vaginal probiotic by Happy V

Happy V Vaginal Probiotic Review – I tried it for 60 days

Today, I’m excited to share my real-life experience and review of Happy V Vaginal Probiotic! You’ve probably heard about probiotic supplementation to help create a healthier and more diverse gut microbiome. Did you know that you also have a microbiome within your vagina that requires similar support? This female microecosystem can change pretty dramatically over …

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my experience with URO vaginal probiotic

My Experience and Review of URO Vaginal Probiotic, 90 Days Later

I recently wrapped up a 90-day experiment taking URO Vaginal Probiotics from Opositiv and I’m eager to share what my experience has been like, as it’s quite storied.To say that vaginal odor is an embarrassing problem would be an understatement, but unfortunately, I think many women deal with it either frequently or from time to …

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FLO ovarian support capsules on table

FLO Ovarian Support Vitamins Review – My PCOS Experience

Finally, some dedicated support for our ovaries! OPositiv’s newest vitamin, Ovarian Support, is designed to help women support their ovaries, fertility, and menstrual cycle with a simple, yet clinically shown formula.I find it interesting that OPositiv doesn’t mention anything about helping with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), despite the fact that this vitamin is clearly engineered …

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