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Our blood sugar levels are an essential key to our health. Your blood sugar level can paint a very intricate picture of how your body is operating, responding, and reacting to various stimuli.

For those of us who want to optimize our health, nutrition, and overall wellness, understanding our blood glucose levels and our metabolic health is vital. But how can we do that?

Nutrisense has the answer. This CGM for weight loss (continuous glucose monitoring) system is changing the way we monitor, understand, and optimize our health. In this article, I’m going to break down what Nutrisense is, who it’s for, if it’s safe, and finally if it’s worth it.

Quick Summary of Nutrisense CGM Review


Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and Coaching


NutriSense (or


Alex Skryl (CEO), Dan Zavorotny (COO)


Best for:

Those who want to optimize their overall wellness, gain more insights into their health and how those factors play a key role in becoming fit and healthy.


Packages ranging from $175 per month to $350 per month, depending on what you choose.


Subscription Option:


Avg. User Rating:

No official rating on the product, however, they have a private members facebook group with over 4,000 members and a public facebook group with over 1,200 members. Their facebook business page has over 4,000+ likes and 11,347 follows.

What is Nutrisense CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring)?

Nutrisense is a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) is a small, non-invasive device that attaches to the back of your arm for two weeks and tracks and monitors your glucose 24/7. Your data is easily accessible inside the Nutrisense app. Plus, Nutrisense takes the product to the next level by adding expert guidance and support from real Registered Dietitians who will analyze your data and help you reach your full health potential.

nutrisense cgm

Nutrisense is on a mission to personalize nutrition by leveraging CGM and Machine Learning. Simply put, they are helping to reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, helping people shed excess weight, and helping athletes optimize their performance to become the best versions of themselves.

Nutrisense offers several programs and services that are designed to give you the information and tools you need to understand how your unique body works and then what changes you can implement in order to make make it work better for you. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with different eating windows, workout routines, and macronutrient balance with your personal Registered Dietitian.

The Nutrisense CGM is a small, discreet device that, once played correctly on the back of your arm, will measure your glucose values around the clock. It’s painless and can be worn throughout all your normal daily activities, including during your workouts and when showering. This type of technology does require a prescription, but Nutrisense will take care of that for you.

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Next, let’s take a step back to review what blood glucose is, more about CGMs, and why you might be considering one for your health.

What is Blood Glucose?

Glucose is a type of sugar that you get from the foods you eat. It’s a simple sugar, the most basic of all carbohydrates and it’s the fuel that provides us with the energy we need to survive. 

As humans, we regulate our blood sugar levels through hormones released by the pancreas. On average, we have about one teaspoon of sugar in our bloodstream at any given time. Should our levels spike above or dip below that standard, our pancreas will secret hormones to get it back in check.

These hormones are insulin, which helps to reduce blood sugar levels and glucagon and cortisol which serve to raise blood sugar levels. Of course, there are some people who have pancreatic issues that cause their hormones to malfunction. This can lead to common diseases like Type I Diabetes. For members of this population, monitoring your blood glucose levels closely is vital for your survival. However, even healthy individuals can benefit greatly from the data derived from CGMs.

When it comes to blood glucose levels. There’s not one single magic number that dictates health. In fact, each person has their own range of safe blood glucose levels. Your personal glucose level will vary day to day based on external factors like your age, eating habits, and even the time of day.

It’s important to monitor and understand your blood glucose levels as this data allows you to pinpoint what is causing your levels to fluctuate so you can make changes to avoid the things that are affecting your body. This attention to your levels allows you to catch high or low blood sugar early and avoid hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

What is a CGM?

A CGM or continuous glucose monitor is a small, non-invasive device that you place on the backside of your arm to monitor your glucose levels. Although CGMs were first created to help those with Type 1 Diabetes manage and control their blood glucose levels, new technological advances have made these devices more widely available to the general public.

CGMs are meant to be used for two weeks straight and then changed out to help ensure data accuracy. When in use, your CGM will automatically capture your glucose level every 15 minutes. Using an NFC-enable smartphone, you can scan your sensor and pull up the Nutrisense app to see real-time glucose activity and scores.

Important Facts Regarding CGMs
  • CGMs are small, wearable devices that stay on the back of your arm for 14 days.
  • If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you will be required to have a medical prescription. Nutrisense includes this prescription for those who qualify.
  • Despite what you might think, CGMs are not painful! Most people forget that they are wearing it within a day or so.
  • Your CGM can go with you to the gym, pool, sauna, shower, and everywhere in between.

How It Works

Nutrisense has managed to take a seemingly complicated health topic and make it incredibly easy and accessible to anyone who has a desire to better understand their own health. To get started with Nutrisense, you’ll follow these steps:

Choose Your Program


You’ll begin by completing a short sign-up form where you will select a program that best fits your needs (more on the programs available later).

Complete the health questionnaire


This will only take a few moments and the information you provide will help the Nutrisense team to determine if you’re eligible for a program.

Receive your sensors in the mail


If you’re approved, you can expect to receive two 14-day sensors at your doorstep every month.

Put your sensor on


Nutrisense will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to properly place your sensors. Don’t worry, it’s easy and completely painless!

Start optimizing your health


Download the Nutrisense app and get acquainted with your personal Registered Dietitians right inside the app. 

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What to Expect: Nutrisense CGM Timeline

Using Nutrisense can provide you with invaluable information and insights into your personal health and wellness. Your body’s blood glucose levels are a vital sign that’s worth exploring and understanding.

timeline of nutrisense

Nutrisense recommends that users pair with a CGM and the Nutrisense app over the course of a year so that you can get a full understanding of how your body reacts to your diet plan, exercise, stress, and more. The more data available, the more you’re able to dial in and make changes that will lead you to the results you desire.

Each person has unique blood glucose levels and therefore should have a unique CGM program to tailor specifically to his or her own needs. With Nutrisense, they build out a unique program for you, that’s by you, and your dietitian. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program.

Here’s what you can expect over the course of a year with your CGM and Nutrisense:

Nutrisense can help you in…

2 Weeks: Discovery Phase

This is where you will establish your baseline glucose levels, meet your dietitian inside the Nutrisense app using the chat feature, and begin to get a basic understanding of your glucose data.

1 Month: Testing and Experimenting

By now, you have enough data to start to identify any trouble areas like foods that trigger abnormal levels. From here, you will start to experience implementing some simple hacks to see how they affect your data.

3 Months: Optimization

At this point, you have enough information and have done enough testing to solidify your plan and begin adhering to the habits and lifestyle changes that are going to make the most positive impact on your health. Part of this journey will likely include establishing a new eating plan, exercise plan, and sleep schedule that is tailored to your body’s needs.

6 Months: Progress Mounts

If weight loss was one of your goals, you should see substantial movement in the right direction. You will continue to monitor your blood glucose levels and use that data to stay motivated and accountable. You may, at this point, need to set some new health and metabolic goals for yourself as you reach and surpass your initial ones.

1 Year: Lifestyle Solidified

Once you’re about a year into using your CGM and the Nutrisense app and support team, you should have developed habits and behaviors that reinforce your efforts to manage and maintain your health. You can continue using your CGM for accountability, disease management, and optimized health and nutrition.

Nutrisense App

The Nutrisense App plays a big role in the program, so let’s break down what kind of support, data, and tools you can expect to find inside to help improve your metabolic health.

nutrisense cgm app

Glucose Tracking

With your CGM in place on your arm, you will see your glucose levels in real-time via the Nutrisense app. The app will break down and display exactly where your levels are at any given time, which will allow you to see patterns and trends as to how your body is reacting to your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels.

Meal Tracking

Track all your meals inside the app to gain insight into what foods are causing your energy levels to crash, blood sugar to spike, cravings analysis, and more. You will get a meal feedback score that will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay consistent and accountable for your body’s true needs nutritionally. You have the ability to tweak your diet to match your specific needs.

Registered Dietitians

As a Nutritionist myself, I love that Nutrisense built our profession into their app and program. All Nutrisense users are assigned their own RD that will work with them in a one-on-one manner, helping them to reach their unique goals. The RDs on the team are all passionate and knowledgeable in glucose control analysis and find joy in helping users to understand their numbers and make a plan to optimize their health. You can expect that your RD will help you by offering a personalized diet plan, activity plan, and other lifestyle changes that will move the needle forward in your health journey. Plus, your RD is there for you whenever you need some help, encouragement, and accountability along the way. You can send a message anytime!

Activity Tracking

With the activity tracking feature, you can begin to understand how your blood glucose responds to your activity. The insights available inside the Nutrisense activity-tracking feature will show you how timing your exercise and nutrition play a role in your body’s response to exercise. You will also be able to gain information regarding whether the intense workouts you’re doing are causing your blood sugar levels to rise temporarily after your workout has ended. This biometric feedback will allow you to make the changes that your body needs to optimize your health potential.

Habit Tracking

A major part of bettering your overall health and fitness is forming new, healthier habits. By tracking your habits in the Nutrisense app, you will be holding yourself accountable while also seeing how your habits affect your body and how poor habits might be preventing you from achieving your health goals. This last bit of feedback can help push you to finally make those lasting changes.

Sleep Tracking

It’s very common to see your blood sugar levels go up while you’re sleeping. Your CGM will be able to track this data for you and show you what’s causing your glucose changes during the night and how you can maximize your sleep potential.

Stress Tracking

We all experience stress at some point. Whether it’s stemming from your career, family, or health, stress is inevitable. Nutrisense allows you to track your stress and see how impacts your glucose levels. Together with your dietician, you will work to get your stress and the subsequent glucose spikes under control.

Experiment Tracking

The process of optimizing your health involves being a scientist, which is exactly what Nutrisense’s experiment tracking system allows you to do. You can make tweaks and changes to your diet, exercise, and stress management and track exactly how those changes affect your body. You can play with your diet and macronutrient intake/ratios to see where your body is performing and responding most optimally.

Nutrisense Programs

When it comes to achieving your goals with Nutrisense, there are several different paths or programs that you can choose from. They offer Nutrition Coaching and CGM Programs. The information below will show the differences between these two options and help you decide which one is right for you.

registered dietitian program on nutrisense

Nutrition Coaching

This is an excellent choice for those who have a goal of learning what they should and shouldn’t eat based on their unique needs in order to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle. This program will connect you with a Registered Dietician who will create a nutrition and diet plan that’s based on your individual needs.

This program will require a 3-month commitment and then will be month-to-month after that. Members will also get one free CGM during their first month. The price for this program is $175 per month.

CGM Programs

For those who have a goal to gather and utilize information to optimize their body, a CGM program is the best place to start. With a CGM program, users will be supplied with a new CGM every 14 days and will receive continuous glucose monitoring in real-time via the Nutrisense app.

For any of the CGM programs, members are required to a minimum of a one-month commitment. Prices range from $200-$350 per month and include unlimited access to your personal Registered Dietitian and all of the tracking tools inside the app.

Is NutriSense safe?

Yes, Nutrisense is safe. Continuous glucose monitors have been used in the diabetic world for many years and have widely been considered safe and effective for use. Additionally, Nutrisense does its due diligence by making sure that those who desire to use their product and program are eligible and have an RX. Furthermore, the use of Registered Dietitians ensures that the information given to users is science-backed and proven to deliver safe and effective results.

working out with nutrisense - it's safe

Is NutriSense CGM FDA approved?

The use of CGMs is approved by the FDA. Nutrisense offers CGM technology for general public use along with registered dietitians to offer even more value, support, and evidence-based nutrition and health information.

Who Should Try It?

Nutrisense might be a good option for you if you are someone who has a desire to better understand and control your blood glucose levels. For diabetics, CGMs provide life-saving technology.

trying nutrisense for health reasons

For those who wish to lose weight, optimize their diet and nutrition plan, experience high-level performance, or have improved energy levels, the tools, insights, and information available through Nutrisense are invaluable. Anyone who desires to make lasting changes in their lifestyle and to achieve specific goals will find incredible value and results with Nutrisense.

As always, be sure to chat with your doctor before considering using a continuous glucose monitor.

Cost and Where to Buy

Nutrisense offers a variety of programs and packages with prices that range from $175 per month for the Nutrition Coaching plan to up to $350 per month for the CGM plans. For more information, go through the signup steps to determine which plan is right for you and what your cost would be.

Nutrisense is only available directly from the brand via its official website. We always like seeing this because purchasing from 3rd party vendors is always risky. When you purchase from the brand, you know what you're getting and you know who you're doing to be dealing with.

nutrisense costs and pricing

Rating and Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Overall, the consensus among experienced users is that Nutrisense is a far superior product over other CGM-type products. Most reviews talk about how user-friendly Nutrisense is, and how much information it provides to help people optimize their overall health and wellness.

Let's take a look below at what some of the members (customers) are saying about Nutrisense CGM and how it has changed their lives for the better:

real customer reviews of nutrisense CGM

Alternatives Compared to Nutrisense

There are a few alternatives that you should be aware of (and you might already be) if you're looking for something like NutriSense. Levels Health is an excellent alternative, but is much more pricier and there is a waiting list. January.Ai analyzes your blood sugar to help you figure out what foods you should or should not be eating. I chose to include Lumen metabolism tracker as a NutriSense alternative for those who may not need all the bells and whistles that NutriSense, Levels Health or offer. Lumen is a bit more simple and it's a hand held device.

Below, I have put together a useful comparison table for you to see the main similarities and differences between each alternative mentioned.




Access to dietitians

Breath Analysis

























Worth It? My Recommendation After Using NutriSense CGM

For those looking to live a fitter, healthier, and more optimized life, Nutrisense is 100% worth it. Tracking and managing your blood glucose allows you to gain insights into your health that you cannot gather and understand on your own. This scientific, data-driven approach to creating lasting lifestyle changes is one that you can feel confident about.

Although the thought of having a CGM attached to your arm might seem intimidating or annoying, most CGM users report nearly forgetting that it’s even there by the time they have had it on for a couple of days. What’s better is that Nutrisense takes CGM tracking to the next level by offering members access to their seamless app which grants them access to everything they need to grow, learn, and optimize their health.

As a nutritionist, I am always a proponent of helping people to understand how food and movement affect the body. By tracking and acknowledging blood glucose levels, users, along with their RDs, have the ability to get really granular with their approach to living a healthier lifestyle.

We can begin to pinpoint exactly what is causing your body to react in various ways and then experiment with changes that can help you reach your goals, which many people find to be incredibly worthwhile.

Quick Tips for Success

Having access to vital information like your blood glucose levels at various times throughout the day is incredible, but it only works if you do! Tracking with the CGM is just half the battle, you will also need to take the information given to you by the app and your RD and implement it into your life in order to see the best possible results.

Below are my top tips for success with Nutrisense:

  • Use all of the tools available to you in the app to optimize your health i.e. meal tracking, sleep tracking, exercise tracking, etc.
  • Make sure that you’re always coming into a program like this with the intention of success. Get started by committing to eating more whole foods and prioritizing movement.
  • Stay open-minded about the suggestions and feedback that you receive, it might throw you for a loop. For example, the intense HIIT workouts you’ve been doing might be playing a negative role in your metabolic health. If you truly want to make lasting changes, you have to be willing to take the feedback and make the changes.
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