NutriSense vs Levels Health: Which CGM Is Better?

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Metabolic health, biofeedback, blood glucose optimization…it seems like we’re hearing these terms more and more these days in the fitness and nutrition world. Why? Because science has developed to the point that we can now track and monitor our bodies and how they function around the clock. And, the more data you have to analyze, the better you can understand and optimize your health and wellness.

As an RD who has always taken a food-first approach to overall health and wellbeing, I am usually a bit suspect of new trends in the industry, as you should be, too. However, blood glucose monitoring through the use of a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) is pure science and something that I’m excited to bring to the table for you.

After doing a ton of research into the benefits of CMGs and which options are available, I narrowed it down to a couple of the top options specifically for those looking to improve their metabolic health by gaining a deeper understanding of their biofeedback as it pertains to nutrition and fitness.

In this article, I’m going to be talking about two of the most popular CGMs for metabolic health; Nutrisense and Levels. I’ll talk about each one in detail and then give you the main differences between them so that you can select the right option for your needs and desires.

Quick Table Featuring Levels vs NutriSense CGM Comparison

table comparison levels vs nutrisense CGM

CGM vs



Real time glucose monitoring



App with tracking insights



Included 1:1 Registered Dietitian Consult 



Yearly Maintenance Fee


✔ ($199 per year)

Patches auto-delivered monthly



Pain-free patch application (in arm)



Overview of NutriSense

nutrisense cgm overview vs levels

NutriSense is a continuous glucose monitoring system that’s designed to help users improve their metabolic health by understanding how their diet and exercise regimes are affecting their blood glucose levels. The Nutrisense app contains all the tools and resources you need to understand your body on a whole new level.

Nutrisense users will place a small device on the backside of their arm where it will remain in place for 14-days, providing a continual look at their blood glucose levels throughout the day. The information gathered by the CGM will be sent directly to the Nutrisense app where the user can view, dissect, and optimize their health status.

Furthermore, Nutrisense users are given complimentary dietitian support for their first month, with the option of renewing their support membership after the first month is up. The expertly trained and highly knowledgeable dietitians on staff will be able to help support any dietary and lifestyle changes you are looking to make. With this level of support, you don’t need to worry about analyzing and optimizing your data on your own, your RD will do that for you.

What It Tracks

nutrisense tracking

The Nutrisense App is a fully inclusive tracking app that gives users a snapshot of their lifestyle on demand. Inside the app, you will have access to the following tracking metrics:

  • Real-time glucose tracking
  • Meal composition data
  • Fasting and meal timing
  • Physical activity and exercise routines
  • Sleep and stress
  • Habits and routines


nutrisense pricing includes dietitian

Nutrisense offers varying packages with costs from $175-$350 per month, dependent on the level of support you choose. 

Included with the NutriSense program is;

  • CGM shipping (2 per month, each good for 14 days)
  • Full access to the NutriSense App, which includes in-app food tracking to help identify which foods are right for you
  • 1:1 Nutritionist support complimentary for one month to discuss diet, personal health data, and other relevant lifestyle factors that are affecting your glucose levels
  • RX required to join
  • Comprehensive reporting on your blood sugar levels and areas of improvement
  • Tons of educational resources
pros cons nutrisense over levels


  • A very comprehensive app that includes key data insights
  • Complimentary access to a Registered Dietitian for one month with the option to renew at just $50 per month after (a steal!)
  • CGM and sensors are sent to you on autopilot each month
  • Advanced food tracking for optimized nutrition
  • In-depth reporting and insights
  • Ample resources for continued education and growth


  • For the most advanced packages, the price can get pretty steep
  • There is a minimum subsection commitment (will vary depending on your plan)

Optimize Your Wellness With NutriSense

optimize wellness nutrisense

Overview of Levels Health

overview levels health cgm

Levels is a CGM that tracks your blood glucose in real-time so that you have the ability to maximize your nutrition and exercise and ultimately, unlock your metabolic health. With personalized biometric feedback, users gain insights into their health as it pertains to their fitness and nutrition habits. The use of a Levels CGM will show you exactly how your body reacts to certain actions based on your blood glucose levels taken continuously throughout the day.

At Levels, their expert team believes that metabolism is life. It regulates our sleep, appetite, energy levels, and even our weight. For someone who is serious about maximizing their health and wellness, access to the metrics provided by the Levels CGM system can help you better understand your body so that you can live a longer, fuller, and healthier life.

Levels likes to think of their system as tracking your metabolic heartbeat. Everyone has fitness goals, no matter what they look like for each individual. So whether you’re looking to fine-tune your diet, optimize your exercise routine, or just understand more about your body and how it ticks, monitoring your blood glucose levels with a Levels CGM can help.

What It Tracks

tracking with levels health cgm

Similar to NutriSense, Levels allows users to track a multitude of metrics within their intuitive and easy-to-use app. Levels has three main areas where they focus on their tracking:


See exactly how your diet affects your blood sugar so that you can optimize what, when, and how much you should be eating to meet the demands of your metabolism. An optimized diet results in improved mental clarity and performance, better fitness gains, and faster recovery.


Levels CGM monitoring can give you critical insights into your metabolic flexibility by tracking your glucose levels before, during, and after your workouts.


If it’s peak performance that you desire, Levels will help you level up your health in every facet. You will gain a better understanding of how your glucose levels affect your health and how chronically elevated levels and post-meal spikes can increase your risk for serious conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.


pricing levels health cgm

Levels costs $199 for an annual membership fee plus the cost of the continuous glucose monitoring kit which includes two 14-day sensors for $199 per month.

If you would like to have an in-home phlebotomist come to take your blood, you can do so for a fee of $199. Lastly, if you would like nutritionist coaching, you can add that on for a monthly fee. Prices for nutrition coaching are set by each nutritionist.


  • Continuous glucose monitoring to track your blood sugar
  • All-inclusive app with data, metrics, and actionable steps for health optimization
  • A focus on overall metabolic health and living a healthier, fuller life
  • Tons of resources on the blog for continuing education


  • It’s still in beta and not widely available yet
  • Because it’s so new, there’s not a lot of feedback from real users yet
  • The cost is quite high with a minimum of $199 per month after the initial $199 annual membership fee

Optimize Your Health With Levels

optimize health levels

Main Difference Between NutriSense and Levels Health CGM

The main difference between NutriSense and Levels Health CGM is that NutriSense includes a free full month of personal Registered Dietitian access and Levels does not. With NutriSense, you will get a full month of access to expert insights and information from an RD like myself. This month of nutrition coaching can prove to be invaluable as you get started on your journey with a CGM.

Instead of users trying to decipher and decode their own metrics and feedback given from their CGM and blood sugar, NutriSense makes sure that, at least for the first month of use, you can consult with an RD to understand your feedback and implement the right changes to see improvements with your metabolic health.

Levels also gives users access to nutritionists, however, this service comes at an additional cost with no free trial option. I feel as though more people than not will opt out of this critical professional feedback and counseling to avoid paying even more than they already are per month with Levels.

Which Is Better for Tracking Your Blood Glucose: Levels or NutriSense?

Currently, NutriSense is the best option for tracking your blood glucose levels through a continuous glucose monitoring system because they offer premium support and guidance from a registered dietitian for at least the first month of use. Additionally, Nutrisense is widely available with no wait times or trial periods.

Levels, on the other hand, is currently still in Beta, so you will be required to sign up for their waiting list.

Otherwise, both CGM systems offer similar feedback, metrics, and insights into how your body is reacting and responding to various nutrition and fitness stimuli.

Which Should You Choose? (Final Verdict)

In my professional opinion, Nutrisense is the clear winner between these two CGMs at the moment. Nutrisense has already launched and has thousands of users and raving fans. While Levels has certainly begun gaining some traction in the industry, as a brand, it is still in its infancy, which always makes me a little leary to recommend. That said, I am confident that Levels will be just as effective of a tool as NutriSense once access to their app is available for widespread use.

Plus, as an RD myself with extreme pride in our profession and the kind of help that we can offer folks who are looking to optimize their lives, I can’t not be impressed with Nutrisense’s free month of support from an RD for all members. Even if you don’t choose to continue with the RD after the free month period, the information that you will undoubtedly receive in that first month will be invaluable for you and your health journey.

choosing nutrisense over levels
NutriSense CGM
choosing levels vs nutrisense cgm
Levels Health CGM

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