found team and researched their service extensively. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission that Found is on and stand behind their practical, sustainable approach to permanent weight loss. For those who are tired of gaining and losing the same 50 lbs over and over again, constantly battling against your biology for the healthy body you want, Found is well worth the investment.

testimonials say found is worth it

Anyone with a BMI greater than 30 may be eligible for FDA-approved weight loss medications that will aid in the process of losing body fat. In addition to the medication support, Found provides additional support that’s crucial in the long-term success of weight loss. The coaching and accountability that comes with Found is the missing piece in many weight loss programs.

Final Verdict: Which is Better - Found or Plenity?

After reading this article comparing and contrasting Plenity and Found, it’s clear that these are two different weight loss tools. Both options can provide users with great results with little side effects when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

The main difference between Found and Plenity is that Found is a holistic weight management program that includes so much more than just a prescription medication. With Found, you’re getting access to real medical professionals and a support team who will guide you along the journey to weight loss that lasts.

Plenity, on the other hand, is available by prescription only through a licensed medical provider, but it doesn’t include additional support. Of course, your prescribing health care provider should be able to answer your questions, but there isn’t a dedicated program to keep you on track.

plenity of found better table infographic

FOUND's better for a full weight loss system with the help of prescription medication, whereas plenity is best for people who don't want coaching, just medication.

If you have a BMI of >25 and are mainly struggling with overeating, Plenity might be the best option for you. For those with a BMI of >30 who feel as though they have biological and/or hormonal issues that are preventing them from achieving a healthy weight, Found might be the better choice for you.

When in doubt, consult with your doctor or get in touch with the Found and Plenity teams to learn more about what they have to offer and how they can help you achieve your goals.

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