G-Plans Review: Is This Metabolic Weight Loss Diet Worth It?

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Health, wellness, and weight loss are top of mind these days. Between the pandemic and the fact that 73.6% of Americans are overweight or obese, there are countless people looking for help. However, the problem isn’t that there aren’t options for weight loss plans; the problem is that there are too many. Worse yet, they all seem to be in direct conflict with one another.

Having been in the health and fitness industry for years now, I’ve seen it all. From the extreme diets that offer a quick fix to the science-based programs that actually work, but take more time than most people would like. Unfortunately, most of the information that you find on the internet when it comes to sustainable weight loss is garbage, so I’m always skeptical when I research and test out something new.

So when I was recently introduced to G-Plans, my initial inclination was to be skeptical. However, diving in, I discovered that there’s some merit to G-Plans and its metabolic body type weight loss plans, which is why I’m excited to share my review and personal experience with G-Plans here with you so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not G-Plans are worth it for you.

Quick Summary of G-Plans Diet Review for Weight Loss


Metabolic Weight Loss Diet (Pro Plan, Managed Plan, Maintenance Plan)




Luke Mahoney, John Levan, Dr. Phillip Goglia, Lisa Saridakis


Best for:

Those who want to know their metabolic type to live happier, healthy lives and lose weight through a Dr-created diet plan.


From $395 or $33 per month for 12 months

Membership cost:

Starting at $39.99 per month

Avg. User Rating:

4/5 ⭐ (Over 2,000 reviews)

What is the G-Plans Diet (Dr. Goglia Diet)?

g-plans weight loss dr goglia diet

G-Plans is the first online nutrition diet program that utilized users’ metabolic body types to create customized meal plans. By first asking users to take their comprehensive online quiz,  G-Plans can then formulate 100% custom meal plans that are designed to help you reach your goals in a safe and sustainable way that’s in alignment with your unique body.

G-Plans was founded by Dr. Goglia, a renowned MD with 30+ years of experience working with celebrities, elite athletes, and everyday patients all around the world. Dr. Goglia has created a health technology company that’s built on cutting-edge technology and health and nutrition products that are scientifically engineered to get people the results they’re looking for.

More on Dr. Goglia, Creator of the Dr. Goglia Diet

Dr. Philip Goglia - g-plans weight loss co founder

Dr. Philip Goglia has been called the “nutritionist to the stars” thanks to his long list of celebrity clientele that includes the Kardashians. He has been a guest on a couple of popular weight-loss TV shows like Revenge Body and Bod Squad, but he doesn’t just play a Dr. on TV.

Dr. Goglia has been a practicing certified nutritionist for well over 30 years and holds a PhD in Nutritional Science from Duke University. He also holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Furthermore, Dr. Goglia has a best-selling book to add to his resume, “Turn Up The Heat – Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism.” G-Plans is Dr. Goglia’s next step, serving as the Cheif Medical Officer and working with other top industry professionals to deliver effective metabolic-based weight loss programs.


  • Personalized weight loss plans that take the guesswork out of nutrition
  • Macro-based nutrition with healthy carbs, fats, and protein breakdown
  • Access to tons of resources like articles, nutritionists, and recipes
  • Simple and straightforward app that’s easy to use and navigate
  • Tasty but simple recipes
  • Grocery list with the option to have groceries delivered to your doorstep
  • Option to swap out any meals that don’t suit your preferences
  • Access to high-quality supplements to complement your plan
  • Nutrition 101 video classes + tons of blog content support
  • Access to chat 24/7


  • There are no workout recommendations, but tracking is included so you can log your own
  • Some people struggle with the need to constantly be making their own meals and not ordering out (although, you have the option to customize your tracked meals)
  • The expenses of groceries can get high with all of the ingredients needed to prepare the meals/fresh fruits and veggies

What is Metabolic Typing and Why Use it For Weight Loss?

importance of metabolic typing g plans

Metabolic typing is based on a scientific approach to nutrition from the standpoint of metabolism and lipid profile testing. When it comes to G-Plans, they have identified three different metabolic types:

  • Fat and protein efficient
  • Carbohydrate efficient
  • Dual efficient

Depending on which metabolic type you are as determined by the G-Plans quiz, you will be set up with a nutrition plan that caters to your unique needs. Each type needs a different ratio of protein, fats, and carbs (macros) to generate energy and initiate fat burning. You'd be surprised with the results counting macros, as having the awareness is critical.

G Plans programming is designed to increase your metabolic efficiency and reduce your body’s need to adapt to inappropriate nutrient patterns through the storing of fat. Next, I’ll describe each of the three metabolic types in more detail.

Carbohydrate Efficient

23% of the population is carbohydrate efficient. Those who fall into this category are able to metabolize and utilize carbs much more efficiently than proteins and fats. Generally, the breakdown of macros for carb efficient people is as follows: 

  • 70% carbohydrates
  • 20% protein
  • 10% fat

Keep in mind that these are very loose guidelines and will vary depending on things like exercise and daily activities. Those who are carb efficient are best matched with exercise that is endurance in nature, including things like running, swimming, cycling, and other cardiovascular activities. For these folks, they tend to do best with a training program that includes about 75% cardio and 25% strength training.

Fat and Protein Efficient

This is the most common metabolic type, with around 74% of the population falling into this category. For those who are fat and protein efficient, your body can metabolize and utilize fats and protein much more readily and efficiently than carbs. This means that your nutrition plan will include a lot of proteins and a moderate amount of fats and carbs.

If you are identified as a fat and protein-efficient individual, you will be best suited for an efficient exercise routine that incorporates mostly strength training with some moderate amounts of cardio as your body has the ability to utilize proteins to build and maintain lean muscle mass best. For this population, 75% of your exercise should be strength-focused and 25% should be cardio-focused.

Dual Efficient

This is the least common metabolic type and it includes those who should eat a balance of all three macronutrients. Not only should dual efficient people eat a balanced macro diet, but their exercise plan should also be relatively balanced between strength training and cardio. 

This metabolic type is the most sensitive of all the metabolism, however, when it’s properly identified and nourished, it has the best and fastest response when it comes to weight loss than the other two types.

How it Works

g plans app how it works

Getting started with G-Plans is very simple and pain-free. It all begins with a quick quiz to help the team determine your metabolic type so that they can get started with a customized plan for you based on your results. 

Here’s what the process was like when I went through it:

List of Steps

Take the quiz

This is a 30-second quiz that will help G-Plans get to know you and your body so that they can determine which metabolic type you are. 

Receive an email with detailed results and instructions for getting started

Soon after you submit your quiz responses, G-Plans will send you an email with your results. There will be a determination of your metabolic type plus a multi-page PDF document with information regarding your results and when and how you can get started towards reaching your goal. This report will also highlight any metabolic inefficiencies that have been detected.

G-Plans creates your unique plan

Based on your quiz responses, G-Plans will generate a unique plan which will cover all of your macronutrient needs, serving sizes, portions, and ingredients to meet your unique nutritional goals. 

Your meal plan is created

Taking all the guesswork out of tracking and planning your nutrition plan, G-Plans will automatically calculate and balance your meal plan’s macros and calories based on the foods your track, helping you to keep your nutrition plan adjusted to perform optimally so that you can stay on track and hit your goals as efficiently as possible.

Meal planning and customization

G-Plans will ask you to select some example meals that sound good to you for each meal of the day and then use those selections to generate a menu that features similar foods. You can plan out your daily and weekly meals with just a few clicks, with the confidence of knowing that all of your meals will be adjusted perfectly to fit your metabolic ID and your macronutrient needs. Not into the recipes? G-Plans allow for complete customization, allowing you to use and track your own meals and recipes so that you can fit in the foods that you love and enjoy the most.

Grocery shopping support

No need to spend hours pouring over your recipes to figure out what ingredients you need to pick up from the store, G-Plans does all of this for you. Simply add the ingredients that you need based on your weekly meal plan to your cart and have them delivered to your door by major delivery services like Instacart.

Track your progress in the app

G-Plans makes it so simple to see and track your progress inside the app so that you can watch your journey to your goals unfold. Plus, you can track so much more than just your nutrition, G-Plans also takes into account other important factors like exercise and water intake, too. By tracking your workouts inside the app, G-Plans will calculate your calories burned and recalibrate your meals and macros to ensure they’re in alignment with your goals. 

Crush your goals!

Armed with the right data and tools, you can begin to see results immediately. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your energy, or just optimize your wellness, G-Plans is scientifically engineered to get you there in the most effective way possible. G-Plans is like having a nutritionist right in your pocket!

Who Should Try G-Plans?

trying g plans weight loss program

G-Plans is a smart weight loss option for anyone who feels as though they are spinning their wheels with a traditional diet and exercise culture. For many of us, we’ve never been taught or identified with a particular metabolic type, which means that, for most of us, we’ve tried a million different diet plans and trends only to come right back to square one because they simply weren’t catering to our specific needs.

G-Plans is a great option for those who want to work with their body and not against it. For those who have a desire to get to know their metabolism and how to eat and fuel it in accordance with its unique needs. 

Furthermore, the Dr. Goglia diet and app is perfect for anyone who wants to take 100% of the guesswork, hassle, and frustration out of figuring out what and how much to eat. With G-Plans, it’s all done for you, all you need to do is execute the plan.

Cost of Membership and Where to Buy

cost and pricing for g plans weight loss

G-Plans cost $39.99 per month for the pro version of the app which includes everything you need to customize your meal plans, enjoy delicious recipes that are perfectly macro-balanced and tailored to your needs, and get in contact with the professionals at G-Plans should you have any questions. Access to G-Plans is available through their official website only.

G-Plans also offers two additional options if you desire even more guidance and customization in your weight loss journey. Here’s a brief breakdown of the three plan options:



Pro Plan:

Includes a 100% custom meal plan made for your body and complete access to the tools inside the G-Plans app for $39.99 per month.

Managed Plan:

Everything you get with the Pro Plan but with the addition of one-on-one coaching from a certified nutritionist every week to help accelerate your results. Your first nutritionist call is $9.97 plus the membership cost.

Maintenance Plan:

Once your goals are achieved, G-Plans will help you to continue on your wellness journey by maintaining your results. The cost is $39.99 per month for meal planning support and access to the G-Plans app and tracking tools.

Honest Customer Reviews of the G-Plan Weight Loss Diet

Be sure to read this through, because G-Plans is one of those brands that keeps improving, and they may have found their sweet spot. The G-Plans app has an average rating of 3.5/5 stars on the apple app store with nearly 2,000 user reviews, which is a large sample size. It's clear that their app had some bug issues when they first launched. However, their developers have patched them up. The more recent reviews of G-Plans are very good where the majority of users are rating it 5/5 stars.

It's always nice to see brands improve. I think as consumers, we need to take an objective look at everything, including the launch phase of the business to where they are now.

At the end of the day, it's about results. Without question, it's a fact that people are losing weight with G-Plans, even though that "older" rating isn't very favorable at the moment. Do your due diligence and research more reviews!

honest user g plan reviews 1
real g plan weight loss reviews 2

G-Plans Compared to Alternatives

Not every weight loss plan is perfect for everyone, that's why it's nice to know what type of G-Plans alternatives are out there.

Noom is obviously one of the leading diet plans and apps out there, but is probably most comparable to G-Plans. Not everyone loves noom after they do it, but they've been around for a long time and many people love it.

Found and Calibrate are two medical weight loss programs that prescribe FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication. The Found weight loss program starts at $99 per month, while the Calibrate weight loss program starts at a yearly fee. The Form Health weight loss program is another RX medication program, but they go a step further than the two mentioned above, with affordable monthly packages that include registered dietitians.

For those who want personalized wellness tracking, Signos is a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that helps you understand your blood sugar levels on your journey to weight loss.

Final Verdict: Is the G-Plans Diet Worth It?

Yes, G-Plans, or Dr. Goglia’s Diet, is 100% worth it for those who are seeking a better understanding of their unique metabolic needs and would like a customized nutrition plan that works with their body to help them reach their goals.

g plans weight loss plan worth it

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical coming into my experience and review of G-Plans as I’m always cautious of diet plans. However, I am happy to say that I am very pleasantly surprised by the level of science and accurate nutrition information that went into this program.

I am someone who has followed a macro-based diet for a few years now, so I am very familiar with and a big believer in macros. After taking the G-Plans quiz and getting my results, I was very happy to see that I was given macro recommendations that were very similar to my current diet plan. There are so many plans out there that promote restriction and this is not the case with G-Plans. In fact, G-Plans has me eating more than I currently am, which is always exciting to see and a goal that we should all be striving towards!

I believe that, if followed properly, G-Plans can be very successful for those who want a turnkey weight loss program that allows them to enjoy delicious foods, track easily, and work in accordance with, not against, their metabolism.

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